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middle eastern people

Middle Eastern Moments: The People

The Middle East is a region that has captured our hearts and souls.  The hospitality, generosity and kindness of the people living in this ancient land is unimaginable, the ruins and crumbling sites are some of the oldest and most fascinating in the world and the food is flavourful and of great variety. From the ...
Taking A Timeout From Travel

Taking A Timeout From Travel

Our 16 month world trip was coming to an “end”.  We were finishing up our travels through China and making our way down to Hong Kong, where we would be flying out to Vancouver.  So many thoughts go through a traveller’s mind when they reach the end of a long trip and are going back ...
Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands

Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands

When you think of the word “island” images of deserted, stunning beaches, swaying palm trees and lush jungles come to mind. Which is pretty much bang on! In this Top 10 list, you’ll find beautiful islands that are countries in themselves, autonomous regions or just lonely dots of land out in the sea.   Based ...

Top 5 Most Beautiful Lakes

What makes a lake so special?  For us, it’s the surroundings.  Whether it’s towering mountains, volcano walls or villages you’re looking for, one thing’s for sure, the surroundings should be peaceful and gorgeous to look at.  There’s something about hiking around a stunning lake, diving into fresh water and being out in nature that really ...

Budget Backpacking Guide To Egypt

This is the ultimate budget backpacking guide to Egypt, a place filled with backpackers who are seeking out excellent adventures on a budget. Egypt has it all, from The Great Pyramids Of Giza to the lost oases in The Great Sand Sea, this is a place where backpackers can really explore and fulfill their wandering ...
Where To Sleep In Koh Phangan

Planning A Trip To Southeast Asia: A Guide for Travellers

So, you’re planning a trip to Southeast Asia. Like we did, you probably have lots of questions. Where do I sleep? How much will it cost? How many countries can I see and how long should I stay in each one? Where should I go? How do I get there? What sights should I definitely ...