15 Best Airbnbs in Naxos, Greece

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Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades islands and is famous for its rich ancient history, incredible beaches, spectacular mountain and coastal scenery, beautiful villages, and active cultural life. This article covers some of the best Airbnbs in Naxos, Greece.

Although it’s becoming increasingly popular with international tourists, Naxos is still much quieter and less crowded than some of its neighbouring islands, such as Santorini and Mykonos. Having said that, there are numerous things to do in Naxos to keep you busy.

As a result, the whole place feels more authentic, and I much prefer it. I’ve spent time on many of the Greek islands, and Naxos is one of my favourites. It’s definitely one of the quieter places to visit in Greece.

Best Airbnbs in Naxos

Some of the best Airbnbs in Naxos are found in Naxos Town, (also known as Chora), the capital of the island. However, there are also many other stunning places in the attractive little villages dotted around this Cyclades island.

Wherever you prefer to base yourself, you’ll find something here to suit all budgets and tastes, from simple affordable apartments, all the way to luxury villas.

Here are the 15 best Airbnbs in Naxos. 

1. Comfortable Studio Retreat in Pirgaki

This large studio apartment can sleep up to four guests and comes equipped with everything you need for a comfortable and easy stay in Naxos.

There’s a fully-equipped kitchen, espresso machine, dishwasher, and laundry facilities. The apartment has a large terrace with stunning views out to sea. The terrace is west-facing, so you can enjoy incredible sunsets over the sea from here.

best airbnbs in naxos

Location-wise, the apartment is just a short walk from Pirgaki beach, one of the quieter, more tranquil beaches on the west coast of the island. This place would be perfect for people who prefer to stay somewhere a little more private and secluded.

Whilst there are a few tavernas and restaurants within walking distance of the apartment, you would probably want to hire a car if staying here. Local buses to Pirgaki are fairly infrequent, especially out of peak summer season.

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2. Traditional Village House with Mountain View in Koronos

Located in the picturesque mountainside village of Koronos, this little one bedroom house offers wonderful views out over the settlement and surrounding scenery.

Inside, the decor is simple and traditional, and the apartment has everything you need for a peaceful and pleasant stay.

airbnbs in naxos

Despite its fairly small size, the place is well equipped, and the location is great. In the village, you’ll find many cafes, tavernas, and shops, plus ATMs and other facilities.

This is an excellent Airbnb and would be perfect for somebody who wants to experience traditional Naxos village life. It’s also very affordable, making it good for those travelling on a budget.

Click here to learn more about this great little apartment.

3. Peaceful Apartment in Eastern Naxos with Sea View

This mid-range apartment is situated on the quieter, lesser-visited east coast of Naxos.

Here you’ll encounter far fewer international visitors, and the atmosphere is incredibly authentic and unspoilt. The beaches on this side of the island are also beautiful, with crystal clear water, and spotless golden sand.

vacation rentals naxos greece

There’s a beautiful beach within a couple of minutes walk from the apartment, and the sea views from the terrace are wonderful. You can fall asleep to the sound of the waves from this apartment, which is a huge selling point as far as I’m concerned!

The apartment has one bedroom and would be great for a couple who want to get away from it all and enjoy spending some time in a beautiful, peaceful setting.

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4. Apartment with Panoramic Views of Naxos Town

This studio apartment has an excellent location, less than 1 kilometre from the centre of Naxos Town, and 2 kilometres from the ferry terminal.

From the shared terrace, you can enjoy sweeping panoramic views of Naxos Town, and some of the best sunsets in the Mediterranean.

airbnb in naxos greece

The apartment is simply, yet tastefully decorated, with a blend of both modern and traditional Greek styles. The result is a calming, comfortable space that you will enjoy relaxing and spending time in.

This would be a great apartment for families or couples who want to be close to the amenities of Naxos Town, but far away enough from the centre to enjoy some peace and calm.

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5. Traditional Cycladic House in Galini (One of the Best Naxos Airbnbs for Budget Travellers)

This one bedroom apartment is located in the centre of Galini, a village not far from Naxos Town.

The apartment is part of a renovated traditional Cycladic house and features a kitchen, a double bedroom, and a bathroom with a walk-in shower. There’s a little dining table inside, and a shared outdoor patio with tables and chairs.

airbnb naxos

This apartment comes equipped with everything you need for a relaxing stay. It’s only 1 kilometre from Amitis beach, which is quiet and unspoilt.

The price is very affordable, making it one of the best Naxos Airbnbs for budget travellers, however, you would probably want to hire your own transportation – whether a car, bicycle, or scooter – due to the property’s rural village location.

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6. Beautiful Airbnb in Naxos near Plaka Beach

This one bedroom apartment is close to Plaka and Orkos beaches, two of the best spots in Naxos for watersports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, swimming, and fishing.

The apartment is in a house with traditional Cycladic architectural features. The terrace offers wonderful panoramic views of the neighbouring island of Paros. From here you can enjoy pre-dinner drinks and stunning sunsets.

airbnb naxos greece

Inside, the apartment is clean and bright, with a simple kitchen complete with cooking implements and an espresso maker. There’s a dedicated workspace, air-conditioning, and free parking on the premises.

