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Who is Goats On The Road?

Hi, we are Dariece and Nick, the founders, travellers, bloggers and lifestyle enthusiasts behind Goats On The Road. We have built this blog to be one of the Top Trafficked Travel Blogs online according to Google Analytics statistics published by The Expeditioner.

Our aim has always been to share up and coming travel destinations, tourism products, hotels and eco-sustainable experiences all around the world.  We focus on long-term, immersive travel as well as holiday escapes and excursions

Our readers are mainly between the ages of 24 - 37, although we also have an older, retired demographic as well. They love adventure and look to explore new and unique places, while meeting the local people, enjoying local foods and experiencing and authentic travel experience. They also enjoy staying a bit longer and really getting to understand the places they visit and the people they meet.

To Learn more about our reader demographics, our follower statistics and more, check out our Media Kit below.


Goats On The Road Media Kit

A blog dedicated to helping others realize their travel dreams, explore new destinations and live a freer life.

  • Over 500,000 Monthly Visits
  • Over 19,000 Social Media Followers
  • More Than 12,000 YouTube Subscribers
  • All highly engaged, loyal lovers of travel

We've Proudly Been Featured In

Our Readers Trust Us

Our readers trust what we say, and why wouldn't they?! We've built a solid relationship with them over nearly a decade. When we recommend something, they know that we're recommending something we know and love ourselves.

We're Top Social Media Story Tellers

With over 15 years of experience in video editing, production and filming, our team can produce some epic travel videos, or personal and professional one-on-one chats with the camera.

We Leverage SEO

We are SEO gurus. We sell a course about how to bring massive amounts of traffic to blog posts and we will use these strategies to ensure that your brand sees the ongoing traffic it deserves.

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What We Can Offer

Blog Articles

Not just any blog articles. We write highly-engaging, exciting and well-written stories about our experiences.

SEO Research 

By optimizing our content for SEO, we're able to offer our partners continued traffic and exposure for years to come.

Professional Videos

With over 15 years of video editing, filming and production experience, we take travel videos to the next level.

Pro Social Marketing

Our 190,000+ social media followers often book their own trips and purchase products based solely on our recommendations.

Excellent Photography

A picture says a thousand words. We're able to inspire our fans and followers through high-level photography.

True Email Marketing

Our 15,000+ email newsletter subscribers engage with our emails 70% of the time and are our most loyal and engaged followers.

Our Statistics

  • Over 500,000 Monthly Views On The Blog
  • Over 190,000 Social Media Followers
  • More Than 12,000 Subscribers on YouTube
  • 15,000+ Email newsletter subscribers
  • domain authority 56

We Take Partnerships Seriously.

When you partner with Goats On The Road, you're not just partnering with the fun, easy-going travel personalities that you see on this blog, you're also partnering with the hard-working, professional and committed team that makes up Goats On The Road. We all take  destination marketing campaigns and partnerships very seriously & we love to over-deliver.


Our previous partners have spoken...

Don't just take our word for it. Our previous partners have been speaking for us! Check out what they've said about previous Goats On The Road campaigns. When we make promises, we deliver. We don't just have a bunch of fans at Goats On The Road, we have a highly-engaged, loyal travel community that follows in our footsteps.

I found their contributions and level of professionalism very good, from the content they produced for the trip including videos, articles and social shares.

More so, we were amazed at the level of interest and engagement we saw from prospective new travelers nearly immediately following Goats' visit to the country. There was immediate return on investment literally within a month across remote destinations which were highlighted and recommended during their trip.

Kyle Gunther

Head Influencer Consultant

- USAID BGI Kyrgyzstan

I just wanted to convey our thanks for the brilliant blog, vlog and social media coverage. Your positive outlook and professionalism shines through in every detail, We particularly value the way that you incorporated our valued partners to showcase the destination in the best possible way.

Clearly, your experiences in Greece struck a chord with a great many of your followers. We look forward to working again together in the near future.

Helen Iatrou

International Media Coordinator

- Marketing Greece

Nick approached the video shoot with the utmost professionalism and his video was a great hit on YouTube.

I was so impressed with Nick’s work, in 2015 I asked him to produce a professional marketing video for my company ‘Dive Grenada’ I set a very strict format for what I would like to see as an end result for the video, not only did fulfil those parameters but he exceeded my expectations in both content and production quality.

