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Mad Monkey A Hostel That Helps

Mad Monkey in Cambodia: A Hostel That Helps

We were recently contacted by Mad Monkey Hostels in Cambodia to help them spread the word of their amazing, funky and fun accommodations around the country. Upon researching their background and their brand, we realized that they are a hostel that truly helps out... 
Travel on less than $100 / week

How To Travel Anywhere For Less Than $100 A Week!

This article is by our friend Will over at, an awesome website dedicated to budget travel and incredible escapades around the world. Will travels on the cheap (and I mean cheap) without sacrificing fun and adventure! He can travel for $100... 

Accommodation Spotlight: Blue Pepper Hostel Downtown Guadalajara

We’ve recently teamed up with Hostels Club and they will be showing us some pretty cool hostels, hotels and B&B’s for our future travels. First on the list was the Blue Pepper Hostel Downtown in Guadalajara and we really enjoyed it. After living... 
Motivation for a Digitally Nomadic Future

Motivation For A Digitally Nomadic Future & 5 Actionable Steps To Get You There

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE NOMADIC LIFESTYLE and we wouldn’t trade it in for all of the riches in the world. But nomadic life isn’t always one of backpacking, or travel. We quite frequently stay put for a few... 
Experiencing The Weird Side Of Korea

Exploring the Weird Side of Korea: 5 Awesome Off-Beat Places Around Seoul

The following article was written by: Chris Backe of One Weird Globe. Read more about Chris in the Author’s Bio below! 2015 brings plenty of fresh opportunities to see the world – and naturally, traveling will be part of my life for a long time to... 

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