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Europe has only recently creeped its way up on our “must-see” list and Germany definitely falls near the top of this list. Currently we are looking to not only travel there, but possibly live and blog there for a few months. Here are a few reasons why we want to go to Germany.

1. Friends: If you’ve done any backpacking, you’ll quickly notice that there are Germans everywhere! We’ve met a lot of cool Germans in our travels and we would love to meet up with them in their home country and get a real locals perspective on the country. Travel is all about making these types of connections and capitalizing on them, both in your home and foreign countries, is an essential part of travel.

friends made overseas
Travel Is All About Making Friends

2. Berlin: Maybe the days of Berlin being the hipster cool hangout are numbered, but the buzz has reached us on many fronts and now we’re excited to spend a few months living in this amazing country. We’ve found some Berlin vacation rentals which may just suit our needs! We’re bloggers, not artists, but it is said that there is a creative buzz that resonates in Berlin and can be felt by all of its visitors. Maybe we’ll feel it too!

3. The Castles: We’re slowly becoming castle nuts! Travelling through Europe really opened our eyes to the amazing history that can be found in this region of the world. There are few places where man has created such memorizing behemoths as they have in Germany. Neuschwanstein Castle is near the top of our list and we intend to do some serious castle hunting in Germany.

4. Oktoberfest: Also known as Beerfest, we couldn’t very well go to Germany and miss the biggest beer swilling festival this side of carnival! We’ve heard reports of waking up with sore arms from hoisting massive jugs of beer all day and night. Now that’s our kind of festival!

5. Lake Constance: After all of this castle hunting and beer chugging, we’ll need some time to relax, and there’s no better place for relaxation in Germany than Lake Constance. Sharing shores with Germany, Switzerland and Austria, this lake is a Germany must-see and we can’t wait to check it out!

Well those are our 5 reasons for wanting to visit Germany. We’re hoping we’ll be able to find our way there sometime next year. The castles, lakes, beer, friends and cities will have to wait, but it shouldn’t be long before we’re in amazing Germany!

Are there more reasons why we should travel to Germany? Please let us know in a comment below!

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