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Everyone loves the idea of travelling – especially to some far away country. However, after your seventh hour or your third train, it starts to lose its excitement.

We endure lengthy trips, confined to small and uncomfortable seats, because of the end destination. It’s usually undeniably worth the hassle of getting there.

However, that’s not to say you shouldn’t do everything you can to make the journey more enjoyable. We’ve compiled a list to give you a few ideas how. 

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1. Headphones

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Never forget to bring your headphones along. These are one of the primary ingredients required to take your mind off the hours left. You can get lost in a great album, an inspiring audiobook, or a comedic podcast. These days,  there are a number of great podcasts you can download for free to keep you distracted.  

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2. Pay Extra For The Comfy Seats

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We understand that backpacker budgets aren’t in tandem with luxurious first class seats. However, requesting more leg room, an aisle seat, or an emergency seat (if on a plane) will give you more space and comfort. You can search sites like to find tips for getting the best seats.

Paying a little extra for the comfy seats does not have to eat into your bank account. For example, long-distance buses in South America and Asia will offer a VIP service for the equivalent of a couple of dollars extra – and the difference in quality is staggering. 

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3. Bring a Good Book

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Getting stuck into a great novel is the best way to get through endless hours on the road or in the sky. Whether you have a Kindle or have exchanged books with a fellow traveller, make sure you invest in a book you can really get lost in.

4. Stretch Your Legs

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Try and intermittently stretch your legs for a few minutes throughout your journey. If you are on a plane, take a little walk up and down the aisles. If you are on a road trip, stop and get some fresh air while you breathe some oxygen into your muscles. Your body will thank you later!  

5. Bring Sleeping Aids

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Preparation is key when it comes to long-haul travelling.  A travel pillow, ear plugs, and an eye mask should be at the top of your packing list. No matter how comfortable your seat is, after seven hours in the same place you are going to experience some aches and frustrations.

Sleeping aids will help time go by and make the hours sat in the same position more bearable.

To see some of the most beautiful places on earth, we have to compromise with long distance travel. All of the frustrations and pains of this are worth it when you arrive at a spectacular destination. However, planning for these trips can make the journey itself more relaxing and enjoyable so that you arrive ready to go.

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