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Nick & Dariece – Goats On The Road Founders

10 reasons to travel to africa

10 Reasons To Travel To Africa: A Budget Backpacker’s Guide

There are so many reasons why we love Africa that it is hard to narrow it down to just 10. Africa is a continent like no other on this planet. The cradle of civilization, the birthplace of mankind and the origin of all species, this is truly where it all began. While backpacking around Africa ...
downsides of african travel

10 Downsides To African Travel: A Budget Backpacker’s Guide

Africa is a continent bathed in historical significance, ancient ruins, tribal culture and raw nature. It exudes the type of pure excitement that most budget backpackers can only dream of. It has something new to offer at every turn and is always a feast for the senses. But Africa isn’t all safaris, sun swept beaches ...
To-Do List: Before Backpacking

To-Do List: Before Backpacking

Figuring out what needs to be done before heading off on a trip can be a daunting task.  Apart from deciding where to go, what type of backpack you should buy, what you should pack and how much money you will need, there are so many things that will need to be researched and looked ...
what to pack for travel

Budget Backpacking: Choosing A Backpack

Before deciding what to put in your backpack, you will need to decide what type of backpack you want to lug around the world with you.  For us, it’s a “luggage entry backpack” or nothing. NOTE – Have a look at our updated post from 2016: How To Choose The Best Backpack For Travel We ...
Our First Trip Around Southeast Asia, India & Sri Lanka

A Little Bit About The Philippines

The Philippines is a dynamic archipelago comprising of over 7000 islands situated off the northern coast of Borneo, the southern coast of Taiwan, Vietnam is to the West and the Philippine Sea is to the East. Even though this country is considered to be a part of SE Asia, it seems to have a lot ...
Coming & Going - Koh Phangan

Travelling from Koh Phangan to Kuala Lumpur

After enjoying all of the awesome things to do in Koh Phangan, it was time to leave. It was a very long travel day getting from Koh Phangan in Thailand to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. We decided that in order for you guys to really understand a typical travel day for Goats On The Road, ...