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Here we give you some of our best travel tips and hacks for planning and packing for a trip, and booking flights and accommodation. We personally use this advice for our travels and are certain that these travel pointers will help you save money!

estonia travel budget

How To Travel Estonia On A Budget

Estonia is one of the most magical places you probably didn’t know existed. Located in northeastern Europe along the Baltic Sea, this small, forested nation could pass as the setting for a modern woodland fairy tale. Recognized for its charming, elvish-sounding language, unique blend of Eastern and Nordic cultures, and millions of acres of undisturbed ...
Rent a Boat in Zakynthos Greece

How To Rent a Boat in Zakynthos: The Best Companies & Prices

One of the best things we did in Greece was renting a boat and if you want to rent a boat in Zakynthos, it’s one of the best islands to do so. Renting a boat in Zakynthos is easy. You don’t need a boat licence, it’s not that expensive and there are plenty of places ...
Japanese Bath Featured Image

How To Take a Japanese Bath in Tokyo: A Guide to Sentos

The Japanese bath (or Sentō) has long been an important part of Japanese culture. Traditionally, Japanese baths were used more out of necessity than out of pleasure as most people didn’t have access to a bath in their home. At that time every neighbourhood in all of Japan had a public batch where the residents ...
travel guide to the best beaches in grenada

A Traveller’s Story: Discovering Roots in Grenada

In 2015, my wife Sarah and I started planning what was intended to be a year long travel adventure. The first thing we did was to draw up a long list of the countries that we most wanted to visit. I’m talking dozens and dozens of incredible places, that for one reason or another we ...
Bogota, City, Colombia

9 Reasons Why You Should Visit Colombia Now!

Colombia is a fast growing tourist destination. The South American country is one of the most popular stops on the “Gringo Trail” through the continent, and is quickly becoming a must visit for travelers around the world. There are so many things to do in Colombia! Check out my top 9 reasons why you need ...
Tips For Budget Backpacking in Japan

How to Travel Japan On The Cheap: Top Tips For Budget Backpackers

Japan has a reputation for being expensive but we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. We very nearly didn’t make the trip because of the rumours we’d heard about the cost of travelling there. But it turns out with some planning and research, it’s quite easy to cut costs – and ...