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Sunsets & Side Trips: Making The Most Of Santorini

All of the romantic visions that you have of Santorini are true. Cycladic style houses, castles and churches cling to a rocky Greek island volcano caldera, their whitewashed facades and powder-blue roofs offering a lovely contrast to the azure sky and the calm... 
Havana Cuba

Havana, Cuba – Could This Be Our New Favourite City?

It’s hard to put the essence of Havana into words. The colourful capital city is a place that has to be felt in order to truly understand what makes it tick. There’s just something about it. Havana has a vibe, and a feeling, like no other place we’ve... 
5 Vegan Dishes

5 Vegan Dishes From India That Even Carnivores Will Love!

Whether you’re a carnivore, pescetarian, vegetarian or vegan, you’ll find the food you’re looking for in the deliciously diverse cuisine of India. I am personally a meat eater. I mean, I like meat with every meal and rarely eat a vegetarian dish…... 
Guatemala to Havana

Goodbye Guatemala, Hello Cuba – Our Journey from Lake Atitlan to Havana

We could hardly contain our excitement as we waited on the pier for the next lancha (boat) to take us from our Santa Cruz home to Panajachel. This was the start our journey to Havana, Cuba. A part of us was sad to say goodbye to Guatemala and we had really loved... 
27 inspiring digital nomad photos

27 Inspiring Photos That Will Motivate You to Become a Digital Nomad Today

There are photo stories published every day on the internet. Most are full of fascinating pictures that make you want to pack your bags and head to a destination, or well-composed images that introduce you to a nation’s people, but today I’d like to...