15 Best Coworking Spaces in Playa del Carmen

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Working as a digital nomad has so many perks – but it also has its fair share of hardships, like finding the perfect spot to work. You need the right desk, fast WiFi, and quiet private offices to conduct meetings. Thankfully, if you happen to find yourself in Mexico, there are some incredible coworking spaces in the gorgeous beach town of Playa del Carmen.

As a digital nomad myself, I was lucky enough to spend almost five months in Playa del Carmen. Honestly, it’s one of the best places for digital nomads thanks to its growing infrastructure, increase in tourism, and almost endless amount of things to do during downtime.

There are some really unique coworking spaces in Playa del Carmen, and luckily for you, I’ve scoped out all the best spots so you don’t have to.

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Best Coworking Spaces in Playa del Carmen

Working online in Playa del Carmen is much easier and is more convenient than many other places in Mexico and Central America. It’s growing quickly, and with nearby cities like Cancun and Tulum, more and more digital nomads are showing up annually.

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite coworking spaces in Playa del Carmen, along with their pros, cons, and the overall vibe of each. With spaces like these right next to the beach, you’ll find it hard to leave.

1. Nest

A young lady using a laptop at a table in the modern workspace with books, a phone, and an empty coffee mug.

Nest is by far the most popular coworking space in Playa del Carmen. Located in the heart of the beach center of the city, it attracts freelancers, entrepreneurs, and start-ups alike.

The comfortable space offers meeting rooms, open spaces, and a separate creative wing. There’s a bike station, a snack area, and it’s also pet-friendly, so you can bring your furry travel companion.

In addition to the amazing and modern workspaces, Nest offers courses, workshops, and conferences to its users. It’s the ideal spot for meeting like-minded, creative people

Address: Calle Avenida 10 entre calle 12 y 14, Gonzalo Guerrero, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico

Membership Options and Costs

Memberships and rates come in daily, weekly, and monthly options. The prices are $270 MX ($15.60 USD) daily, $1,300 MX ($75.20 USD) weekly, and $3,700 MX ($214 USD) monthly.

Amenities at Nest

  • Air conditioning – stay cool and comfortable inside the air-conditioned facilities.
  • Hammock area – relax and take a break in the sunshine in the community hammock area.
  • High-speed WiFi – never worry about losing connection or missing a meeting.
  • Mail reception – send and receive mail through their secure mail reception.

Pros of Nest

  • Fast Wi-Fi
  • Pet-friendly
  • Great, central location
  • Affordable rates
  • Opportunity to learn
  • Comfortable workspaces
  • Free coffee and snacks

Cons of Nest

  • Can be crowded
  • Loud due to crowds
  • Private rooms can fill up quickly

2. Bunker Coworking

Modern minimal bright office workspace in a private office room with a personal computer and accessories on the table, office chair, indoor plant, and mockup frame on a white wall.

Known as one of the coolest coworking places in Playa del Carmen, Bunker Coworking is definitely a hip spot. Just a few blocks from the beach, this space has shared offices, private offices, and virtual offices for its clients.

What makes this coworking space so awesome is that it’s open 24/7, so it fits your schedule no matter what time zone you’re working with. There are also larger meeting rooms available for when you need to rally your team.

Although they don’t offer any courses, they base their mission around community. So, you’ll always be able to meet and connect with other independent workers to expand your network.

Address: Avenida 10 Norte, Esquina con Calle 38, Local 12 y 13, Zazil-ha, 77720 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico

Membership Options and Costs

Rates and membership options depend on whether you’ll be accessing a shared office, private office, or virtual office. Rates for the shared and private offices can be rented by the hour, day, 5 days, or month – ranging from $100 MX ($5.75 USD) per hour to $6,900 MX ( $400 USD) per month.

Virtual offices are on monthly, semi-annual, or annual memberships ranging from $1,200 MX ($70 USD) per month to $14,500 MX ($840 USD) per year.

