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Who is Goats On The Road?

Hi, we are Dariece and Nick, the founders, travellers, bloggers and lifestyle enthusiasts behind Goats On The Road. We have built this blog to be one of the Top Trafficked Travel Blogs online according to Google Analytics statistics published by The Expeditioner.

Our aim has always been to share up and coming travel destinations, tourism products, hotels and eco-sustainable experiences all around the world.  We focus on long-term, immersive travel as well as holiday escapes and excursions

Our readers are mainly between the ages of 24 - 37, although we also have an older, retired demographic as well. They love adventure and look to explore new and unique places, while meeting the local people, enjoying local foods and experiencing and authentic travel experience. They also enjoy staying a bit longer and really getting to understand the places they visit and the people they meet.

To Learn more about our reader demographics, our follower statistics and more, check out our Media Kit below.


Goats On The Road Media Kit

A blog dedicated to helping others realize their travel dreams, explore new destinations and live a freer life.

  • Over 500,000 Monthly Visits
  • Over 19,000 Social Media Followers
  • More Than 12,000 YouTube Subscribers
  • All highly engaged, loyal lovers of travel

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Our Readers Trust Us

Our readers trust what we say, and why wouldn't they?! We've built a solid relationship with them over nearly a decade. When we recommend something, they know that we're recommending something we know and love ourselves.

We're Top Social Media Story Tellers

With over 15 years of experience in video editing, production and filming, our team can produce some epic travel videos, or personal and professional one-on-one chats with the camera.

We Leverage SEO

We are SEO gurus. We sell a course about how to bring massive amounts of traffic to blog posts and we will use these strategies to ensure that your brand sees the ongoing traffic it deserves.

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What We Can Offer

Blog Articles

Not just any blog articles. We write highly-engaging, exciting and well-written stories about our experiences.

SEO Research 

By optimizing our content for SEO, we're able to offer our partners continued traffic and exposure for years to come.

Professional Videos

With over 15 years of video editing, filming and production experience, we take travel videos to the next level.

Pro Social Marketing

Our 190,000+ social media followers often book their own trips and purchase products based solely on our recommendations.

Excellent Photography

A picture says a thousand words. We're able to inspire our fans and followers through high-level photography.

True Email Marketing

Our 15,000+ email newsletter subscribers engage with our emails 70% of the time and are our most loyal and engaged followers.

Our Statistics

  • Over 500,000 Monthly Views On The Blog
  • Over 190,000 Social Media Followers
  • More Than 12,000 Subscribers on YouTube
  • 15,000+ Email newsletter subscribers
  • domain authority 56