Phil Saye

Owner & Founder

-Dive Grenada

We have been very happy with the partnership so far - as I'm sure you can tell by wanting to keep the promotions going! We've definitely noticed an increase in sales. I hope
it's generating a lot of buzz on your end as

Blair Mullins

Partnership Coordinator

- EarthEasy Ltd.

I'm impressed really. We've been working with excellent travel bloggers, but I've never received such an organized and detailed report or had such a great follow through! Thank-you I really appreciate it. It's a pleasure to work with you.

Yamila Giserman

Marketing Director

- Destino Argentina

Due the large following on social media that you have, we saw a substantial increase & new people reaching out us. Thank you so much for the amazing videos, articles and social media posts that you did for our company!

bulgaria wine tours plovdiv a cheap destination for 2018


Co-owner / Co-founder

- Bulgaria Wine Tours

...and so have our readers

Our readers frequently book their trips in our footsteps and we have the emails, comments and engagement to prove it. It seems that every time we take a photo on Instagram or share a new destination on our blog, we're flooded with emails telling us that because of us, someone has just booked a trip.

Your videos have given my wife and I the push we needed to finally visit Grenada! Thanks for the inspiration!

Brilliant article! Going to buy a ticket for Georgia and check it out after reading this!

I watched your video you made about the Gobi Desert and I took your advice and booked a tour with Sunpath. I'm heading to Mongolia in 2 weeks

Our trip to Kefalonia is happening soon for us because of your inspiring vlog of the island!!! Can't wait!

Thanks for your videos. We love them! Going to Colombia because of you both!

Brilliant article Nick! Thanks a lot. Going to buy a ticket to Georgia and check it out after reading this post.

I started to investigate our holiday on YouTube and Facebook when I came across Goats On The Road. The best thing I've done! Learning about your travels, it was obvious to us that you gave out the facts as you saw them and it made up our minds that Grenada was the holiday for us. Thank-you Nick & Dariece. You made our holiday for us.


Detailed post-trip reporting.

Comprehensive Social Tracking

After our trip is complete, we'll send you charts and with how much our readers liked, commented and engaged with the social posts that we created for you.

Blog Post Engagement Tracking

We can offer full traffic, demographic and engagement tracking on any blog posts or reviews that we write about your brand, destination or product. 

6-Month Follow Up Report

SEO and virality takes time. Some of our posts have taken up to 6-months to gain traction and show up in search results, but when they do, the sky is the limit. Some of our best articles see upwards of 30,000 views every month. That's why we offer a 6-month follow up report to show you how our promotions have grown.

*note: all of the above available upon request.

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See Conversions

We can help you to get more customers to see your products, but we can work with you to ensure that the right eyes are making it to your sales pages, destinations pages and booking sites.

Build Brand Awareness

By having a top travel blog recommend, rant and rave about your destination or brand, you can quickly build brand trust and authority in the industry.

Get More Social Shares

If you want to build up your social profiles, we can help. We're experts in creating engaging, fun and exciting content that people will share.

Attract More Travellers

This is our bread and butter. When we write about a destination, share it on our social and create videos about it, our readers and followers go there. Period. We've proven with dozens of previous partners that we have real influence in the travel community.

Have a Positive Impact

We can help you to spread your message and have a positive impact on the destinations we visit. We love eco-travel, sustainable travel and social travel to help local communities and sensitive environments around the world.


Reader/Follower Demographics


65% of our readers are from the USA, 16% from the UK, 4% from Canada and 3% from Australia.


48% of our readers are between the ages of 25-34. 17% are between the ages of 35-44 and 13% are 18-24.


Currently our blog is broken up at a 60/40 ration between male and female with 60% being female and 40% being male.


The top interests amongst our readers are travel, shopping, hotels and accommodation and adventure.


Goats On The Road Media Kit

A blog dedicated to helping others realize their travel dreams, explore new destinations and live a freer life.

  • Over 500,000 Monthly Visits
  • Over 19,000 Social Media Followers
  • More Than 12,000 YouTube Subscribers
  • All highly engaged, loyal lovers of travel

Contact Us

Nick Wharton

Co-Founder & Lead Editor

Dariece Swift

Co-Founder & Lead Social Media

About the Bloggers

Nick & Dariece are committed to creating great content about many different destinations around the world. Their goal has always been to help their readers as much as possible and by running campaigns in this way, they've seen massive success.

"We want to introduce our readers to your destination in the way we always have. With honesty, integrity and world-class content." -