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Teaching English in China is still one of the best experiences we’ve ever had in our lives. But these days, you don’t actually have to travel abroad in order to get a job. You may want to consider teaching English online.

living in china as a foreigner pros and cons

15 Pros and Cons of Living and Working in China

Living in China is an incredible experience that isn’t for everyone. If you choose to work and live in China, it’ll change your life in ways you can’t possibly imagine. Of course, there are many pros and cons of living in China. Some of them you can anticipate, and some will surely surprise you. I’ve ...
teaching English in Guangzhou

Teaching English in Guangzhou: Interview With an ESL Teacher

In this interview, we’re speaking with Ted who is a full-time contributor here at Goats On The Road. He’s been a professional ESL teacher for almost 20 years now and is currently teaching English in Guangzhou, China.  In this article, you’ll learn first-hand what it’s like to teach English in Guangzhou, how to find jobs, ...
teaching English in South Korea

5 Requirements For Teaching English in South Korea

Getting a job in another country is always a complicated process. But the requirements for teaching English in South Korea aren’t as extensive or difficult as you may think. Fortunately, for many jobs, such as teaching at academies called hagwons, the requirements to teach English in South Korea don’t include prior experience or even a ...
things to know before becoming an online english teacher

10 Things To Know Before Becoming an Online English Teacher

Over the last few years, working as an online English teacher has become a popular way to travel long-term without breaking the bank. With dozens of online teaching companies to choose from and endless destination possibilities, teaching online is a great option for people with big travel dreams.  Not long ago, I was one of ...
magic ears reviews

Magic Ears Review: Earn $26/Hour Online As An English Teacher

  Update August, 2021: China has changed its rules regarding foreign English teachers. This means that unfortunately, Magic Ears isn’t hiring at the moment. We will update this post as we hear more. Here’s the latest from the Guardian:  “On 23 July, China’s highest governing body, the state council, released new rules barring for-profit companies ...
pros and cons of online english teaching

15 Pros and Cons Of Online Teaching Jobs

When I started teaching English online over two years ago, I thought it would be a fun side hustle and a way to travel more. I quickly learned that the pros of teaching online go way beyond a bit of extra cash and more vacation days.  Online teaching gave me more flexibility with my time ...