Amenities at Bunker

  • Fast WiFi – 500 MB speed internet for a reliable connection.
  • Color and B&W printing services for all your printing needs.
  • Private phone booths to dip away for private conversations.
  • Pet-friendly – no need to leave your pup behind.
  • Rest and chill out area – perfect for breaks, sipping a coffee, or reading a book.

Pros of Bunker

  • Fantastic beach location
  • Pet-friendly
  • Free coffee and snacks
  • Lockers
  • Mail reception area
  • Free parking
  • 24-hour access

Cons of Bunker

  • No outdoor area
  • Spaces are small
  • Not in a central area


 Office with Large Wooden Table. Interior Design, personal computer, notebooks on the table, and indoor plant

If you’re looking for one of the quietest workspaces in Playa del Carmen, you’ll want to head over to WORK-IT. It’s cozy, it’s professional, and it’s the perfect place to put your head down and finish that project.

Located across the street from the popular Coco Bongo Club, this coworking space has everything you need for a productive work day. They have three high-speed internet networks to make sure you never lose connection, comfortable work areas, and a mail reception area.

Another thing that makes WORK-IT so great is that it’s open 24 hours and is accessed by a fingerprint security system.

Address: Ave 10 /14 y 14 Bis Local 10, Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico

Membership Options and Costs

Membership costs aren’t provided on the WORK-IT website, however, you can contact them via WhatsApp at 984-241-5296.

Amenities at WORK-IT

  • Three internet networks – ensure you won’t lose service at the most important moments.
  • Biometric security – with building access via fingerprint, you can feel safe while you work.
  • Coffee and kitchen – get your caffeine fix and whip up a quick snack.
  • On-site printing services – make copies, scan documents, and print all you need.

Pros of WORK-IT

  • Super reliable internet
  • Quiet and professional
  • Comfortable work areas
  • Biometric security
  • 24/7 access
  • Mail reception
  • Coffee and kitchen area

Cons of WORK-IT

  • No outdoor working area
  • Limited parking
  • Not pet-friendly

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4. Xinergy Coworking

Two men and a woman working outdoor and on the wooden table there is a laptop, a glass of water, and a cup of coffee.

Xinergy Coworking is a very popular spot for digital nomads, and there’s a reason they’re constantly receiving five-star reviews. It’s small, it’s welcoming, and there’s a pool.

This relaxed working space features shared desks, reliable WiFi, and a small kitchenette. Grab your laptop and sit inside, relax in a hammock, or lounge by the poolside. The office is located in the central area, just two blocks from the beach.

Address: 1 Avenida Nte. entre calles 24 y 26 sur, Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico

Membership Options and Costs

Rates and memberships are not listed, however, you can request a quote through the Xinergy website.

Amenities at Xinergy

  • Small and quiet office space – no interruptions, peace and quiet, what more do you need?
  • Pool – take a break and go for a dip or simply lounge with your laptop poolside.
  • Kitchenette – treat yourself to a cup of coffee and snack during your workday.
  • Relaxed and chill environment – this is the perfect spot for a chill day at work.

Pros of Xinergy

  • Central beach location
  • Small and quiet
  • Fast internet
  • Pool and outdoor space
  • Kitchenette and coffee area

Cons of Xinergy

  • Can fill up quickly during peak seasons
  • Not pet-friendly
  • Limited parking

5. CoWork-In

group of people working in the same place and on the wooden table, there is a cup of coffee, papers, and a laptop.

Located right outside the Playacar neighborhood, near the regional airport, is the super cool CoWork-In. The affordable coworking space has shared spaces and private offices for rent on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

They offer some fantastic perks, like high-speed WiFi, air conditioning, printing services, an outdoor working area, and a kitchen. If you need to hold a meeting, they also have a conference room with a projector.

The building is modern, and the space is clean and professional. It’s not exactly “beachfront,” so expect to be a little more inland – about a 15- or 20-minute walk to the beach. As a bonus, when you commit to a weekly contract, you’ll receive 24-hour access.

