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Mmm… everyone loves a mouth watering dish of their favourite food. Here you can learn about cuisines from around the world, guaranteed to get your taste buds tingling! We may not have the best palates in the world, but we still consider ourselves foodies because we love to travel and eat everything!

beer cheers in pub

15 Best Cambridge Pubs (Pints, Food and Music)

Cambridge is one of England’s most charming cities with a rich history and one of the most prestigious Universities in the world. There are lots of amazing things to do in the city, and visiting some of the many wonderful Cambridge pubs for a drink or a bite to eat is one of the pleasures ...
A view from behind a typical English pub bar.

15 Top Pubs in Liverpool (Pints, Food and Music)

Liverpool is considered the UK’s capital of culture thanks to its rich history, the important birth of the Beatles, and its two world-famous football clubs. There are lots of things to do in and around the city and enjoying a pint is certainly one of them (speaking from experience!). Find out about some of the ...
The famous narrow medieval street in the historic center of York is where you can enjoy some good food and drinks in pubs.

15 Best Pubs in York, England

The historic city of York is one of the most pleasant places in England. There are so many awesome things to do such as exploring the city walls, York Minster, and the quaint Shambles, but there are also lots of great pubs to discover too. Below, you’ll read about some of the best pubs in ...
Wine and cheese served for a friendly party in a bar

Top 15 Best Bars in Rome, Italy

In this post, I’ll cover my pick of the best bars in Rome, Italy. Whether you’re looking for a classy wine bar, a hidden speakeasy, or a laid-back spot to sample the country’s finest craft beer, you’re spoilt for choice here. Rome is a truly amazing city with a long list of incredible things to ...
Shrimp scampi being sauted in a pan

A Foodie’s Guide to Yorkshire: Must-Try Dishes

Food in Yorkshire is a real treat and the county has more than its fair share of famous foods for visitors to try. From the humble Kit Kit, a coffee break favorite for many (myself included), to Yorkshire puddings, crab, scampi (another favorite), and Wensleydale cheese, Yorkshire is an excellent destination for foodies. North Yorkshire ...
Grilled Halloumi cheese on a piece of toast with rocket lettuce and olive paste

15 Must-Try Foods in Cyprus: A Guide for Foodies

While the beaches are some of the best features of this lovely Island, the food in Cyprus is pretty amazing too. A blend of Arabic, Turkish and Greek flavors makes exploring the different dishes and best places to eat in Cyprus a lot of fun, whether you’re a foodie or not. I traveled around Cyprus ...