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An empty street along with an array of bars at Savannah, Georgia on RIver Street at twilight.

Weekend in Savannah: The Perfect 2 Day Itinerary for 2023

Savannah is both a historic and charming city, filled to the brim with history, hearty food, and entertaining bars. The overall vibe of Savannah is refreshingly lax; you can equally enjoy ambling around the city or resting your legs in the many public squares, all with a cocktail in hand thanks to the open-container laws. ...
The magical Salamanca Cathedral in Salamanca, Spain.

15 Best Day Trips from Madrid, Spain

Madrid has a long list of attractions for travelers exploring it. An often overlooked aspect of Madrid is the sheer number of day trips you can take from this capital city. Given its central location in Spain, there are numerous day trips around Madrid. Traveling from the capital also means there are plenty of options ...
A group of elementary students are indoors in their classroom while taking notes in front of their teacher.

Teaching English in Madrid: A Guide to TEFL Jobs

Teaching English in Madrid, Spain is a solid way for ex-pats and digital nomads to earn some money whilst exploring the city. Compared to most of western Europe, Spain doesn’t have as many English speakers. This is particularly true for Madrid, which has an older population that didn’t grow up learning English. As a result, ...
A lot of people are kayaking in the beautiful park of El Retiro in Madrid, Spain.

Weekend in Madrid: The Perfect 2 Day Itinerary

Only have two days in Madrid? Although a weekend in Madrid will fly by, it will undoubtedly also leave many imprints in your memory, and you’ll be surprised by how much ground you can cover. Having lived in Madrid for 6 months, I can say with confidence that the city is a cultural gem that ...
how to make money coding

10 Ways To Make Money Coding (No Degree)

If you’re wondering how to make money through coding or web development, this guide will help you out. Being a web developer or software engineer comes with great pay and flexibility, making it the perfect job if your heart’s set on working from home or travelling. You don’t need a college degree for web development. ...
madrid at night

15 Best Things To Do in Madrid At Night

Madrid has a ton to offer, and due to the famously late schedule the Spaniards stick to, there’s a wealth of things to do in Madrid at night. From budget-friendly historical tours, to high-end clubbing, there’s something for every interest and price range. Better still, most of the best activities in Madrid are either within, ...
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