Address: Aviation Avenue, between Av 50 and Av 10., Calle 7 Sur, Mza 29, Lot 4, Fracc 26, Local 1., Playacar Phase II. 77710. Playa del Carmen, QROO

Membership Options and Costs

Memberships and rates are based on your choice of shared space, private office, or conference room, and how long you’d like to rent each room. Shared offices range from $50 MX ($2.89 USD) per hour to $2,900 MX ($168.00 USD) per month. Private offices range from $99 MX ($5.75 USD) per hour to $7,499 MX ($433.75 USD) per month.

Amenities at CoWork-In

  • Air conditioning – having A/C in Playa del Carmen is crucial, and they have it.
  • Printing center – scan, copy, and print to heart’s content.
  • Outdoor terrace – take in some sunshine while you work or relax on the terrace.

Pros of CoWork-In

  • Affordable
  • High-speed WiFi
  • Various-sized private offices
  • 24-hour access with weekly contract
  • Free coffee, tea, and cookies
  • Located close to the highway

Cons of CoWork-In

  • Not pet-friendly
  • No mail reception
  • No private lockers

6. WorkZone

A group of people working in the same place. There is a laptop, phone, tablet, and a papers on the table.

WorkZone is another affordable option for a coworking space, and they offer convenient 24/7 access to office spaces where you can focus, get creative, and find a like-minded community.

The large coworking space in Playa del Carmen is located more inland, in a “locals” type of area, but don’t let that turn you off. It’s a gorgeous space with hammocks, an entertainment lounge, fast WiFi, bike rentals, and more. Plus, there are lots of yummy restaurants and cafes nearby to refuel and rest during your work day.

WorkZone is a lot more than a coworking space, and the best part is you don’t need to pay a deposit or sign a contract. I happened to live a few blocks from this coworking space, and it quickly became one of my favorites.

Address: Av Colosio Mz 1 Lt 46 #459

Membership Options and Costs

Affordable membership options and daily rates are available by request. Monthly rates start at $2,500 MX ($145 USD).

Amenities at WorkZone

  • Fast WiFi – meet that deadline without worry with speedy, reliable internet.
  • Printing center – all your docs printed, scanned, and copied in one place.
  • Kitchen and lounge – plenty of places to relax and refuel.

Pros of WorkZone

  • Pet-friendly
  • 24-hour access
  • Parking
  • Outdoor terrace
  • Free coffee and water
  • Spacious offices and work areas
  • Entertainment lounge

Cons of WorkZone

  • Not in a “popular,” beachy part of town
  • No mail reception
  • No free snacks

7. Enlaces Corporativos

office cubicle with desk and chair.

Open for over 10 years, Enlaces Corporativos is located in the business area of Playa del Carmen, surrounded by delicious local restaurants and tons of taco trucks. You have the option to rent private or shared offices that are quiet and fully equipped with everything you need.

They have high-speed internet, mail and phone reception, free coffee, and more. They also have virtual offices and meeting rooms if those fit your business needs. The vibe at this coworking space in Playa del Carmen is very professional and is frequented by mostly locals.

Address: C. 1 Sur, Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico

Membership Options and Costs

Plans and rates are not listed; however, you can reach out through the contact form at the bottom of their website.

Amenities at Enlaces Corporativos

  • Reliable, fast WiFi – slow internet is never a problem here.
  • Furnished, comfortable offices – get your work done in comfort and privacy.
  • Coffee service – when you need a quick pick-me-up, it’s always there for you.

Pros of Enlaces Corporativos

  • Easy location off the highway
  • Parking lot
  • Coffee service
  • Mail reception
  • Furnished and equipped offices

Cons of Enlaces Corporativos

  • Not in tourist/”popular” location
  • Not pet-friendly
  • No 24/7 access

8. Anana Coliving

A woman using a laptop and a cup of coffee on the side. and there is another college on the other table.

