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From Hobby To Career

From Hobby To Career: The Complete Evolution Of Our Blog

When we first started this blog, we had no idea where it would take us. We had the dream of one day making a few bucks from it, and beyond that dream was the idea that it could become a travel sustaining business that we could take with us on the road. We’ve... 
becoming a divemaster

Becoming a Divemaster – The Ultimate Underwater Job

This is a guest post from the adventurous Sarah over at Coffee With a Slice of Life. We’re stoked that she wanted to share with us what it’s like being a Divemaster and living in paradise…check out this article and hopefully get inspired! I had... 
border crossing mexico to guatemala

Essential Tips and Information: Border Crossing from Mexico to Guatemala

There are two popular routes that most travellers take from Mexico to Guatemala: 1. From San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas State: cross at the Mexican town of Ciudad Cuauhtémoc (La Mesilla in Guatemala), reached via Route 190. 2. From Oaxaca State: many people... 
30 Photos Of Mexico

30 Photos That Will Spark Your Wanderlust for Mexico

Mexico is colourful and diverse with much to offer travellers, retirees and expats. From the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Coast, the mountainous highlands to the vast deserts, there’s something for everyone in this incredible country. The history is rich,... 
Food Poisoning

Surviving Food Poisoning: Goodbye Mexico, Hello Guatemala!

It’s 4:00 a.m. and Nick has been violently hurling into the toilet since 9:00 p.m. Our minibus to take us on the 10 hour journey from one of our favourite cities in Mexico (San Cristobal) to Guatemala is due to arrive in three hours. But before we get to... 


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