Europe is blessed with having dozens of diverse nations, cultures, architectural styles and types of cuisine, all crammed into a (relatively) small space. Travelling around the continent is a breeze and while it’s not the cheapest place to travel (it’s more expensive the further west you go), it’s definitely worth every penny.

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The stunning English Gothic style cathedral and metropolitical Church of Saint Peter in York, England.

15 Fun Things To Do in York, England

York is a city in the north of England famed for its cathedral, quaint cobbled streets and for its many excellent museums. Discover the best things to do in York from exploring the city’s links with the chocolate industry (and of course have a taste) to its Roman and Viking past. There are so many ...
Grilled Halloumi cheese on a piece of toast with rocket lettuce and olive paste

15 Must-Try Foods in Cyprus: A Guide for Foodies

While the beaches are some of the best features of this lovely Island, the food in Cyprus is pretty amazing too. A blend of Arabic, Turkish and Greek flavors makes exploring the different dishes and best places to eat in Cyprus a lot of fun, whether you’re a foodie or not. I traveled around Cyprus ...
A beautiful Colchester Castle made of recycled Roman bricks on a clear blue sky

15 Top Castles to Visit in England

England is a land of castles. From large defensive fortresses to beautiful Tudor mansions, ancient ruins, and even castle hotels, there’s no shortage of interesting castles in England. I’ve visited many English castles over the years and will let you know about some of the best ones to visit below. Many of the castles of ...
The stunning town of Kruje in Albania

Best Time to Visit Albania For Travelers

Albania has an incredible coastline, so understandably, many assume that the summer is the best time to visit Albania. However, Albania is a huge country with a beautiful landscape perfect for hiking and is home to some stunning natural attractions that can be enjoyed all year round. I traveled much of Albania as a digital ...
The beautiful Ostuni in Italy

15 Best Things To Do in Ostuni, Italy

The beautiful whitewashed city of Ostuni should be on everyone’s Puglia itinerary. Perched on top of a hill and overlooking the sparkling Adriatic Sea, its charming white houses, narrow cobblestone streets, historical churches, and atmospheric little squares give it a unique and magical atmosphere. In this post, I’ll share some of the best things to ...
At Colmar in Alsace, France, you see a traditional half-timbered homes and a water canal.

Best Time to Visit France (Weather and Costs)

France is a year-round destination, with countless attractions and reasons to visit throughout the year. I have visited the country more times than I can remember, in all of the seasons. However, the best time to visit France depends on a few factors. Firstly and most importantly, when deciding when to travel to France, you ...