When being a digital nomad is your lifestyle, why not immerse yourself in a coliving situation with other remote workers? Anana Coliving is a living space, a coworking space, and a community all in one.

Each room at Anana Coliving is set up specifically for the digital nomad. Expect fast internet, spacious desks, and plenty of outlets. They also offer two weekly community events where you can connect and network with others.

They offer two types of apartments; a deluxe without a kitchenette and one with a kitchenette. If you plan on staying in Playa del Carmen for a while, this is a great coworking and coliving space to settle down in.

Address: Calle 16 & 35 y 40 MZ 115 LT20 PCN, F, Gonzalo Guerrero, 77720 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico

Membership Options and Costs

To request prices for apartments, reach out via WhatsApp at +52 984 270 6282.

Amenities at Anana Coliving

  • Spacious private rooms – work in your room, if you want privacy and space.
  • Reliable and fast internet – the entire coliving space is based around digital nomads.
  • Communal areas – meet other digital nomads to connect and grow your connection.

Pros of Anana Coliving

  • Long-term peace of mind for digital nomads
  • Live with other digital nomads
  • Fast internet
  • Pet-friendly
  • Walking distance to the beach
  • Private and communal areas

Cons of Anana Coliving

  • Not ideal for hourly or daily work
  • Can only access space if staying there
  • Rooms fill up quickly during peak seasons

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9. Che Hostel

Two young women using a laptop and there is a phone, and a glass of juice.

A unique coworking space that’s also a popular hostel is Che Hostel. With multiple locations around the world, they’ve established themselves on the Yucatan Peninsula by being an affordable place to stay and work for digital nomads and online workers.

During the day, you can get all of your work done in the community coworking space with high-speed internet while enjoying a cup of coffee. Mix and mingle with fellow digital nomads in the public space.

By night, you can head out on the town since it’s ideally located next to all the hottest nightclubs, restaurants, and bars. They also offer 24-hour reception and desks in the rooms, in case you’re looking for a little more privacy. Not to mention, it’s just two blocks from the beach.

Address: Calle 6 Nte s/n, Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico

Membership Options and Costs

There aren’t any memberships or daily coworking rates, however, rooms start at just $35 USD a night. Book your room here.

Amenities at Che Hostel

  • A variety of room choices – choose to stay in a female dorm, mixed dorm, or private room.
  • High-speed internet – depend on fast WiFi during your stay, so you can meet those deadlines.
  • Onsite restaurant and bar – eat and drink delicious food and cocktails without having to leave the property.
  • Taxi and transfer service – easily get to and from the airport or other parts of town.

Pros of Che Hostel

  • Fast internet
  • Affordable rates
  • Onsite food and drinks
  • Fantastic central, beachside location
  • Stay with other digital nomads
  • Private and public workspaces

Cons of Che Hostel

  • Very popular and can get crowded
  • No meeting/conference room
  • No hourly/daily rates for non-guests

10. Hostal MX

A woman standing and a busy people working on her background.

Another great option for multiple-day, week, or long-term stays for coworking is Hostal MX. It’s just steps from the beach, offers 24-hour services, and has a communal coworking space with super-fast internet.

They have 17 rooms and are mostly frequented by travelers working online and other digital creatives. Breakfast is included daily, so you can get your workday started, fueled, and ready to go.

The property is stunning and is located in the heart of Playa del Carmen. After your work day, you can explore all the shops on 5th Avenue, the bars, the nightlife, and the amazing Mexican culture.

Address: 5 Avenida Norte 209, Playacar, 77720 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico

Membership Options and Costs

Prices vary per season. Contact the property for rates and availability.

Amenities at Hostal MX

  • 24-hour reception – work and stay in peace, knowing that there is 24/7 reception.
  • Fast internet – the most important part of working online is the least of your concerns.
  • Pool and private beach access – reward yourself after a long day of work with a relaxing swim.
  • Breakfast included – start your day with a nutritious meal.

