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Mmm… everyone loves a mouth watering dish of their favourite food. Here you can learn about cuisines from around the world, guaranteed to get your taste buds tingling! We may not have the best palates in the world, but we still consider ourselves foodies because we love to travel and eat everything!

A close-up view of a slate tray with smoked salmon on a rustic wood table.

20 Best Restaurants in Bozeman (Top Places to Eat) in 2023

The best restaurants in Bozeman are found downtown where visitors can find everything from fine dining to quick, healthy options. Bozeman is a hotbed of adventure and exploration. The most underrated aspect of the town, however, is the food. I go to Bozeman often to go hiking and fishing, and each time I visit, I ...
guide to puerto vallarta nightlife

Puerto Vallarta Nightlife: Best Bars and Clubs in 2023

This guide is for all you party animals out there, as we’re going to dive into the awesome Puerto Vallarta nightlife! Located in Banderas Bay on the Pacific Coast, Puerto Vallarta has long been a popular tourist destination. With picturesque beaches, a vibrant culture, and fun nightlife, this is definitely one of the best places ...
food in copenhagen what to eat

Food in Copenhagen: 10 Must-Try Danish Dishes in 2023

“Let’s go out for Danish food” isn’t something you often hear, but Denmark is actually a foodie destination. The food in Copenhagen is steeped in tradition and history, but for the last decade, it’s been undergoing a revolution. Innovative chefs create modern dishes with ancient ingredients and fuse cuisines across cultures while embracing sustainability. Copenhagen ...
best places to eat in chicago

21 Best Places to Eat in Chicago in 2023 (Foodie Guide)

Despite the reputation for calorie-ridden, deep-dish pizza, the Chicago food scene is really quite varied and surprising. Expect tasty brunch, lunch, dinner, small brews, farm-to-table, international cuisine, and off-the-beaten-track places to eat in Chicago. I’ve been to Chicago many times with my husband and friends and always enjoy what I eat — and at prices ...
best restaurants in playa del carmen mexico

Best Restaurants in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

While Playa del Carmen is famous for its beaches and nightlife, there’s also quite a culinary scene to explore. From taco trucks to fine dining and everything in between, your options are practically endless for eating out here. When it comes to Playa del Carmen restaurants, there are so many choices that it can be ...
a traditional Colombian soup from the region of Valle del Cauca

Traditional Food in Colombia: 15 Must-Try Meals

The food in Colombia is incredible, from street food vendors to hearty soups, incredible sweet baked goods, and desserts ‘postres’. During my 3 months in Colombia, I ate my way around Bogota, Medellín, and Cartagena, sampling some of the many must-try dishes in Colombia. If you’re wondering what to eat in Colombia, here is a ...