Is your head spinning just thinking about what you should pack for a trip? Not sure which type of backpack you should choose? It’s important that you decide what is important to bring, and what isn’t, as well as knowing about all the latest packing trends. Check out these articles to get some clarity and useful tips & ideas.



what to pack for a life of full time travel

The Ultimate Packing List for Full-Time Travellers

It’s one thing to pack your backpack and set off on a trip to a specific destination, or one region of the world, but when you’re trying to pack for a life of full-time travel, deciding what to put in your bag can be a difficult decision. You’ll be travelling through different continents, cultures and climates. ...
GoatLife TV Episode 47 - Travelling With A Drone: Our Phantom 3 Set-Up & How We Pack It

Travelling With A Drone: How We Carry It, What it Costs, The Cons & The Pay-offs

As you know from our YouTube channel, we’ve been travelling with a drone for a few months now. The drone definitely takes up a lot of extra space in our packs, but we’ve re-arranged things nicely and we’ve also picked up the perfect backpack for the job. Note: Don’t miss the drone packing video at the ...
what to pack for travel

Backpack Review: Osprey Farpoint 55L (2017 Update)

Today I’ll be reviewing my current backpack, the Osprey Farpoint 55L. I’ve taken this pack on enough treks now that I feel it’s time to grade its performance to help others who may want to purchase this bag. Anyone looking for a backpack should strongly consider the Osprey Farpoint series as they are strong, durable ...
complete travel packing list for men

Travel Essentials For Men: The Complete Packing List

We’ve written about what the ultimate packing list for full-time travellers, we’ve given a breakdown of what’s in my backpack (and should be in every woman’s bag), so now it’s time to put together a list of travel essentials for men. In this post I’ll share the travel packing list for the items in Nick’s ...
the complete packing list for women

The Complete Travel Packing List For Women

We’ve written about what we consider to be “backpack essentials” for a trip around the world, but we thought we should put together a travel packing list to show exactly what’s in each of our backpacks. Obviously, there are differences between what Nick packs and what I pack, so this post will be all about ...
what to pack for travel

Budget Backpacking: Choosing A Backpack

Before deciding what to put in your backpack, you will need to decide what type of backpack you want to lug around the world with you.  For us, it’s a “luggage entry backpack” or nothing. NOTE – Have a look at our updated post from 2016: How To Choose The Best Backpack For Travel We ...