Europe is blessed with having dozens of diverse nations, cultures, architectural styles and types of cuisine, all crammed into a (relatively) small space. Travelling around the continent is a breeze and while it’s not the cheapest place to travel (it’s more expensive the further west you go), it’s definitely worth every penny.

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A close-up view of the beautiful Colosseum in Rome, Italy

25 Best Things To Do in Rome, Italy

Rome is an incredible, ancient city that continues to captivate and inspire countless generations of travelers and adventurers. There’s an almost endless list of things to see, do, taste, and hear in the vibrant Italian capital. The Eternal City is one of my favorite cities in the world, and it will blow your mind. In ...
Beautiful landscape with mountains and green forests on a boat trip on the Komani lake in the dinaric alps of Albania

10 Day Trips from Tirana: Top Sights and Activities

There are so many great day trips from Tirana; making it one of the best bases in Albania to get out and explore the country. Not only will you experience Albanian culture in the city, and some of the best food and history to be found in Albania, but you can enjoy the beautiful coastline ...
Shrimp scampi being sauted in a pan

A Foodie’s Guide to Yorkshire: Must-Try Dishes

Food in Yorkshire is a real treat and the county has more than its fair share of famous foods for visitors to try. From the humble Kit Kit, a coffee break favorite for many (myself included), to Yorkshire puddings, crab, scampi (another favorite), and Wensleydale cheese, Yorkshire is an excellent destination for foodies. North Yorkshire ...
The stunning City of Venice

Best Time to Visit Italy (Weather and Costs)

Whether you’re looking for glistening Mediterranean beaches, bustling cities, world-class hiking and skiing, ancient history, or rolling hillsides and vineyards, Italy has it all. However, the best time to visit Italy truly depends on what it is you want to do there. July and August tend to be the most popular months to visit Italy. ...
Howard Park in North Yorshire, England, 15 miles north of York

10 Fun Day Trips from York: Top Sights and Activities

York in northern England is a wonderful city with so many great things to see and do such as the cathedral, the River Ouse (pronounced like loose), and the picturesque lanes of the Shambles. The great thing about the city is its location not far from the coast and its three large national parks, meaning ...
Overlooking view of Porthminster Beach in St Ives, Cornwall.

Best Time to Visit England (Weather and Costs)

England is a fantastic destination at any time of the year thanks to its many indoor and outdoor attractions. However, the summer months are the best time to visit England to get the most out of the country’s stunning beaches, national parks, festivals, and historic sites. Aside from a six-year stint in China, I’ve lived ...