15 Best Restaurants in Condesa, Mexico City

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In this article, I’ll introduce you to some of the best restaurants in Condesa, Mexico City. From street food to fine dining, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant neighborhood.

There’s no shortage of great places to eat in Mexico City. The Mexican capital is an enormous megalopolis home to 22 million people and is one of the great cultural melting pots of Latin America. There’s a huge range of cuisine on offer here.

I spent a month living and working in Condesa earlier this year, and it’s easily my favorite area of the city. During my time there, I visited many of the best places to eat in Condesa and I’m happy to share with you some of my top picks.

Map of Condesa Restaurants

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Condesa

After a month of living and eating my way around Condesa (tough job, I know), I’ve compiled this list of the best restaurants in the city.

I ate at a lot more restaurants than this, but they didn’t all meet my criteria of good food, good service, good value, and easy-to-reach location to make this list of the best.

1. Azul (Best Restaurant in Condesa Overall)

Azul is an amazing fine dining restaurant in the heart of Condesa. Here you’ll find some of the best food and service in all of Mexico City, (a bold statement, I know, but this place really is that good!).

Owned by the famous Mexican chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita, this restaurant focuses largely on dishes from Oaxaca state in southern Mexico. Oaxacan cuisine is known for its variety and complexity of flavors, and this incredible restaurant is one of the best places in Mexico City to try it.

A tasty guacamole with chapulines on a white ceramic bowl.

Oaxaca is famous as the birthplace of mole, a rich sauce consisting of many – often 20+ – unique ingredients. Mole comes in several varieties including mole negro, mole amarillo, and mole verde, and this restaurant showcases a number of these, together with specialties from other parts of the country.

This is one of my favorite restaurants in all of Mexico, and is certainly the best restaurant in Condesa overall – don’t miss it!

Azul Info

Address: Av Nuevo León 68, Hipódromo, Cuauhtémoc, 06100 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Phone: +52 55 5286 6380
Operating Hours: 1pm-11pm, Mon-Tues; 9am-11pm Weds-Sun
Must-Try Meals: Guacamole with chapulines, (roasted grasshoppers – put any squeamishness aside and just try it, delicious!), Black mole enchiladas, Chocolate tamale
Average Cost: $6-12 per starter, $14-25 per main, $4-8 for desserts
Website: azul.rest

2. Tacos Don Juan (Best Tacos in Condesa)

Mexico City is famous for its tacos, so it’s no surprise that there’s an almost infinite number of places where you can eat this iconic dish throughout the city.

During my time in Mexico City, I ate a lot of tacos at various places around the city. This humble little place ranked up there with the best.

Popular with both locals and ex-pats, the flavors are really incredible. Each taco is lovingly prepared with your selection of meat and salsa, sprinkled with raw onion and parsley, and finished off with a squeeze of fresh lime.

For vegetarians, nopal, (cactus), tacos and cheese quesadillas are pretty much the only meat-free options on the menu… But for meat lovers, Tacos Don Juan is a must-visit.

Tacos Don Juan Info

Address: C. Atlixco 42, Colonia Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, 06140 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Phone: +52 55 5286 0816
Operating Hours: 10:15am–4:30pm, Mon-Fri; 10:15am–2:30pm, Sat-Sun
Must-Try Meals: Suadero, (slow-cooked brisket), tacos with cheese, Arrachera, (skirt steak), tacos, Bistek, (steak), tortas
Average Cost: $1-3 per taco, $2-3.5 for tortas, $3-4 for hamburgers
Website: N/A

3. Churrería El Moro (Best Churros in Mexico City)

If you fancy an iconic Mexican sweet dessert, head to Churrería El Moro. Here you can feast on freshly deep-fried sticks of doughnut-like goodness.

Sprinkled with cinnamon, and sugar, and dunked in warm chocolate dipping sauce, you wouldn’t live very long if you ate these things every day. But, as an occasional treat, they are pretty incredible. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, I’ve never eaten a churros anywhere else worldwide that even comes close to the ones here.

A mouth-watering churros with sugar cinnamon and chocalate sauce dip on dark background.

Founded in 1935 by a Spaniard called Francisco Iriarte, (whom the locals nicknamed “El Moro”), this little churro shop is still a family business and has become something of an institution in Mexico City.

