7 Reasons Why Living in the Tropics is Awesome!

It’s one thing to travel through tropical countries, but by actually putting down some roots and living in the tropics, you’ll gain a much better perspective on just how awesome the warmer part of the world is. With the sun, sand and sea at your doorstep and a relaxed way of life, the tropics has it all.

We’ve already written about the downsides to living in the tropics, but the pros far outweigh any cons!

1. The Vibe

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the Caribbean, Asia, the South Pacific or Central America, the vibe in tropical climates always seems to be chilled out.

The people move (and even speak) at an ultra laid-back pace and no one seems to be in a hurry for anything. Everyone is happy, smiling and laughing and life feels relaxed and stress-free. In some places, people walk around barefoot and even use golf carts as their transportation!

living in the tropics mexico
Golf carts are the transportation of choice on Holbox Island, Mexico

2. The Temperature

Hate winters? Then you’ll love living in the tropics! Even though there are some cloudy and rainy days, it’s very rare for the rains to last a full day.

Typically, even during the wet season, the precipitation will only last a couple of hours before clearing up. No matter if it’s raining, cloudy or sunny, the temperature is nice and warm!

Not only is the sun shining for most of the year, but the air is humid and moist, which gives your skin a nice glow and helps your joints to become more limber.

3. The Beaches

There’s something special and calming about the sound of the sea lapping at the shoreline. Most tropical countries aren’t landlocked and being able to go for a swim whenever you want, lay on blindingly white sands, or simply gaze out to sea is pretty amazing.

Feeling hot? Jump in the water! Feeling bored? Head to the beach! The most beautiful, picture-perfect islands and beaches are found in the tropics.

living in the tropics beaches
The stunning Grand Anse Beach in Grenada

4. The Fresh Food

The tropics have some of the best fruits in the world! Although not blessed with berries like the northern climates, the abundance of unique fruits found in the tropical climates is incredible.

Guava, papaya, pineapple, coconut, mango, lychee, soursop, banana and star fruit are just some of the many sweet fruits found in the tropics…the list could go on, and on.

Aside from fruits, living near the water means being able to enjoy fresh seafood. Whether you struggled to catch the fish yourself, or went to the docks searching for the catch of the day, it’s guaranteed to be fresh and delicious.

living in the tropics fish
Getting the fresh catch of the day

5. The Jungle

The jungle is a great place to go hiking and trekking. Plus, it’s usually the best place to spot interesting animals, plants and trees.

The sound of the birds and frogs chirping, the bamboo cracking and swaying and walking through the dense and muddy vegetation gives a sense of true exploration, you never know what you’ll find. It’s best to plan a trek that ends at a waterfall! You’ll definitely want to cool off after a hike through the humid jungle.

6. The Cost

Many places in the tropics are quite expensive to live in, while others are very affordable, especially for people from Western countries. The cost of living in Grenada may seem quite high (although still cheaper than North America or Europe), while the cost of living in Thailand is extremely low.

Apart from the Caribbean and a couple of countries in South America, the tropical countries are all inexpensive places to live. You can find apartments for as little as $300/month, beers for $1 each, and affordable healthcare too. Have a look at Mexico as well, which is one of the top destinations for retirees, digital nomads and travellers.

7. The Activities

You’ll never be bored while living in a tropical paradise. If you’re especially adventurous, you could don a mask and fins and explore the underwater world.

The scuba diving and snorkelling are excellent in the tropics, the colours of the coral and the marine life are all top-notch.

Check out the diving in Borneo, Indonesia, Mexico, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Grenada and Mozambique! Deep-sea fishing, kayaking and surfing are some other fantastic past times on the water.

Even if you’re not interested in what the ocean has to offer, there are many volcanoes to be trekked, jungles to be hiked and waterfalls to swim in. There’s something for everyone.

living in the tropics snorkelling
Snorkelling in Belize, just one of the many water activities available

There are so many reasons why living in the tropics is awesome and after a few months, you’ll probably find yourself sauntering along at a slow, local pace and enjoying a more relaxed, stress-free lifestyle.

There’s just something about a tropical climate, once you’ve experienced it, you’ll be coming back for more. So it’s time to pack your bags, put on some sunscreen and head to the tropics!

We’d love to hear what you think about the tropics! Share below.

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7 Reasons Why Living in the Tropics is Awesome!

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