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Dealing With Your Finances at Home When Moving Abroad

Moving to a new country is an exciting time: you’re trying to navigate a new culture and maybe even attempting to learn a new language. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the fun parts and forget about the less glamorous aspects of making money abroad, such as... 
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5 Downsides of Living in the Tropics

There’s no doubt about it, living in the tropics is amazing and the island country of Grenada is no exception. The heat, the sand and the sea are all definite perks, but even though there are so many pros to living in a warm, humid climate, there are definitely... 

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Goats

We call ourselves Goats On The Road for three reasons. We call each other “goat” or “goady” as pet names. We always see goats wandering around on the road when we travel. Plus, we are on the road (notice the double entendre). We love... 
Dive Bequia

Diving In The Caribbean On Bequia Island (With Video)

When we were first planning our trip to the Grenadines, I knew that I wanted to get under the water and explore the Caribbean Sea on scuba. After my amazing dives in Belize, I was really looking forward to donning my mask and regulator to check out some more of... 
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Sharing Our Life of Travel – We Finally Have Visitors!

We’ve been on the road now for almost 5 years and due to misconceptions, fears or uncertainties, no one from either of our families have come to see us overseas… … Until now! I’m very happy to report that my dad and his wife decided to travel... 

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