Backpacking Cappadocia, Turkey – Flintstones Meets Mario World

Sometimes when backpacking you come across a place on the globe and you think “how could I have not known that a place like this existed?” Cappadocia Turkey is one of those places. We arrived to the small town of Gerome on a 12 hour over-night bus from Olympos. I was awoken by the first ...

Backpacking Olympos, Turkey – Chillin In Treehouses

Sleeping in a treehouse, sounds like a childhood dream…or in this case, an adult reality! We arrived in Olympos and were planning to stay in one of the infamous treehouses that the area is known for. They’re technically not built in trees, they’re more like platform huts set high up with a ladder to get ...

Kabak: Roasting In Turkey

Turkey. Not only is it my favourite meal, but now it has become one of my favourite countries. After our long ferry ride from Greece to the port town of Marmaris in Turkey, we walked with our heavy bags about 4kms to our hotel. Again, thanks to booking.com, we had an apartment with wi-fi, breakfast ...