cambodia angkor wat

A Mini-Guide to Travelling Cambodia

With a history that is both horrifying and glorious in equal measure, Cambodia is a country that will live long in the memory of anyone that visits this Southeast Asian gem. Thanks mainly to its friendly, generous and genuine people, you’ll find a country that is accepting the decades of brutality, bloodshed and poverty whilst ...
stunning natural wonders of south east asia

5 Must-See Natural Wonders in Southeast Asia

Whether you are planning to travel to Southeast Asia for a few months or just a quick holiday, you should try to include at least some of the stunning local natural wonders in your itinerary. There are so many amazing places to explore. We get it can be tricky to know which ones to see, ...
travel apps

Essential Travel Apps to Use on the Road

When you’re out exploring the world a smartphone can help to enhance your travelling experience if used in the right way. We always aim to strike a happy balance between using our smartphones and experiencing the places that we have travelled so far to see. From helping you stick to your travel budget to avoiding ...
cayo guillermo resort cuba

Cayo Guillermo, Cuba – The Hidden Jewel of The Caribbean

One of our most precious, if not the most luxurious (and costly) experiences in Cuba, was definitely our visit to Cayo Guillermo. Located on the northern coast of the country between the Bay of Dogs and the Atlantic Ocean, the place is a true paradise. Think perfectly blue hues, fine white sand beaches, sunsets, Cuba libres ...
why become a bloger

Reasons Why You Should Start a Travel Blog

You don’t need to have a degree in computer science to learn how to start a travel blog and choose a travel blog name, in fact you can do it easily in just a few minutes with some very basic knowledge. But why would you want to start one? The reasons vary greatly depending on your personal ...
8 months on the road 3 life lessons

8 Months of Travelling, 3 Life Lessons Learnt

Before embarking on our travels with just a one-way ticket, we had no idea what the future held for us. We thought we were well prepared for travel and ready to conquer the traveller-blogger world, and enjoy every single day. With the highs and lows, we revelled in every moment of the 8 months of ...
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