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Europe is a continent brimming with culture and history, a melting pot of clashing stories and characters, heroes and heroines, all depicted across mediums that may puzzle, entrance or bewilder the naked eye. Art is an expression of self, transcending the limitations and barriers of language, transposing identity and communicating a myriad of emotions, experiences and philosophies. When we’re tempted by the wealth of majesty from the Galleria Degli Uffizi, the Guggenheim and the Louvre, it’s difficult to look beyond the Picasso’s, Da Vinci’s, and Monet’s of the world and find meaning in upcoming artists or little celebrated and under-rated masters of the brush. Re-discover your experimental side with a visit to these five small galleries, where heart, soul and creativity abound; and really, what more could you ask for?

Villa Max Lieberman, Berlin

Max Liebermann became Germany’s most celebrated impressionist painter, leading an artistic charge into excellence, eventually achieving lasting renown and leading the faculty of the Prussian Academy of Arts into the history books. His summer villa was pillaged by the Nazis during a hostile takeover of the country, as Jewish paintings and artistic displays were precluded from being seen by anyone, torn down and destroyed. After the war came to a close and the Nazi party were defeated, the Liberman Villa was used as a hospital, coping with the overflow from Wannsee Hospital. In 2006, dedicated society members re-opened the residence and restored it to its former glory, displaying a permanent showcase of Lieberman’s work. Take a stroll through the gardens, they’re absolutely stunning.

Edurne, Madrid

The Edurne Gallery is a cultural apropos in a city of museums and art houses, anchoring classical art with a post-modernist and contemporary atmosphere. Located next to the famed Moriarty Gallery, Edurne appeals to the emerging segment, featuring no-name artists centrally and perhaps equally to the likes of Luis Fernandez, Carlos Franco and Simeon Saiz. Margarita de Lucas and Antonio de Navascues have created a haven for the truly inspired and starry eyed dream gazers, making sure everybody with a burst of talent gets equal footing. Fame does not denote talent, no does fan-based reverence – Art is organic.

National Art Gallery of Armenia

Nobody really thinks to connect the slip of a nation Armenia with a bustling collection of art and installations. Most of us think of Florence, Prague, Berlin, London, Paris and the key cities/countries on the tourist track. Take the path less travelled and find your feet at the doorstep of 26,000 pieces of creative history, including native Armenian, and prominent artists like Tenier, Chagal and Vernet. It’s important to note the gallery is facing funding issues, struggling to maintain their wonderful collection and restore aging pieces to their former, vibrant glory. Supporting local infrastructure and donating a few dollars per person can make a world of difference.

If you’d like to add a little creative zest and gallivant from one country to the next, absorbing multiple histories and a sense of magic as you go, thinking about the whole shebang. Plane tickets, accommodation, everything and research European tours by My Adventure Store or any travel outlet that takes your fancy.

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