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Excellent work! If you've finished all 4 modules, watched each video and completed the PDF downloads, you're officially on your way to becoming a pro blogger! I really have to say, great job and thank you so much for making it this far.

Of course, this was the easy part. You've just completed the FREE Beginner's Blogger Course by Goats On The Road, but there is a lot more coming. We will be creating new modules for the next step of blogging. These modules will be far more in-depth with many more tutorial videos, more downloads, and extra bonuses that you didn't find in this free version of the course.

I'm working hard to get the next levels of the courses complete so that you can continue on your blogger journey and give yourself a HUGE boost above the million or so other bloggers who started a new blog today. We know that the Goats On The Road blogging community is going to be the most successful community of new bloggers in the travel niche, and we're going to continue to help you get there.

For now, keep your routine. Continue to do the things I listed in the "Moving Forward" PDF from Module 4 and keep your eye out for the next levels of this course. 

Because you completed our free blogging course, you're eligible for a 25% discount off of the next set of modules. To make sure you get your discount and that you're notified of the new modules when they are live, please enter your name and email below. Don't worry, we won't send you a bunch more emails, you'll only hear from us if we have new course material available for you.

What will the new course include?

You can expect a lot more from the next level of blogging modules by Goats On The Road. With this free course, I really wanted to get you over the initial difficulties of setting up WordPress and getting your blog running, but as you may have guessed, that's the easy part!

Now it's time to get into the fun stuff. In the next level of the course, this is just a portion of what we will cover:

  • Editing a Professional Looking Design Using Thrive Architect: I'll show you exactly how to edit a home page, about page, contact page, destinations page, PR page and more using Thrive Architect. I'll also give you downloadable templates to literally copy and paste professional looking designs.
  • Advanced Theme Editing: Thrive allows you to edit pages, but I'll show you how to edit the actual design of your theme. In this free course, we touched on this VERY briefly, but in the advanced course I'll quickly show you how to edit using easy CSS coding so you can edit the design of your category pages, header and footer of your website.
  • Full SEO Tutorial: I'll walk you through the EXACT steps I take when writing a new blog post to ensure we rank at the top of Google. This is a long video module that covers a lot about Yoast, link-building, on page SEO and more.
  • Become a Social Media Guru: Dariece is an absolute wiz when it comes to social media and she'll get in on this course and teach you how she grew our following to over 185,000 on social media. We'll also show you some excellent tools to automate your social accounts (without being spammy) and how to engage your followers and keep your pages healthy with a high Klout Score.
  • Templates, Income Charts, Guest Post Charts, Advertisers & More: There is so much more to the next level of these courses. Not only will I share with you our income charts and specific templates that help us grow, but you'll also get our Advertiser pitch emails to see how we get new advertisers on Goats On The Road.
  • Ad Revenue 101: We will focus on traffic growth to get you over 30,000 unique visitors on your blog per month. Then we'll talk about MediaVine and sponsorships, how to get them and what your traffic is worth to advertisers. Once you get ads on your pages, traffic = money and the entire system becomes monetizable. Goats On The Road earns $3,000 / month in on page advertising alone and we can show you how to start growing your base income using healthy, user-friendly ads.
  • The Travel Blog Formula: The next level of this course will show you the exact tasks you need to do every day moving forward. We talked about this a little bit in the Free Blogger Course, but in the next level, we're taking this to the professional level. With our Travel Blog Formula and advanced growth calendar, you'll be able to wake up each morning and know what tasks you need to complete each day in order to succeed. This is the most priceless module in all of our course material.

About the Author

Nick Wharton is the co-founder of one of the top travel blogs online today, Goats On The Road, and has helped hundreds of people learn how to quit their jobs and earn money online. Now, with this course, he hopes to help new bloggers get over the hurdles that come from starting a new blog, show them how to navigate WordPress and start building a blog... the right way.

"I didn't want to make this course expensive. I wanted it to be FREE so that it can inspire as many people to start a new blog as possible." -

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