Tioman Island - The top 10 best malaysian islands

10 Best Islands to Visit in Malaysia

Malaysia is well known for its iconic Petronas Towers and glitzy capital city, but there’s a lot more to the country than commercial high-rise buildings. Some of the best Malaysian islands are also home to spectacular deserted beaches and lazy vibes, rivaling those in nearby Thailand, Indonesia and The Philippines. Many of Malaysia’s islands are ...
george town living in penang

Digital Nomad Guide to Living in Penang, Malaysia

I am no stranger to expat life. I’ve lived in London, Cape Town, and Brazil. But in December of 2012, on holiday to Penang, something drew me in and grabbed hold of me. By September 2013, my husband and I had sold everything and were living in Penang — an island off the west coast ...
things to do in kuala lumpur

21 Best Things To Do in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, or KL as many know it, is the bustling capital of Malaysia. It’s also a cultural melting pot, with a mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and indigenous tribes. If you’re hoping to visit the Malaysian capital, read on for a list of the best things to do in Kuala Lumpur. With a name ...
Wildlife Through The Lens: The Kinatabatagan River in Borneo

Wildlife Through The Lens: The Kinatabatagan River in Borneo

Standing on a wooden dock watching muddy, sediment filled water swirl past me, I reflected on how thankful I was to be a temporary visitor to this land of amazing and endangered animals. My husband, Chris and I spent a week along the Kinabantagan River in Borneo, Malaysia. Drinking coffee and eating fried bananas at ...
Sipadan: The Best Scuba Dive

Sipadan: The Best Scuba Dive Of My Life

Sipadan is Malaysia’s only oceanic island and it is actually a massive extinct volcano cone. Coral has grown from the volcanic rock mountain which lays dormant and almost totally submerged in the Celebes Sea. Located  just off the north eastern coast of Borneo, Sipadan has long been a scuba diving mecca. When we were travelling ...
Visas In Southeast Asia

10 Reasons To Travel To Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is still budget backpacker’s territory, where voluntarily homeless souls wander the endless coastlines, trek through the dense jungles and indulge in the delicious cuisines. A trip through Southeast Asia is often a right of passage into the big wide world of travel and makes for a great first, or one-hundred-and-first trip. Some people mistakenly ...
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