travel to salta argentina

Travelling Salta: A Culture-Rich Region of Argentina

When planning our travel route around Argentina, our eyes were continuously drawn to the northwestern province of Salta, which is bordered by Chile, Bolivia and Paraguay. With so many countries edging this province, we knew it would be an interesting, culture-rich region to visit. We arrived in Salta city late at night hungry and tired after our journey ...
living in buenos aires

Living in Buenos Aires: Our Surprising Love / Hate Relationship with Argentina’s Capital

From the northern coast of Colombia to the most southern country on the continent, we boarded our flight in Cartagena bound for Buenos Aires, Argentina, which would be our temporary home for the next month. Renowned for its mouth-watering steaks, robust wines and sultry tango dancing, we were very much looking forward to stepping foot ...
woman's health when travelling visiting a gynecologist abroad

Visiting a Doctor Abroad: My Experience in Buenos Aires

Going to the hospital is scary. Whether you’re visiting the hospital in your home country, or abroad, the experience is always a bit nerve-wracking because you don’t know what the diagnosis is going to be. Not to mention, you’re surrounded by people hooked up to IV’s and being rolled through the hallways on gurneys. Then there’s ...