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Teaching English in China is still one of the best experiences we’ve ever had in our lives. But these days, you don’t actually have to travel abroad in order to get a job. You may want to consider teaching English online.

living in cambodia english teacher

Living in Cambodia and China: Interview With An English Teacher Abroad

If you’re considering teaching abroad in Asia, this post is for you. Good friends of ours that we met while living in China, Jen and Stevo, have taught English abroad in China, Cambodia, and online for a total of 7 years! They definitely know the ins and outs of this type of job.  Read on ...
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Teacher Feature: Living in China and Teaching Online

In this interview, we’re chatting with Kacie, an American teacher living in China while teaching English online. Learn about what it’s like to live in China, what a day in the life of a teacher looks like, how much the salary is, what qualifications she needed to get hired, and the pros and cons of ...
mytefl review article

MyTEFL Review From A Certified Teacher: Pros, Cons, Cost and More

  In this MyTEFL review article, you’ll learn from a MyTEFL certified teacher what it’s like to take a course and get a certification through this company. Many people assume that because MyTEFL is affordable and popular that it must be a scam or that it’s not legit — which definitely isn’t the case! In ...
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Taking A Bridge TEFL Course: The Complete Guide

When I talk to other people who teach English as a foreign language, it’s pretty clear that Bridge TEFL is one of the top TEFL certification programs. Everyone seems to rave about them, and after researching their TEFL course offerings in-depth to create this post, I understand why.  I teach English online and am very ...
the tefl academy

The TEFL Academy: A Complete Guide to the Courses

  When I look back on courses that made a big impact on my life, my TEFL certification course is probably the most important. A TEFL certification is a widely-recognized credential that will allow you to teach English abroad or online. After getting TEFL certified, I found a job teaching English online while travelling. I ...
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Taking The MyTEFL Course: A Complete Guide

  For many people, teaching English presents an exciting opportunity to travel, work overseas, and make a difference. Whether you plan to teach online or teach English abroad, having a TEFL certification can give you many more employment opportunities. In this post, I’ll break down everything you need to know about the popular (and affordable) ...