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Teetering On

Teetering On The Work / Life Tightrope

“Being a millionaire is useless if you have no life.” This is something we’ve come to realize in the past few years and as we build our blog, online business and freelancing careers, we’re receiving more and more offers to make money on the road,... 
living with less but having more

Living With Less, But Having More

As we packed up our lives in Grenada to set off on our next adventure, we became very aware of just how few possessions we actually own. Normally when packing up a home and moving on, it would take days, even months to sort through everything, purge, pack and clean.... 
My Realization of The Law of Attraction

My Realization of The Law Of Attraction & The Power of Positive Thought

A few years ago, when I was hard at work grinding away at my job as a press operator, I honestly believed that everything in my life came to me because I worked so hard at it. I had a nice car because I worked 45 overtime shifts the year before. I had a nice house... 
Interview With Darryl Kotyk

Owning a Business & Living the Dream: An Inspirational Interview with Darryl Kotyk

There are so many inspirational, influential people that we’ve come into contact with, either during our travels, or virtually. We met Darryl when we were living in Grenada and he’s since become a great friend. He’s a successful business owner... 
What We Learned From

How Living in Grenada Has Changed Our Lives

As I’m sitting here writing this article, the wind is blowing the palm trees from side to side, Spare Dog is curled up below the table, the sun is beaming down and the tiny black birds are chirping outside. Grenada has been our Caribbean Paradise for just... 

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