When you first start travelling, the entire process of preparing can feel overwhelming. These articles will help you with your to-do list, deciding where to go, how to get there, what to expect and more. If you’re just starting out travelling, you’re in the right place, and if you’re a veteran traveller, you’ll still find some useful tips here.


best visa free countries

50 Visa Free Countries For Travellers & Digital Nomads

This is the ultimate list of visa free countries for backpackers, travellers, digital nomads and remote workers. I’ve created this list because we know how frustrating visa research can be. You’ve chosen the perfect travel destination and started to plan and prepare for an epic trip. But, in many places in the world, you can’t ...
Keep In Touch While Travelling

5 Cool Ways To Stay in Touch With Family While Travelling

While travelling, it’s not always easy to keep in touch with friends and family. When we first started travelling in 2008 it was even more difficult. There was hardly ever any wifi, the connection at internet cafes was slow and unreliable and Skype was just starting to make a major impact on the communications marketplace. ...
womens health while travelling

Periods, Pills & Paps – How To Handle Female Health When Travelling

I’ve been travelling and living abroad now for eight years. I’ve visited overseas doctors, purchased numerous packs of birth control pills and have had more than 100 periods while travelling! And most of the time I had to handle these tasks in non-English speaking countries. Because of this, I have some wisdom to pass on ...
How To Find Apartments

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Apartments Around the World

As digital nomads, we’re constantly travelling and staying in hotels and hostels, but once in a while we like to slow down a little bit, get an apartment and live like a local for a while. Having a “home” in another country is just as rewarding as travelling, if not more so. It gives us the ...

The Best Ways to Backup Your Photos and Why You Need to

When it comes to backing photos up, many people seem to have a fly by night, devil-may-care attitude. “It’ll never happen to me” or “I’m careful with my phone/camera that I take them on.” are common sentiments. And I must admit, up until a few months ago when we received the proverbial kick up the ...
travel apps

Essential Travel Apps to Use on the Road

When you’re out exploring the world a smartphone can help to enhance your travelling experience if used in the right way. We always aim to strike a happy balance between using our smartphones and experiencing the places that we have travelled so far to see. From helping you stick to your travel budget to avoiding ...