Hong Kong’s transport system is cheap, fast and easy to navigate.  The MTR lines run underground all over the city connecting most of the islands, the airport and you can even get to China.

Nick figuring out the MTR line in Hong Kong


the MTR in Hong Kong

Make sure to buy yourself an Octopus Card at any of the metro stations or at the airport.  The transport options in Hong Kong do not give change back, so rather than dealing with having the correct change and digging around in your wallet, all you have to do is swipe the card.  Just load up the card with money at any MTR station or 7-11 store and use it to pay for any form of transportation (buses, trains, MTR, ferries) you can even use it as currency at grocery stores and in vending machines.  When you’re finished with it, you return it and get any unspent money back, as well as the 50 HKD deposit.

To/from the airport:

To get to the Tsim Sha Tsui area in Kowloon from the airport, there are a few options.  You can take the Airport Express (90hkd) which is the fastest but also one of the more expensive way to get to/from the airport.  Taxis cost over 300hkd.  We opted for the bus which takes about 1 hour and costs 33hkd.  Take bus A21 (before midnight) or N21 (after midnight) and get off at the 12th or 13th stop near the Mirador Mansions. A small digital screen lists the stops in English and reads them out to passengers.

Getting to China:

To get to Shenzhen (the city at the Chinese border), take the MTR to Hung Hom station on the Lo Wu line and ride it all the way to the last stop (Lo Wu).  From Tsim Sha Tsui the cost is 36hkd and it takes about 40 minutes to get there.  Once you are in Shenzhen, the border crossing is very straight forward and usually fast moving.  Once you have crossed the border, there is the main train station and many bus companies for booking onward transport to many other places in China.  There’s also an MTR line to take you to the west train station in Shenzhen.

heading to immigration on the Chinese side of the border

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