Churrería El Moro Info

Address: Av Michoacán 27, Hipódromo, Cuauhtémoc, 06170 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Phone: N/A
Operating Hours: 8am-11pm, Mon-Sun
Must-Try Meals: Churros with your choice of dipping sauce, (I like the traditional chocolate one best), “Special” cold bitter-chocolate drink, (it contrasts and offsets the sweetness from the churros perfectly)
Average Cost: $2.60 for 4 churros with dipping sauce, $3.30 for cold (or hot) drinking chocolate
Website: elmoro.mx

4. Veguísima (Best Vegan Restaurant in Condesa)

Mexican food is traditionally quite meat-heavy. However, in recent years a number of restaurants have opened up in CDMX to cater specifically to vegetarians and vegans in the city.

The best vegan restaurant in Condesa is Veguísima. It’s open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and is the perfect place to enjoy a range of plant-based takes on classic Mexican dishes. Popular dishes include their “al pastor” and vegan chorizo tacos, burritos, and chilaquiles.

Even if you’re not a vegan, this place is definitely worth trying. They also serve a range of healthy bowls, fresh fruit juices, and smoothies, as well as guacamole, falafel, and hummus sharing plates.

Veguísima Info

Address: Pachuca 59, Colonia Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, 06140 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Phone: +52 55 7039 2812
Operating Hours: 1pm-7pm, Mon; 9:30am–9:30pm, Tues-Thurs; 9:30am–10pm, Fri-Sun
Must-Try Meals: Vegan chorizo tacos, “Al pastor” (vegan) burritos, Spicy enchiladas
Average Cost: $4-7 per starter, $7-10 per main, $1.50 for individual tacos, $3-5 for desserts
Website: veguisima.com/menu.html

5. Sonora Street Food (Best Street Food in Condesa)

Okay, so this one is technically just outside of Condesa, but is an easy 10-minute walk from the Parque México, and is definitely worth a visit if you’re a fan of street food.

The guys who run this place are from the northern Mexican state of Sonora and are proud of their region’s strong reputation for delicious, fresh street food. Prices here are slightly higher than most other street food vendors in CDMX, but the quality and flavor make it more than worth the extra expense.

 Mexican style tacos al pastor served on soft tortillas.

Many people claim that Sonora Street Food serves the best burritos in Mexico City. I tried their “El Champechano” one, and I think I would agree. Stuffed full of succulent roasted sirloin, carne al pastor, cheese, and avocado, it’s a piece of burrito perfection.

They also serve a range of platillos, which are basically large plates full of roasted meat, salads, cheese, vegetables, whatever you want.

Sonora Street Food Info

Address: Monterrey 293, Roma Sur, Cuauhtémoc, 06760 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Phone: +52 55 7261 6007
Operating Hours: 9am–11pm, Tues-Sat; 9am-10pm, Sun; (closed Monday)
Must-Try Meals: El Champechano” burrito, Carne con chile, (ask for extra cheese), Queso Fundido, (melted cheese with tortillas, think Mexican cheese fondue)
Average Cost: $2-5 per starter, $5-9 for burritos, $4-10 for main plates
Website: facebook.com/sonorastreetfood

6. Ardente (The Best Pizza in Condesa)

Ardente is currently the only pizzeria in Mexico City to have been officially certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, (True Neapolitan Pizza Association). This organization in Naples, Italy, assesses the quality and authenticity of Neapolitan pizza makers around the world.

In other words, the pizza here is good! So good in fact that I found myself returning here on several occasions during my time in Mexico City.

Everything about this place is excellent. The staff are friendly, the atmosphere is buzzing, the drinks are great, and the pizza is world-class.

My favorite two pizzas here are the Margherita D.O.P., (their specialty), and the brasaola with arugula, (rocket), but they’re all really great so go with whatever you fancy. And afterward, be sure to try their fantastic negroni.

Ardente Info

Address: C. Laredo 13, Hipódromo, Cuauhtémoc, 06100 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Phone: +52 55 5211 4271
Operating Hours: 1pm–11pm, Mon-Weds; 1pm–12am, Thurs-Sat; 1pm-9pm, Sun
Must-Try Meals: Pizza Margherita D.O.P, Pizza bresaola e rucola, Caprese salad, Tiramisu
Average Cost: $10-15 per pizza, $7-12 for salads, $4-8 for desserts
Website: ardente.com.mx

7. Sonora Prime (Best Place for Steak in Condesa)

As well as being one of the best restaurants in Condesa in its own right, Sonora Prime is probably the best place for steak in Mexico City.

The quality of the meat here is second to none, and they offer a range of different cuts for you to feast on. My personal favorite is the porterhouse steak, (cooked medium rare).

