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Australia has always been on our travel dream list, but for some reason we haven’t made it there yet. So many people have told us about the amazing experiences to be had there, but we just keep missing it. We were supposed to go to Australia on our first trip, after Indonesia, and we were hoping to buy a motor home and travel it for our second world trip, but it just hasn’t happened yet.

Here are 5 reasons why I really want to go to Australia:

1. The Sydney Harbour: Definitely the most iconic views in all of Australia are found in the Sydney Harbour. The Opera House glistening over the South Pacific Ocean with the Harbour bridge towering in the background. I would love to stay in a room with a view over this amazing harbour.

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Sydney Harbour (Wiki-commons)
Sydney Harbour (Wiki-commons)

2. Uluru: Okay, so far it doesn’t sound like I’m much of an off the beaten path traveller, going to all of the major tourist hot-spots, but I still need to see this massive red rock. Definitely the most recognizable, geographical feature in all of Australia, Uluru would certainly be on our itinerary.

Uluru (Wiki-commons)
Uluru (Wiki-commons)

3. Buying A Camper Van: This has been a dream of ours for a long time. The Goats love to be on the road and what better way to experience a country than sleeping in tents and travelling the whole thing by land. One day you will find blogs on GOTR about our epic over-lander trip through Australia, but it probably won’t be for a couple of years yet.

Camper Van
Camper Van (Wiki-Commons)

4. Meeting Up With Friends: We have met quite a few cool Australians on our travels, so it would definitely be cool to meet up with them in their home country. Sure it’s nice to stay in beautiful hotels if you have the budget for it, but there is no better way to witness the local way of life than through the eyes of a person who’s lived there. Travel is all about meeting new people with different ideas and views, and capitalizing on these connections by meeting up with them in their home town is a definite must.

friends made overseas
Travel Is All About Making Friends

5. Seeing/Eating Kangaroos: I’ve always wanted to see some Kangaroos hopping around the outback, but I recently found out that their actually quite delicious. I’ve never tried roo so I’d definitely dig in and give it a try! I wouldn’t be devastated if I didn’t get to eat one, but if I go to Australia and don’t see one (probably unlikely), then I’ll be very disappointed.

A Red Roo
A Red Roo (Wiki-Commons)

I don’t know why Australia continues to evade our travel Itinerary. It has everything that we love, outdoors, beaches, diving, desert and wildlife. We’ll definitely make our way there soon, but for now I only have this travel wishlist, just like all travellers have… an endless list of must see places.

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2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Want To Visit Australia

  1. Hey guys, my name is Ali and I’m from Victoria, Australia.
    I just wanted say that I absolutely LOVE reading your blog. I happened to stumble across it on google. This sounds kind of stalkerish but I read it everyday. It inspires my boyfriend and I to get off our butts and start saving for our epic journey. We are starting our journey next year in India.

    When you finally get to Australia make sure you head down to Victoria as we have some of the most gorgeous beaches in all of Australia (I could be bias though as I’m from Victoria).

    Here is my hit list for you guys!

    1. Wilson’s Promontory. It’s a national park.There is so much to do & see here, hiking, fishing, beaches, mountains, bushland, camping, PLUS there is wildlife everywhere here roaming around freely. Koala’s, Emu’s, Kangaroo’s, Wallabies, wombats etc

    2. Phillip Island. It’s a bit touristy but it’s well worth it.

    3. Bimbo’s Pizza, Brunswick St, Melbourne. $4 gourmet pizza’s and crazy decor which edges a lil’ on the creepy side.

    4. Brunswick Street in general is just awesome to wander up and down. It’s really bohemian and alternative and it never sleeps. You’ll never know what you will see or find.

    5. Great Ocean Road. It’s long and beautiful.

    So you there you go. Just a few of my favourite places. If you ever get the chance to go, GO! 🙂

    Thanks heaps for the inspiration that you provide me with daily!

    Safe travels & blessings, Ali

    P.s Kangaroo is delicious! I actually have 3 steaks in the fridge to cook for dinner tonight 🙂

    1. Hey Ali!

      Thanks for such an awesome comment 🙂 Don’t worry, you’re not a stalker, we’re flattered! Thanks for all of the great tips, we really appreciate having advice from a local! If/when we come to Oz, we’ll let you know 🙂

      Enjoy your upcoming trip!


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