This is a mid-range apartment that’s good value for money. It’s a great place to stay, especially if you’re keen to be close to the beach.

Click here for more information on this excellent Airbnb in Naxos near Plaka Beach.

7. Affordable Rustic Farm Stay (an Amazing Off-the-Beaten-Track Naxos Airbnb)

This apartment has a very rural setting; about 6 kilometres from Naxos Town.

The property is situated on an authentic farm, surrounded by olive groves, fruit orchards, roaming peacocks, and other animals. There’s a large terrace, and a garden full of beautiful flowers and plants.

airbnb naxos town

Inside, the apartment has two bedrooms, one double and one single, and can sleep up to three people. Despite its rustic setting, the property is well equipped and has WiFi, air-conditioning and satellite TV.

This would be one of the best Airbnbs in Naxos to get a taste of rural Greek island life. From here, you can take walks through the countryside and explore the beautiful natural surroundings.

Click here to learn more about this idyllic farm stay.

8. Self-Catering Apartment on the Edge of Naxos Town

This studio apartment is situated on the edge of Naxos Town, close to the beach.

The location is fantastic. You can easily walk to most places in town, but are far enough away from the centre that it’s calm and quiet.

airbnb naxos island

The main room is bright and airy, with plenty of natural light, and features a fully equipped kitchen. There’s a little private terrace with a table and chairs, as well as a shared garden with outdoor furniture.

One of the best aspects of this place is the large outdoor pool and hot tub that’s shared with other residents in the complex.

This would be a fantastic place for remote workers, with a dedicated workspace, air-conditioning, and high-speed internet, (not always a given in Greece).

Click here for more information on this excellent apartment.

9. Apartment in a Traditional Stone House

This unique apartment is inside a restored traditional stone house near the village of Engares, (sometimes spelt “Eggares”).

From here, there’s easy access to nature and several hiking trails in the surrounding hills and fields. It’s a great place to get away from it all and unwind in nature. The area is quiet and peaceful, surrounded by olive trees, with the ancient sound of goat bells drifting through the valley.

best town to stay in naxos greece

The apartment is split across two levels. It’s rustic and incredibly atmospheric, with beautiful exposed stone walls and traditional wooden beams. It has its own kitchen, bathroom, one main bedroom area, (separated from the main room by curtains), a living room with a sofa bed, and a private patio outside. Guests can also make use of the shared garden.

Click here to learn more about this rustic and traditional Naxos Airbnb.

10. Stunning Apartment in a Converted Windmill (One of the Most Unique Airbnbs in Naxos)

This incredible apartment definitely has the wow-factor.

It’s located inside a beautifully restored traditional Greek windmill on the edge of the village of Akrotiri. From the private terrace, you can enjoy wonderful views out to sea, world-class sunsets, and the spectacular night sky with almost no light pollution.

vacation rental naxos greece

There’s no air-conditioning, (only a ceiling fan), however, the location and design of the property means it stays cool with plenty of natural breeze.

This is definitely one of the most unique Airbnbs in Naxos. It’s a little pricey, but would be an amazing place to stay during your time on Naxos if budget allows, especially if you want to relax in peaceful and beautiful surroundings.

Click here for more information on this spectacular Naxos Airbnb.

11. Tasteful Apartment in Grotta

This elegant mid-range apartment is located in Grotta, an upmarket area on the edge of Naxos Town.

From here it’s a ten minute walk to the port and bus station, and another 5 minutes to the heart of Naxos Town.

This is a really excellent location. You can easily walk to most of the main highlights in town, including the Portara (/Temple of Apollo), the Venetian Castle, and a wealth of cafes, shops, bars, and restaurants in and around the old town.

airbnb greek islands

The apartment itself is well equipped, modern, and elegantly decorated. There’s a large open-plan kitchen and living area, a luxurious bathroom, spacious and comfortable bedroom, and a private terrace.

This is one of the best mid-range Airbnbs in Naxos. It’s perfect for a couple who want to enjoy a little bit of luxury within walking distance from all of the sights, activities, and amenities of Naxos Town.

Click here to learn more and to book.

12. Luxury 2 Bedroom House with Private Pool (Stunning Naxos Villa Rental)

This incredible two bedroom house is a truly luxurious Naxos Airbnb.

Naxos villa rentals don’t come cheap, and this place is no exception; if it’s within your spending range, this property is simply stunning.

The house has a private pool, a spacious living and dining room, high-end fitted kitchen, and two large bedrooms which can sleep up to five people.

naxos villa rentals

Around the pool there’s an enormous terrace, veranda, and outdoor seating/dining area with a range of outdoor furniture and deck chairs. At night, this whole area is tastefully illuminated, and from here you can enjoy jaw-dropping sunsets, and amazing views out to sea and across to Paros.

The house is located in Agia Anna, a few kilometres south of Naxos Town, and a few minutes walk from the beach.

Click here for more information on this stunning luxury Naxos Airbnb.

13. Studio Apartment in the Heart of Naxos Town

This large one bedroom studio is located in the heart of Naxos Town.