Porterhouse steak with fingerling potatoes and brocoli rabe.

Portions here are large, so I recommend you come hungry. As well as the steak, the sides are delicious. Try the grilled artichoke, asparagus with rib eye, and sautéed mushrooms.

Even if steak isn’t really your thing, this is still one of the best places to eat in Condesa. They serve a number of other delicious dishes, including pasta, risotto, grilled seafood, braised chicken, and a few vegetarian and vegan options.

Sonora Prime Info

Address: Calle de Durango 205, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Phone: +52 55 5207 4347
Operating Hours: 1pm–12am, Mon-Weds; 1pm–2am, Thurs-Sat; 1pm-10pm, Sun
Must-Try Meals: Porterhouse steak, Wellington beef burger, Asparagus with rib eye
Average Cost: $5-10 per starter, $30-60 per person for steak, $6-10 for desserts
Website: sonoraprime.com.mx

8. El Pescadito (Best Seafood Place in Condesa)

It might look like yet another cheap taco restaurant from the outside, but the large queue out the door should tell you everything you need to know about this place.

Think spicy shrimp and marlin, beer battered fish smothered in chipotle, and giant prawn tacos that are so juicy they’re almost impossible to eat politely.

This is definitely one of my favorite places to eat in Condesa. The servers are friendly, the portions are large, the sauces are delicious, and the price is fantastic.

El Pescadito Info

Address: C. Atlixco 38, Colonia Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, 06140 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Phone: +52 55 6268 3045
Operating Hours: 11am–6pm, Mon-Fri; 10am-6pm, Sat-Sun
Must-Try Meals: Spicy marlin tacos, Battered fish tacos, Prawn tacos, try all of the salads and toppings, (they’re happy to pile them on!)
Average Cost: $2 per taco, $2.50 for quesadillas
Website: facebook.com/ElPescaditoCondesaDf

9. La Terraza, Hotel Condesa DF (Best Outdoor Restaurant in Condesa)

Attached to the boutique Hotel Condesa DF, La Terraza is a trendy rooftop restaurant with one of the best patios in Condesa. From here, you can dine with wonderful views out over the Parque España and Chapultepec Castle.

The food itself is Japanese-Mexican fusion, designed by head chef Keisuke Harada of the Morimoto School in Japan. Try the crunchy inside-out roll with asparagus and the Japanese quesadillas, (certainly a first for me).

Sushi served on a ceramic plate.

As well as the restaurant, this place is also home to the best rooftop bar in Condesa where you can enjoy a pre, (or post), dinner drink. They create great cocktails, including a delicious lychee martini.

La Terraza Info

Address: Av. Veracruz 102, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Phone: +52 55 5241 2600
Operating Hours: 2pm-11pm, Sun-Weds; 2pm-12am, Thurs-Sat
Must-Try Meals: Sushi, Japanese quesadillas, Baked Japanese pancake
Average Cost: $5-8 per starter, $12-18 per main, $8-15 for sushi
Website: condesadf.com/en

10. Las Costillas de la Condesa (The Best Cheap Restaurant in Condesa)

If you’re wondering where to eat in Condesa on a budget, you should check out Las Costillas de la Condesa. This is one of the first restaurants I tried when I moved to Mexico City, and it remains one of my favorites to this day.

It’s definitely no frills – you sit at plastic tables and chairs and the food comes on plastic plates. But it’s really delicious, especially given the price.

Tacos de costilla are beef rib tacos, and these are what this place does best. Their bisteck, (grilled steak), tacos are also excellent. I recommend ordering both with cheese, asking for all of the extra toppings, and slathering everything with as much spicy salsa as you can handle.

Las Costillas de la Condesa Info

Address: Eje 2 Sur, Calle Juan Escutia 104, Colonia Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, 06140 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Phone: +52 55 5286 2700
Operating Hours: 12pm–1am, Mon-Sat (closed Sunday)
Must-Try Meals: Costilla tacos with cheese, Queso fundido, (a giant pot of melted cheese with tortillas), Bisteck tacos
Average Cost: $3-4 for 3 tacos, $2.50 for queso fundido, $3 for a quesadilla
Website: facebook.com/LasCostillasDeLaCondesa

11. Lardo (The Best Brunch Spot in Condesa)

This Mexican-European fusion restaurant is one of the most popular spots in Condesa for brunch. The prices are reasonable and the quality is excellent.

