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Top Things To Do in Antigua, Guatemala

Guatemala’s top tourist destination is the captivating colonial city of Antigua. It has a rare charm that will mesmerize and leave you utterly speechless. There are a myriad of things that make Antigua so special. The vibrantly coloured buildings, the impressive colonial architecture, the infectious Guatemalan culture and the stunning scenery are just a few. ...
Travelling to Lake Atitlán, Guatemala: A Guide to The Villages

Travelling to Lake Atitlán, Guatemala: A Guide to The Villages

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala has long been a popular hangout for hippies, backpackers, expats and travellers. And, after living on the lake for two months in early 2015, we can definitely see why! There’s just something about Lake Atitlán that gets under your skin, and ultimately makes it very difficult to leave. Lago de Atitlán as it’s known ...
Travelling to Lake Atitlán, Guatemala: A Guide to The Villages

The Cost of Living on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

As digital nomads, we’re constantly browsing the web in search of somewhere to live, unpack and put down some temporary roots. We do our research and try to source out costs and amenities before moving, but rarely do we find exact costs of basic, every day items. Surely, these are the things that people want ...
Easter Antigua

Experiencing Easter in Guatemala – With No Bunny in Sight

Growing up in Canada, Easter consisted of waking up, grabbing our colourful baskets and setting off to scour the backyard for plastic eggs filled with jellybeans and chocolates! The commercials on TV always had a cute, furry bunny hopping around, and the malls were filled with eggs and bunnies in candy form. When we moved out to ...
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Our Digital Nomad Lifestyle On Lake Atitlan

We’ve now officially been living in Paxanax on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala for over a month and it’s time to share how we feel about this place. We’ve been so busy getting caught up on our projects and other work that we haven’t really written much about our life here on the lake. Well, I have ...
border crossing mexico to guatemala

Essential Tips and Information: Border Crossing from Mexico to Guatemala

Travelling from Mexico to Guatemala? There are two popular routes that most travellers take from Mexico to Guatemala: 1. From San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas State: cross at the Mexican town of Ciudad Cuauhtémoc (La Mesilla in Guatemala), reached via Route 190. 2. From Oaxaca State: many people choose to take the coastal ...
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