Travel Tips

Here we give you some of our best travel tips and hacks for planning and packing for a trip, and booking flights and accommodation. We personally use this advice for our travels and are certain that these travel pointers will help you save money!

how to stay healthy on a backpacker budget

7 Ways to Eat Healthy on a Backpacker’s Budget

It’s difficult to maintain a healthy diet when you’re presented with new, exotic foods and tasty treats. When it comes to your health, backpacking poses more of a challenge than traditional travel, as you’ll most likely be on a tight budget. Food items that are higher in fats usually come cheaper than the healthier ones ...
money saving travel hacks

21 Money Saving Hacks For All Travel-Related Bookings Online

Over the 5 years that we’ve spent travelling the world, we’ve figured out some pretty essential tricks to saving ourselves money while booking our travels online. Whether heading out on a quick holiday or a one year trip around the world, these tips can save you thousands of dollars (yes… thousands) on car rental, hotel ...
discount airlines may not offer refunds

Top 10: Discount Airlines & Budget Flights

Back in the day, it used to be very expensive to fly around the world. These days, the Travel Gods have smiled down at the budget backpacker. There are so many discount airlines out there and easy-to-use online search engines. We’ve flown with many different carriers and used many online searches. We can recommend these ...