As well as the standard brunch offerings, (eggs, avocado, smoked salmon, sourdough, etc.), they also have a number of other tasty European and Mexican dishes for you to try.

A chilaquiles verdes on a ceramic black plate.

I recommend their croque monsieur, (a french toasted sandwich full of melted cheese, ham, and mustard), galettes, (buckwheat crêpes), Berliner donuts, and chilaquiles, (a traditional Mexican breakfast dish of fried tortillas cooked in salsa and sprinkled with cheese and various other toppings).

Lardo Info

Address: Agustín Melgar 6, Colonia Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, 06140 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Phone: +52 55 5211 7731
Operating Hours: 7:30am–11pm, Mon-Sat; 7:30am–5:30pm, Sun
Must-Try Meals: Croque monsieur with emmental cheese, Chilaquiles verdes, Galettes
Average Cost: $6-10 for egg-related brunch staples, $5-9 for hot sandwiches, $3-6 for most other things, (pastries, crêpes, etc.)
Website: lardo.com.mx

12. Kura (Best Sushi in Condesa)

On the edge of Condesa and Roma Norte, Kura is one of the best restaurants in CDMX to enjoy high-quality sushi. The presentation is beautiful – each dish is laid out like a work of art.

As well as sushi, the menu also features many other dishes, including skewers, salads, rice bowls, udon, and ramen soups. If you come at lunchtime, they have a series of set lunch menus and bento boxes.

The restaurant’s decor is simple and authentically Japanese. Service is excellent, and they have a decent wine and sake selection too. Kura ticks all of the boxes and is definitely one of the best places to eat in Condesa.

Kura Info

Address: Colima 378-Local A, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Phone: +52 55 7989 3102
Operating Hours: 11:30am–11:30pm, Mon-Sun
Must-Try Meals: Spicy salmon inside-out roll, Large mixed nigiri selection, Cold udon noodle soup
Average Cost: $4-10 per starter, $10-15 per set of sushi rolls, $7-10 for ramen and udon, $3-6 for desserts
Website: flowcode.com/page/izakaya_kura

13. Casa d’Italia (Best Italian Restaurant in Condesa)

Ardente, (above), might do the best pizza in Condesa, but for traditional Italian home-cooked specialties, Casa d’Italia probably takes the win.

Here you can feast on incredible pasta, seafood, and meat dishes in an intimate environment surrounded by Italian memorabilia and artwork.

A closer look of spaghetti alla puttanesca on a plate.

Their pasta dishes are especially good – I don’t think I’ve ever had better spinach and ricotta ravioli. The staff are friendly and attentive, prices are fair, and there’s both an inside and outside dining area.

Casa d’Italia Info

Address: Agustín Melgar 6, Colonia Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, 06140 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Phone: +52 55 5286 2021
Operating Hours: 1pm–11pm, Mon-Sun
Must-Try Meals: Beef carpaccio, Bruschetta, Papardelle with ragu, Spaghetti alla puttanesca, spinach and ricotta ravioli
Average Cost: $5-8 per starter, $10-20 per main, $5-7 for desserts
Website: casaditalia.mx

14. Blend Station (Best Cafe in Condesa)

Condesa has many fantastic cafes for your caffene fix, and Blend Station is one of the very best. Popular with digital nomads and locals alike, they make excellent coffee and offer a good selection of sweet and savory snacks, as well as larger plates throughout the day.

The staff here are super friendly, and happy for you to sit here and work or study for as long as you like, provided you buy something every couple of hours.

I should also mention here Cucurucho Condesa, which is my other favorite cafe in Condesa and sells some of the best coffee you will ever drink.

Blend Station Info

Address: Avenida Tamaulipas 60 , Col. Condesa C.P06140, Hipódromo, 06140 Ciudad de México, Mexico
Phone: +52 55 6868 5350
Operating Hours: 8am-8pm, Mon-Sun
Average Cost: $1.50-2.50 for coffee, $3-6 for snacks, $8-10 for larger plates
Website: blendstation.com.mx

15. Cajún Rustic Burgers (The Best Burger in Condesa)

Mexican food is amazing. But sometimes you just need a really good burger. When that craving come, Cajún Rustic Burgers serve some of the best in the city.

Giant, juicy, tasty, and perfectly satisfying, the burger I had here was without a doubt the best one I tasted in all of my time in Mexico.

A closer look at a giant, juicy, tasty, and perfectly satisfying burger in town.

