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Cycling Around South Grenada With Mocha Spoke

Cycling Around South Grenada With Mocha Spoke

Mocha Spoke has long been our favourite coffee shop on the island of Grenada. Not just because we’ve become great friends with the owners, but because it’s just a cool place to hang out and meet people over a steamy cup of joe. The cafe is unique to... 
10 Must-Try Meals From around the globe (3)

Must-Try Meals From Around The Globe, Part #3

I’m so excited to share this article with you! In Part #1 and Part #2 we listed some of our favourite must-try meals from around the globe, but in this post we’ve reached out to some awesome travellers to share their recommended, authentic dishes from... 
Blog Update From The Goats (1)

7 Reasons Why We Love The Location Independent Lifestyle (& Why You Could Too)

I’m writing this post to share a bit about our new location independent lifestyle, what it means to us and how you too can life a freer, happier life. We were once living a life that we didn’t enjoy, so we made some serious changes and now we live an... 
10 Reasons Why We Love Backpacking Southeast Asia

10 Reasons Why We Love Backpacking Southeast Asia

Out of all of the regions of the world that we’ve travelled through, we have to say that we love backpacking in Southeast Asia the most. There is just something about the vibe in this funky area that always has us wanting to return for more. A home away... 
61 Awesome Things To Do In Grenada

61 Awesome Things to Do in Grenada!

Grenada is a true jewel in the Caribbean. Located just far enough south to avoid the tourism masses that the northern islands see, yet it’s still easy enough to get here on a cruise ship or a direct flight from North America. Not many islands possess such... 

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