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‘To Travel is worth any cost or sacrifice’ – Eat Pray and Love.

Traveling, for most of us, is a way of life. As much as we love the idea of travelling full-time every year, there is no denying the fact that travel can be expensive. Right from flights to hotels, to food and getting around, everything comes with a price tag that is anything but ‘cheap’!

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However, a true-blue traveller does find a way of spending very little money in their day-to-day lives, reserving most of their funds for things that matter, like travel.

Want to know how they achieve this feat? Here’s an overview by HolidayMe – a Middle-Eastern travel brand (Click here to see the English page). Read on!

Before you go 

Save, save and save some more – I can’t stress enough on the importance of having a separate travel fund account. No matter what are your travel plans are like, stashing money away is always a good idea!

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The contribution need not be a major one, even a humble $100 per month (coupled with few thousands every now and then) can make tremendous difference. To make saving a habit, set up an automatic travel savings account at your bank.

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Steal the deal – The internet is full of sweet travel deals for anyone who keeps a keen eye! There are various websites coming up every now and then, with some offer or the other, which invariably cuts down your travel budget.

A free hotel stay, round trip flights or who knows, even a sponsored trip – there is so much to win!

Join a local social media group – Facebook, Meetup etc. that will alert you every time they come up with an exciting contest.

Be flexible with your plans – Being flexible with your travel plans can do you a lot good. If you are not too particular about things like flight timings, hotels rooms, or even eating at a local place, you will end up saving a lot of money, for instance – flight prices for a 2:00 am flights are lot cheaper than a flight at 10:00 am.

Eat at home – Given the inflation rate, eating out is getting expensive with every passing day. If you are looking to save for your travel fund, cutting your trips to restaurants will make a dramatic effect. Eating at home is not only healthy, but also much more economic.

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Travel during shoulder periods – There is a peak tourist season and there is an off-peak season, and then there is something in between – the ‘shoulder’ season. The shoulder season offers travellers a blend of desired prices and weather, making the trip enjoyable and comparatively cheap!

In Country

Emulate a local – Right from transportation, to eating, and things to see, one of the best ways to save during travel is to ‘do as the locals do’. Also, make sure you ask the locals how much something should cost, and try not to pay anything over that, be it transport, food, or activities.

Carry a water bottle – Skip buying plastic bottles and instead, use a filtered refillable water bottle. The cost of each one you buy adds up over time, not to mention how bad they are for the environment.

Keep in touch – With the advent of so many social media apps, keeping in touch back home has been a lot easier. Instead of putting your money on calling cards or expensive sim cards, use apps like Viber, Whatsapp, or Skype.

Couch-surf – If it was not flights, staying in a hotel would rank highest in travel spends. However, not anymore! Couchsurfing is the newest trend in travel lodging and is rapidly catching up all over the globe.

In any country that you visit, find your host from the couch-surfing community, crash on their couch, share meals, drinks and trips with them. You will end up saving a lot of money and the experience is one-of-its-kind.

What are your money saving tips? Share with us below in the comments!

Thank you to Vaibhav Deshpande for submitting this article. 

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