The restaurant itself has a funky decor, with lots of colorful murals on the wall. They also sell several excellent craft beers. Come here, you won’t be disappointed.

Cajún Rustic Burgers Info

Address: Campeche 410, Hipódromo Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, 06170 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Phone: +52 55 6273 7525
Operating Hours: 1pm–8:30pm, Mon; 1pm–10:30pm, Tues-Sat; 3pm-8pm, Sun
Must-Try Meals: “Road-kill” burger, Cajun fries
Average Cost: $11-14 for burger and fries, $5 for a beer
Website: cajunrusticburgers.com

Must-Try Meals in Condesa

Here are some of my favorite meals that you should definitely try during your time in Condesa.

Suadero Tacos

Head to Tacos Don Juan for incredible suadero, (slow-cooked brisket), tacos. They’re legendary in Condesa. The meat is so rich and flavorful and literally melts in your mouth.

Mole Negro

Azul serves many incredible Oaxacan dishes. The most iconic has to be their mole, made from a huge number of ingredients, including various chiles, spices, and rich dark chocolate.

Spicy Marlin Tacos

El Pescadito makes the best spicy marlin tacos that I’ve ever eaten. The portions are very generous and it’s incredibly good value.

Certified Authentic Neapolitan Pizza

For some of the best pizzas outside side of Naples, don’t miss a trip to Ardente. My personal favorite is their Margherita D.O.P.

Food Tours in Condesa

There are several food tours in Condesa where you can taste, (and make), a range of authentic local dishes. Your guide will teach you about the history of the area, and of the food itself.

A closer look at the Mexican beef burrito on a wooden board.

Cooking Class

In this cooking class, you’ll learn how to make authentic Mexican food, plus enjoy a trip to the local market. Learn from a Mexican chef and of course, enjoy the dishes you made!

Bicycle Taco Tour

This is a really fun tour where you’ll explore some of the best taquerias in Condesa by bike. One of my friends did this tour and said it was fantastic. Another great biking/food tour option in Mexico City is this one.

Mexican Food Walking Tour

This 4-hour food walking tour will introduce you to some hidden local gems, including street vendors, pozole stands, markets, and pastry shops.

Small Group Food & Bike Tour

This is another excellent bike tour that explores Condesa and a few neighboring districts. This tour is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as long as you let them know your dietary requirements in advance.

FAQs About Condesa Restaurants

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about eating out in Condesa, and Mexico City more generally.

What is the most popular food in Mexico City?

Tacos! True to the stereotype, people in Mexico City eat a lot of tacos. However, the city is a huge melting pot of cuisines, and there’s an incredibly wide range of other food kinds that’s popular here too.

Does Condesa have any Michelin star restaurants?

No, not currently. But there are still some truly world-class restaurants here.

What time is dinner in Mexico City?

People in Mexico City tend to eat dinner around 7-9 pm, although most restaurants open earlier and stay open later than this.

Do you tip in Condesa, Mexico City?

Tipping in Mexico is optional, although always appreciated. If you get good service, (which you usually do), it’s customary to either round up to a nice number, or add 10% to your final bill.

What is the most authentic Mexican dish?

There are so many, it’s almost impossible to pick one. Strong contenders include tacos al pastor, guacamole, tostadas, and mole.

Where should I stay in Condesa, Mexico City?

See this article for a review of the best Airbnbs in Condesa. Or, have a look at Booking.com which has many apartments, guesthouses and hotels available.

To Summarize

Now you know where to eat in Condesa. As you can see, you really are spoilt for choice!

If you’re looking for a really special meal out, I think the best restaurant in Condesa is Azul. But, whatever you do, don’t leave the city without trying at least some of the fantastic street food on offer here.

A word of warning: tacos al pastor are very addictive.

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Are you planning a quick trip to Condesa and wondering where to eat? Here are the 15 best restaurants in Condesa, Mexico! This is how you eat your way across Condesa, from the best guacamole with chapulines to the best restaurant overall! Discover Condesa’s best eats here! | #condesa #condesadining #foodie
Looking for the top restaurants in Condesa? These are the best overall restaurants in Condesa, Mexico! There are options for breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks, and brews. You'll discover where to dine in Condesa in this article! | #travel #restaurant #bestofmexico
Want to know the best places to eat in Condesa? Here are the top restaurants in Condesa, Mexico for brunch, lunch, dinner, and snacks, including seafood options and more! This is a list of the top restaurants to eat your delicious food in Condesa! | #lacondesa #visitmexico #mexico
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