Pros of Hostal MX

  • Fast internet
  • Pet-friendly
  • Pool and beach access
  • Air conditioning
  • Communal kitchen
  • Central coworking space

Cons of Hostal MX

  • Popular and can sell out quickly
  • Can be noisy due to its central location
  • No on-site parking

11. Mamita’s Beach Club

Young woman with laptop on beach

Although it’s not an official coworking space, Mamita’s Beach Club is still a great place to post up with your laptop. Who doesn’t want to work with a view of the beach?

You can rent a beach lounger for the day and enjoy their fast WiFi while getting a tan. It does tend to be a bit expensive, but if you can afford it, I 100% recommend paying a visit.

They have over 300 lounge chairs, cabanas, indoor seating, and a restaurant. They also have showers, so you can wash off the work day and any sand from the beach.

Address: Calle 28 Norte y la playa Mza 8-10, Lote Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico

Membership Options and Costs

Rates vary by season. Reach out to the club via Mamita’s website.

Amenities at Mamita’s Beach Club

  • Valet parking – parking? Not an issue here!
  • 300 beach loungers – the best perk of working online is being able to work anywhere.
  • Showers – rinse off the sand after your stay.
  • 18+ area – avoid the families and kids in the adults-only area.

Pros of Mamita’s Beach Club

  • Fast internet
  • Food and beverage service
  • Private beach and pool access
  • 300 beach lounge chairs
  • Valet parking
  • Showers

Cons of Mamita’s Beach Club

  • Tends to be expensive
  • Gets crowded during peak months
  • Can be loud
  • Lack of outlets

12. Ah Cacao

Interior of coffee shop with customers using digital devices.

A place that I would constantly frequent when I needed to work is Ah Cacao. It’s not an official coworking space, and it’s technically not a coffee shop – it’s a chocolate cafe. And it’s very popular for online workers.

With multiple locations around Playa del Carmen, you’re sure to find a spot near you. They have super fast internet, indoor and outdoor tables, and delicious chocolate drinks and treats. They also serve coffee drinks and other food items as well.

What I love about these cafes is that you can grab a table outside and watch the world go by as you work. While enjoying something delicious, of course.

Address: 5ta Avenida con Calle 2 Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico (Central location)

Membership Options and Costs

Of course, since it’s open to the public, it’s one of the free coworking spaces in Playa del Carmen. You’ll just need to be a good patron and purchase a drink or something to eat every hour or so.

Amenities at Ah Cacao

  • Fast internet – should the list start any other way?
  • Plenty of indoor and outdoor tables – choose to sit in the air conditioning or outside on the street side.
  • Delicious food and drinks – their menu items are all incredible. You can’t go wrong.

Pros of Ah Cacao

  • Dependable internet connection
  • Opens early (7:15 am)
  • Numerous locations
  • Free with purchase of a menu item
  • Air conditioning
  • Pet-friendly patio

Cons of Ah Cacao

  • Tends to get very busy
  • Noisy
  • No private spaces

13. Hotel 52

laptop beside a pool

If you’d prefer to work on a rooftop, Hotel 52 is a great option. Located just a short walk from the beach, the views here are sure to impress.

You can purchase a day pass, or you can simply go up to the rooftop and order some food or drinks before sitting down with your laptop. They also have an infinity pool if you need to cool off.

The biggest downside to Hotel 52 is that their WiFi isn’t the most dependable. So, you might be taking a chance.

Address: Calle 52 Nte S/N, Luis Donaldo Colosio, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico

Membership Options and Costs

You can purchase a day pass for $11 USD or simply order something off of their menu.

Amenities at Hotel 52

  • Rooftop access – have amazing views of the ocean and city.
  • Internet access – although it may not be very fast, internet access is free.
  • Food and drink service – enjoy lunch or dinner while working.

