St. Vincent and The Grenadines

Top 5 Lesser Known Dive Sites In The Caribbean Sea

Top 5 Lesser Known Dive Sites In The Caribbean Sea

As an avid diver and someone who has lived and travelled in the Caribbean for almost two years, I’ve done my fair share of diving in these waters. The coral and sea life in this region is astounding, with brilliantly colored soft corals, large fish and mammal species, plus plenty of turtles and invertebrates as ...
Diving Belize

Diving In The Caribbean On Bequia Island (With Video)

When we were first planning our trip to the Grenadines, I knew that I wanted to get under the water and explore the Caribbean Sea on scuba. After my amazing dives in Belize, I was really looking forward to donning my mask and regulator to check out some more of this famous underwater world. I ...
how to find cheap hotels

Accommodation Spotlight: The Frangipani Hotel, Bequia

During our trip through the Grenadines, we spent 9 nights on the gorgeous island of Bequia, and would’ve stayed longer if we had the time. Bequia Island is full of gorgeous, boutique-style hotels. During our stay on Bequia, we were lucky enough to experience a few different places, with the Frangipani Hotel being one of ...
Sugar Reef Bequia

Accommodation Spotlight: Sugar Reef Bequia

Sugar Reef is a beautiful eco-luxury hotel located on the island of Bequia in St.Vincent and The Grenadines. Known as both the best restaurant, and one of the best hotels on the island, Sugar Reef has made a name for itself by having lovely staff, a beautiful location and a professional chef (Chef John) who cooks ...
Bequia Island

Bequia Island – Celebrating My 30th Birthday in Style!

Bequia Island (pronounced bekway) is the second largest island in the Grenadines and although it has a similar Caribbean vibe to its neighbours, it’s unique in its own ways. Many Bequians can trace their roots back to the famous whalers, Joseph Ollivierre and William Wallace Jr. and in fact, the native people are still allowed to harpoon ...
Sailing in the Caribbean

The Tobago Cays – A Perfect Day of Sailing in the Caribbean

We’re not sailors, yachties or cruisers, we’re just travellers who want to make our way from one point to the next. If you look out from any waterfront restaurant or hotel in the Grenadines, you’ll see numerous sailboats, catamarans and yachts anchored out there, bobbing slowly from side to side. People whiz into shore from their ...
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