11 New Things to Do in Dubai in 2017

When it comes to the hottest tourist destinations, Dubai never fails to make it near the top of the list. From grand architecture to high-end malls, there are many things that you can do. Going on a tour of Dubai will ensure you don’t miss anything. Not sure what you fancy doing during your holiday? Keep on reading and we’ll recommend some of the activities that you should try.

Learn Kiteboarding

If you have not tried kiteboarding before, Dubai is one of the best places where you can have your baptism of fire. Whip your board and test your strength while being able to revel in an experience that will make your friends back home envious.

Watercooled offers kiteboarding lessons for beginners. They have qualified and patient instructors who will help you to be acquainted with the fundamentals. See dubaiholidays.co.uk for more information.


Float in the Dead Sea

Yes, the Dead Sea is in Jordan, but there is a way for you to have it experienced during your holiday in Dubai. Go to the Saray Spa and try their famed Dead Sea Journey. Here, you will experience a flotation pool. Advanced technology will make it possible for you to float. It contains salinated minerals straight from the Dead Sea, which allows it to mimic the experience. 

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Run on the Wall

When running, you will most probably be doing it on the ground. After all, that is the most logical thing to do. However, you can also opt to do it on the wall. Bounce is known for their wall running activities. There is no need to be intimidated, as there is someone who will brief you, and most of all, there are measures in place to protect your safety. There is nothing to fear!

Try Pottery

If you want to be creative, this is one thing that you should do. You can make your own pots and take it home as a souvenir. You can learn to use the pottery wheel. Even if you are a beginner, there is no need to worry.

You will be assisted by someone who is an expert in the craft, making it easy for you to learn. One of the best places to check out is Yadawei, an Arabic word which means handmade. Before heading to the airport (Taxi 2 Airport are reliable), make sure you’ve wrapped your creation up so it doesn’t break during transit.


Watch a Movie on a Rooftop

There are many world-class cinemas that you can find in Dubai, but they all offer the same experience you can have in your home country. In Dubai, on the other hand, you can view a movie from a rooftop cinema. You can do this at Vox Cinema, which is found at Galleria Mall. It has a relaxed ambiance, making it the perfect way to cap off a busy day.

Try the X Line

Dubai has a lot of activities for thrill-seekers. There is always something new to put your adventurous spirit into the test. The X Line, which is located at the Dubai Fountain, is one of the newest attractions. Here, you can ride a zip line while enjoying a priceless view.

Try Meditation Walk

When you speak of meditation, many people may instantly think of yoga. In Dubai, you can meditate in the form of walking. The UAE Meditates, a small organisation, organises Conscious Walk on Kite Beach. The leisurely stroll takes around half an hour and you will be joining a small group. By the time you are finished walking, you will surely feel rejuvenated.

Go Swimming at Night

In many hotels, the pool closes at night time. If you hate the sun and if you would rather swim when everyone is asleep, you can head to Le Meridien Mina Seyahi. For a small fee, you can go night swimming in their pool. The Horizon Pool Lounge is a good place to grab dinner and drinks as you take a rest from swimming.

Test your Yoga Skills in the Dark

Many of you may have tried yoga before, but in Dubai, you can have a different experience by doing it in the dark. It might seem weird at first, but once you give it a shot, you will find it enjoyable. At Urban Yoga, they offer a program called Glow and Flow. You will not only be doing yoga, but you will also have glow sticks and music on the background.

Visit a Coffee Museum

If you love drinking coffee, you will love Dubai. Another popular attraction that you should see is the Dubai Coffee Museum, which is located in Al Fahidi Historical District. Inside the museum, you will see artefacts that are related to coffee, including a grinder that has been around for thousands of years. This is unlike any other museum you have seen in the past.


Go Biking Underwater

Biking in Dubai is a common tourist activity, especially for those who are eco-conscious. If you want to try a different kind of biking, meanwhile, you can do it underwater. L’Atelier Aquafitness gained popularity because of their underwater spinning classes. It is one good way to exercise while on your holiday. This will add more resistance in your workout, which is why you will be using more muscles and burning more fat even for a short span of time.

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Tom Mcloughlin

Tom is a traveller and writer at backpackerboy.com which documents his adventures around the world and travel tips picked up along the way. His favourite destinations include Honduras, Sri Lanka and Spain.

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