Pros of Hotel 52

  • Amazing views
  • Central location
  • Shaded tables and cabanas
  • Great staff
  • Pool access

Cons of Hotel 52

  • Unreliable Wi-Fi
  • No private areas
  • Can get busy and loud

14. Marley Coffee

Young woman using laptop and drinking coffee in coffee shop

There’s something about working in a coffee shop that I absolutely love. It just feels “right” for some reason – and Marley Coffee is an absolute gem. It’s centrally located, it’s cozy, and they have great internet.

I particularly like this spot because it tends to be a little less busy than the other coffee shops nearby. Plus, they make some esceptionally delicious coffee drinks and pastries.

Pick a comfy couch or table by the window and people-watch while you get through your work.

Address: 10 Avenida Nte. & Calle 2 Nte Local 2C, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico

Membership Options and Costs

Working here is free, you’ll just need to purchase a drink or food item.

Amenities at Marley Coffee

  • Dependable internet – you can enjoy your coffee without worrying about interruption.
  • Delicious drinks and food – your tastebuds will thank you.
  • Cozy ambiance – the atmosphere is so charming and welcoming.

Pros of Marley Coffee

  • Fast internet
  • Great drinks and food
  • Centrally located
  • Free with menu item purchase
  • Cozy atmosphere

Cons of Marley Coffee

  • No private spaces
  • No parking lot
  • Limited outlets

15. Fives Rooftop

Unrecognizable female remote employee working on laptop near swimming pool

Another fun rooftop option is Fives Rooftop. They have a rooftop pool with lounge chairs and cabanas with tables for you to pop open your laptop. It’s tranquil, it’s beautiful, and it’s worth the splurge.

Enjoy fast, free WiFi with the purchase of a day pass and bask in the sun while you work. The service is fantastic, and so are their food and drink options. You’ll just want to leave before it gets dark because that’s when it turns into a party scene, (or at least be prepared to close your laptop for the day – just be sure to keep it secure).

Address: 10 Avenida Nte., Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico

Membership Options and Costs

Day pass prices vary by season. Contact Fives Rooftop for more information.

Amenities at Fives Rooftop

  • Fast internet – their WiFi is reliable and fast.
  • One of the best views in the city – get into work mode while taking in incredible vistas.
  • Great food and drinks – their menu is fantastic and so is their service.

Pros of Fives Rooftop

  • Fast internet
  • Amazing views
  • Pool access
  • Cabanas and lounge chairs
  • Central location

Cons of Fives Rooftop

  • Expensive
  • Can be busy during peak seasons
  • No private workspaces

Best Coworking Spaces in Playa del Carmen: FAQs

Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about the best coworking spaces in Playa del Carmen:

What is coworking?

Coworking is an environment that’s set up to accommodate people who want to work remotely. It can be a shared, private, or virtual space.

Are there free coworking spaces in Playa del Carmen?

Free coworking spaces include cafes, coffee shops, and some rooftop bars with the purchase/s of a menu item.

What’s the best coworking space in Playa del Carmen?

The best coworking space in Playa del Carmen is either Nest or Bunker.

How much does a coworking space cost in Playa del Carmen?

A coworking space in Playa del Carmen can cost anywhere from a few dollars an hour to $500 a month.

What’s the cheapest coworking space in Playa del Carmen?

The cheapest coworking space in Playa del Carmen is CoWork-In.

What’s the most popular coworking space in Playa del Carmen?

The most popular coworking space in Playa del Carmen is Nest.

Is it worth paying for a coworking space?

Yes, a coworking space is worth paying for because of reliable internet, ample workspaces, and other perks.

Is Playa del Carmen good for digital nomads?

Absolutely! Playa del Carmen is an excellent city for digital nomads.

Where do most expats live in Playa del Carmen?

Most expats live in the Central or eastern side of Playa del Carmen.

In Closing

Finding a coworking space in Playa del Carmen is easy and stress-free. If you happen to work online, this is the perfect city for you. I never once struggled to find a reliable and comfortable workspace when I lived here, and I was there for almost five months!

From beachside desktops to private offices, you’re certain to find the perfect coworking spot for you.

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