Tenerife is one of the most popular tourist spots in the world. As the largest and most heavily populated of the Canaries, the island attracts around five million holidaymakers every year. A big part of what makes it so popular with tourists is its mixture of beautiful scenery, great weather, fun festivals and friendly locals.

If you’re planning to visit Tenerife, you’ll certainly have no shortage of great things to see and do whilst you’re there.  To help get you inspired, we’ve come up with a list of some of the best tourist attractions on the island.

1. Teide National Park

Teide National Park is one of the most popular attractions in Spain. In addition to its beautiful pine forests, it’s also home to Mount Teide, the world’s third largest volcano. The volcano is a spectacular site and for an unbeatable view of the surrounding islands, you can take the cable car to the top. Not only does the summit boast a great view but it also gives you the chance to walk around the volcano and appreciate it in all its glory.

Teide National Park 04
Image By: Jen Steckert via Wikimedia Commons

2. Masca

The incredibly picturesque village of Masca is a must-see when visiting Tenerife. Set on the side of a group of mountains and hidden from civilisation, Masca offers an experience unlike anything else. If you don’t have the nerve to drive up the winding corkscrew road, you can book one of the many island tours that are available. If you want to visit Masca and are looking for great deals, get a taste of Tenerife holidays here.

3. Botanical Gardens of Tenerife

Located in Porta de la Cruz, the spectacular Botanical Gardens of Tenerife is one of the oldest parks in Spain.  Containing more than 3000 plants and trees, the space is a mecca for nature lovers. Amongst the flora on display are cacti, bread fruit trees and drunken trees to name just a few.  For a day out in beautiful natural surroundings, there are few experiences that can compete with the Botanical Gardens of Tenerife.

Aechmea weilbachii in Tenerife botanical garden
Image By: Gustav Svensson via Wikimedia Commons

To get an idea of just how beautiful the gardens are, check out some of these incredible pictures taken by visitors.

4. Loro Parque

Loro Parque is one of the biggest and best attractions on the island. Located in Puerto de la Cruz, it boasts an incredibly diverse array of animals including penguins, dolphins, gorillas and sharks. Seeing the penguins congregate around the artificial iceberg that’s covered in snow is a sight to behold and is just one of the many fantastic experiences that Loro Parque has to offer.

Find out more about Loro Parque by visiting their official website.

5. Pyramids of Güímar

Whilst the Pyramids of Güímar might not be quite as impressive as the ones in Egypt, they still provide a fascinating talking point for visitors. Surrounding the pyramids are ancient artefacts and reed ships, making them the perfect day trip for anyone interested in the history and culture of Tenerife.

Güímar BW 2.JPG
Güímar BW 2” by Berthold WernerOwn work. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Have you ever been to Tenerife? Share your favourite sites and attractions below!

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