It’s part of a recently-built hotel complex that combines traditional Cycladic architecture and modern aesthetics to make a stylish, comfortable place to base yourself.

airbnb in naxos

The location is excellent, set along a picturesque backstreet in the town centre. You’re are only a few minutes’ walk from virtually everywhere in Naxos Town, but the apartment is quiet and peaceful inside.

This apartment has all of the amenities you need to enjoy your stay. There’s a king size bed, an extra sofa bed, a fully equipped kitchen, air-conditioning, smart TV, and daily room cleaning. The lighting is also superb.

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14. Newly-Restored 3 Bedroom House in Filoti

This recently restored three-storey house is located in Filoti, a picturesque village in the mountains near the centre of the island.

The decor is very traditional, with lots of wood and exposed stone. On the upper floor there’s an open-plan kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and two terraces. From these terraces, you can enjoy wonderful views over the olive tree-lined valley of Tragea.

accommodation in naxos

Downstairs there’s a living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom, and an internal courtyard. There’s also a basement with extra living and storage space. In total, the house can accommodate up to six guests.

Filoti is located on the foothills of Mount Zas, which, (according to ancient Greek mythology), is where the god Zeus was born and raised. This would be an excellent place to stay for people who want to do some hiking during their time on Naxos.

Local buses do run between Naxos Town and Filoti, so having your own car is not strictly necessary. However, I would still recommend hiring a car if you can, as this will give you much more flexibility to explore other places on the island.

Click here for more information on this beautiful and traditional mountain village house.

15. Newly Built Apartment in Agkidia (One of the Best High-End Airbnbs in Naxos)

This is a very special, luxury apartment located just outside of Naxos Town.

It has two large verandas with stunning views out over Naxos Town, the surrounding countryside and the sparkling blue waters of the Aegean. Every night you can enjoy incredible Greek island sunsets from your own outdoor hot tub – I can’t think of many things better than that…

accommodation in naxos greece

Other facilities include a well laid out kitchen, air-conditioning, WiFi, a small work desk, and a spacious bathroom complete with a walk-in shower.

The apartment can sleep up to three, with the aid of a sofa bed in the living room. However, I think this place would be perfect for a couple who want to enjoy a really special, luxurious time away together.

Click here to learn more about this fantastic high-end apartment.

Best Area to Stay in Naxos (Neighbourhoods)

Here’s a breakdown of the best areas to stay in Naxos. 

Best Airbnbs in Naxos Greece

Naxos Town (Chora)

Naxos Town – often referred to on the island simply as “Naxos”, or sometimes “Chora” – is the largest settlement on Naxos, and is the islands’ capital.

If you want to be close to all of the action, I recommend finding an Airbnb in Naxos Town, (Chora). You’ll have many excellent restaurants, bars, and cafes on your doorstep. There’s no shortage of nightlife and culture here, and everything’s within walking distance.

The main downside to staying in an Airbnb in Naxos, (Chora) is that it can get a little crowded, especially during peak summer season, (June – August).

If you’d like a little more peace and quiet, but still want to be fairly close to all the fun, try looking for an apartment in an area like Grotta, on the edge of the main town.

East Coast

The east coast of Naxos is quieter and more rural than the west coast. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the island.

You’ll find some excellent beaches here, as well as several charming villages such as Moutsouna and Lionas. There aren’t as many restaurants or places to stay on this side of the island, but in my opinion, the peace and serenity more than makes up for this.

The biggest drawback of staying on the east coast of Naxos is the lack of public transportation. There are a few buses that make it out this far, but the services are fairly infrequent. However, if you’re happy to hire a car, this isn’t likely to be a problem.

Plaka Beach

Plaka is one of the most popular places on Naxos for swimming, sunbathing, and windsurfing. There are also some lovely restaurants and cafes along the beach.

Local buses travel regularly between Naxos Town and Plaka; meaning it’s fairly easy to reach even if you don’t have your own car.

Due to its popularity, Plaka isn’t the quietest, (or cheapest), place to stay on the island. But if you’re looking for somewhere with easy access to an amazing beach, a range of watersports and other activities, Plaka beach is a great spot.

Mountain Villages

There are many traditional villages nestled in the mountains near the centre of the island. These tend to be quiet and rustic, and provide a great insight into the traditional way of life on Naxos.

Of course, you won’t find the same range of dining and drinking options in the more rural parts of the island. Most have at least a local shop and a couple of tavernas and cafes, but don’t expect too much in the way of nightlife or other amenities.

The mountain villages are a great option if you’re looking for somewhere peaceful to stay, away from the hustle and bustle of Naxos Town. However, keep in mind that public transport is limited, so you may need to hire a car or scooter to reach your accommodation.

Some of the best and most picturesque mountain villages in Naxos include Filoti, Koronos, and Apeiranthos. These have most facilities you’d need, including restaurants, shops, cafes, and ATMs.

Now You Know the Best Naxos Airbnbs

Now that you know about the best Airbnbs in Naxos, and the best areas to stay on the island, it’s time to start planning your holiday!

Whether you’re looking for a quiet and peaceful retreat in the mountains, or wish to be close to all the action in Naxos Town, there’s something for everyone on this special island.

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