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Mmm… everyone loves a mouth watering dish of their favourite food. Here you can learn about cuisines from around the world, guaranteed to get your taste buds tingling! We may not have the best palates in the world, but we still consider ourselves foodies because we love to travel and eat everything!

Sharing a platter of a traditional Kenyan dish, Nyama choma, and accompaniments of kachumbari salad, sukuma wiki, chapati, and roast potatoes

Food in Kenya: 15 Must-Try Dishes in Kenya

While beautiful sunsets, enchanting wildlife, fascinating landscapes, and friendly people are its major attractions, the food in Kenya is also worthy of a trip to this East African nation. The country comprises over 44 ethnic groups, and almost every community has its own unique traditional dish. When you combine that fact with international cuisines and ...
Aerial panorama of Penzance, Cornwall, England

15 Best Restaurants in Penzance (Top Places to Eat)

Penzance is a town in the far southwest of Cornwall surrounded by beautiful coast and soft, sandy beaches. There are lots of wonderful things to do in Penzance from exploring museums and beaches to eating at the best restaurants in Penzance. I’ve been visiting Cornwall since childhood and have dined at many of the top ...
A delicious traditional focaccia barese bread of Puglia.

15 Must-Try Foods in Puglia, Italy

In this post, I’m going to focus on my favorite thing about Puglia. While this southern Italian region has no shortage of fantastic places to visit and things to see, for me, the food in Puglia is the real reason to visit. Several of my favorite dishes are Puglian classics. There’s just something about the ...
A beautiful coastal neighborhood in Newquay has the best restaurants.

15 Best Restaurants in Newquay (Top Places to Eat)

Newquay is one of the top holiday destinations in the UK thanks to its many sandy beaches and excellent surf breaks. It’s also known for its nightlife and excellent eateries. Below you’ll find 15 of the best restaurants in Newquay no matter your taste or budget. You’ll find a host of cuisines across the town ...
A wooden table and outside seating overlooking the harbor of Newquay.

15 Best Pubs and Bars in Newquay, England

Newquay is the top surfing destination in the UK and attracts over one million visitors every year. The town is famed for its nightlife as much as its beaches and within this post, you’ll find a selection of the best bars in Newquay (and the best pubs in Newquay too of course). I’ve been enjoying ...
The beautiful Marina in Limassol, Cyprus, has a very modern, high-end, and newly developed area where you can find some of the best cafes and restaurants in the neighborhood.

15 Best Cafes in Limassol, Cyprus

Cafe culture is thriving throughout Cyprus and there’s no shortage of amazing choices for cafes in Limassol. From upmarket cafes serving pâtisserie to relaxed beachfront cafes, there’s something for everyone. I spent nearly 4 months working as a digital nomad in Cyprus and based myself in Limassol for the majority of the time. One of ...