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Here you’ll find all of our posts about our own blogging journey. This is where we show you exactly how we went from a hobby blog to a full-time, multi-six-figure online business. When we started, we didn’t know the first thing about blogging, but somehow we managed to grow this into one of the top travel blogs in the world. If we can do it, so can you!

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How Travel Blogging Changed Our Lives: Our Journey to Financial Freedom

I’m writing this article from a beautiful bungalow that’s situated a stone’s throw away from a beautiful beach in the Caribbean. I woke up this morning when I felt ready to start my day. I brushed my teeth, and then walked to the kitchen in my pyjamas and made a coffee for Dariece and I. ...
Trip of Wonders 2017

Getting Paid To Scuba Dive: My Experience Working With the Indonesian Tourism Board

I’ve already written about my time spent scuba diving in Alor, Komodo and Raja Ampat, but they were mostly just detailed guides about how to get to the sites and experience the diving in Indonesia. I wanted to write a separate article from my perspective, as a travel blogger, being invited to take part in ...
How To Earn $100,000 per year from a travel blog

Our Journey to a Six-Figure Online Business

When we first started this blog back on February 17, 2012, we had no idea what it would become. Our initial goal was simply to earn $1,500USD per month from the blog, which would’ve been just enough to cover our expenses at the time, so that we could travel in a financially sustainable way. Even ...
travel blogging lifestyle inflow travel summit

Travel Blogging Lifestyle: Visiting Istanbul for the Inflow Travel Summit

As travel bloggers, we have the opportunity to travel to various countries around the world to attend conferences and press trips. Last year, we spoke at the World Tourism Forum about the benefits of brands working with bloggers, and recently, we were invited to attend the Inflow Travel Summit. Again, in Istanbul. We love the city of ...

We Completely Revamped Our Blog. Check it out!

We often say proudly on this blog that we only work three or four hours per day. Well that just hasn’t been the case for the past few months! All of this extra time spent on the computer was used to create this new design that you’re looking at right now. We invested a considerable ...
Changes Are Coming To The Goats!

Changes Are Coming To The Goats!

The reason that our blog has been so successful is because of you, our readers. Thank-you! We are well aware of this fact and we are always trying to find ways to improve this blog and make it an even better travel and lifestyle resource for everyone who reads it. Last month we asked for your help and ...