Beautiful beaches, fascinating (and somewhat disturbing) history and a diversity of culture, tradition and language makes Mexico and The Caribbean an amazing place to travel. Mexico is definitely one of our favourite countries in the world, while we’ve spent over 2 years living & travelling in the Caribbean. Here we share our best tips and secrets about this stunning region.

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Rio Lagartos & Ek Balam

Rio Lagartos & Ek Balam: Searching for Wildlife and Ancient Ruins

Even though it was 6:00am and we were comfortable in our bed at Hotel Boutique Casa Quetzal, we awoke with excitement for the day we had planned! We had already done a cycle trip around Valladolid with MexiGo Tours, but since we had such a great time, we decided to book another adventure with this ...

1 Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila, Floor!

When we think about Mexico, there’s one thing that definitely comes to mind…tequila! Although we’re not too keen on doing shots of the stuff, we do love having margaritas. Since we’re currently travelling through the land of tequila, we figured we should check out where it comes from, how it’s made and of course, do ...
Cycle Tour Around Valladolid

Cycling Around the City of Valladolid

Our first few days in Valladolid were jam packed. We visited art galleries, churches and watched the outdoor theatre performance of Momentos Sagrados Mayas, but we still hadn’t seen any cenotes! So, we popped into MexiGo Tours to see what they had to offer. The owner, Toon, was super friendly and showed us all of the ...
Hot Tamales

Hot Tamales! Learning to Cook in the Ground…The Maya Way

During our stay at Casa Hamaca, the owner Denis kept mentioning the use of the pibil (pib) and we immediately signed up for a day of learning all about this ancient Maya earth oven. The plan was to go with Denis to the market and pick up all of the ingredients for Tamales, a classic Maya ...
Momentos Sagrados Mayas

Exploring Mayan Culture Through Outdoor Theater & Dance

When we planned our trip to Valladolid, we didn’t really have a set idea about what we wanted to see and do. The only thing we knew for sure was that we wanted to help promote tourism in Valladolid and further explore the Maya culture. When we arrived at Casa Hamaca Guesthouse, we saw a ...

Valladolid: a Colonial City at the Crossroads of Culture

Have you ever heard of Valladolid? Most likely, the answer is “no”. It seems that people visiting the Yucatán are blinded by the pure white sand and turquoise waters, leaving this fantastic colonial city overlooked. It’s time everyone traded in just a couple of days of laying on the beach for a real cultural treat! …and that’s ...