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We’re from the Okanagan Valley which is close to the gorgeous city of Vancouver, B.C. in Canada. We’ve travelled here lots and have loads of family members that live there. It’s such a stunning city and with London to Vancouver flights being so affordable, many people from Europe are also travelling to our beautiful country to experience a slice of the west coast. Before you book your flight and plan your trip, definitely check out for some great coupons on everything from gear to guide books, as well as discounts at restaurants and stores in Vancouver!

Here’s our list of 5 Things To Do In Vancouver:

1. Stanley Park. This 400 acre natural rainforest is a must see. Set just minutes from downtown in the west end of Vancouver, it is a very famous place for anyone to visit. The scenery is stunning and the air is fresh. You can wander along the sea wall, enjoy a picnic in the park, learn about the First Nation People’s culture and visit some amazing natural landmarks. It’s the perfect place to spend a day. No trip to Vancouver is complete without a visit to this urban park.

Stanley Park, Vancouver
Walking along the seawall at Stanley Park is gorgeous!
2. Gastown. This is one of the oldest areas in Vancouver, and also one of the hippest. It’s the place to go for awesome nightlife and amazing restaurants. Apart from dancing the night away and stuffing yourself full of great food, Gastown also holds the annual International Jazz Festival and the Gastown Grand Prix.

Gastown Steam Clock
The famous Gastown Steam Clock at night

3. Whale Watching. There’s nothing more amazing than seeing an animal in its wild habitat. Watching the majestic Orca Whales (Killer Whales) off the coast of Vancouver is a must. Not only will you see whales, but you can also find Bald Eagles, Dolphins and Seals. Cruising through the San Juan Islands is the best way to spot these massive mammals and the best time to do so is between April 1st and October 31st.

Killerwhales jumping
Whale Watching off the coast of Vancouver
4. See A Concert or Hockey Game. Vancouver is home of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team and watching a game live is probably one of the most “Canadian” things to do! Anyone can be excited by the electric energy that buzzes in a Canadian hockey arena. If you’re not a sports fan, you can still check out the Rogers Arena to see a live concert. Many famous bands and singers make their way to Vancouver to perform on stage in front of almost 20,000 people.

Face off vancouver canucks
Seeing a Vancouver Canucks game is a must-do!
5. Granville Island. This is the place to go to see a bustling farmer’s market. Local vendors come from all over B.C. to sell their goods. Everything from apples to wine and cheese is sold here. Obviously, Granville Island is surrounded by water and therefore makes for a great place to stop and have lunch on a patio overlooking the ocean! This is the place to be in the summertime.

Granville Island Harbour
The harbour at Granville Island is the perfect place to have lunch 
Vancouver is a place that has it all and it’s a great place to visit year round. With perfect climate an so many things to do in this ocean side city, it’s no wonder people are coming from all over the world to discover Vancouver…and you should too!

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