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When we first arrived at Hostal Del Campanero, we were greeted by the friendly staff and informed that our room was not yet ready, despite the fact that we were checking in at 3:00 pm. We were a little surprised, but the hostel had plenty of common areas for us to hang-out in while we waited, and within 20 minutes we were shown to our room. We were quite surprised at how spacious and clean the room was. For a hostel, this was an excellent room!

The Room

Our room was on the top floor and, like all rooms at Del Campanero, it faced into an inner foyer. There was lots of room to put our bags and move around and there was actually a fair amount of decor including lamps, pictures on the walls and a nice large mirror. The best part of the room was the closet space! We love to unpack our bags once in a while and this room had lots of cupboards, drawers and closets to put our clothes into. There was a nice crown moulding on the edge of the ceiling and there were a couple of extra tables for storage as well.

The bed in our room was amazing. Most hostels in Mexico come with a springy, small, uncomfortable mattress but not Del Campanero. We had a big, queen size bed that was very soft and comfy. The pillows could have been a bit softer but hey, we weren’t complaining!

The Staff

Even though our room wasn’t ready when we first arrived, the staff at Del Campanero was actually very attentive, considerate and kind. There was very little (if any) English spoken at the hostel, but the staff was sure to help us any way that they could. They always asked if there was anything we needed and they were ready to tidy the room at a moments notice.

The Ammenities

Hostal Del Campanero has a nice big kitchen that all guests are allowed to use. There are also a couple of computers on the first and second floors and the internet was pretty solid, even in our room. The room rate includes breakfast, but it’s kind of hard to tell the difference between the food provided by the hostel, and the other guest’s groceries. We soon found out that there was cereal, milk and sometimes fruit for breakfast.

The hostel also boasts one of the nicest, rooftop terraces in the entire city. We loved hanging out on the terrace at one of the many tables, and watching the sun set on the colourful buildings of Guanajuato. The terrace itself is worth staying at this hostel.

Del Campanero Common Areas
Del Campanero Common Areas

The Bathrooms

Our room shared a bathroom with one other room on the top floor. The bathroom was nice and relatively clean. The toilet paper was always stocked, and if it ran out the staff was quick to replace it when asked. The shower was large and clean but the hot water was spotty at best. We found that we’d have blasting hot water for the first couple of minutes and then it would die down to a luke warm. This is pretty common in Mexico though so it didn’t bother us too much.

Del Campanero Shared Bathroom

The Crowd

This hostel has a very funky, friendly and cool vibe and the managers, reception and cleaners are all friends with the guests. We hung out together on the rooftop, drinking beers and sharing meals. It was truly a great atmosphere. If you’re looking to meet people and party with locals students and other travellers, then Del Campanero is the perfect hostel for you.

Some nights the party was loud until three in the morning, but the staff told us numerous times that if we wanted it to be turned down, they would do it right away. We got the feeling that if we decided to complain, then the party would have been shut down. Luckily the windows in our room blocked out some noise, and ear plugs and the sound of the fan drowned out most of the rest. We slept well every night.

the crowd at del campanero

The Cost

If you book through, you can reserve Hostel Del Campanero for the following rates:

Type Availability for 3 nights Price (average price per guest per night)
Private rooms
2 bed/s private with shared bathroom only 1 room left! 15.00 USD(guest/night)
1 bed/s private with shared bathroom only 2 rooms left 16.00 USD(guest/night)
double bed private with shared bathroom only 1 room left! 16.00 USD(guest/night)
standard double bed private with shared bathroom only 2 rooms left 15.00 USD(guest/night)


8 Stars

We would definitely recommend Hostal Del Campanero for couples, single travellers and anyone looking to have a great time with an awesome group of people. We love a place where there is a mix of gringos, expats and locals and this hostel had it all. We would definitely return here because we had such a great time. Some noisy nights, confusing breakfast and spotty hot water costed the hostel a star, but other than that it was near perfect. If you’re looking to visit the beautiful Unesco World Heritage city of Guanajuato, then definitely check out Hostal Del Campanero!

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