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We just got our new Numinous 55L backpacks in the mail today and, as permanent travellers, this is like moving into a new home for us! We’re really excited to show you guys the cool features of this bag, as well as give you the chance to win a FREE one for yourselves!

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Nick Wharton & Dariece Swift

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Nick Wharton and Dariece Swift are the owners and founders of Goats On The Road. Together they have been travelling and working abroad since 2008 and have more than 20 years of combined experience in online business, finance, travel and entrepreneurship. Their expert advice has been featured on the Lonely Planet, CNN Money, Business Insider,  WiseBread and Forbes and they also spoke at the World Tourism Forum in Istanbul about the business of travel blogging.

Learn more about Nick Wharton and Dariece Swift on their respective author archives on this site and on the Goats On The Road About Us Page.

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150 thoughts on “We’re Giving Away a Free Backpack!

      1. If I win this special backpack, it will be my 60th b’day gift from the Goats and the start of my Globetrotting !!!
        Merry Christmas from Queensland ❤

      2. I would love to win one of the backpacks, as I approach my 50th birthday I am planning my first backpacking experience with my two children (11 and 8) so to have a ‘secure’ backpack would aid to the confidence of our trip. I am planning for December 2016 and will be in touch in the next few months for some advice/tips on our journey. Many thanks 🙂

    1. Awesome backpack. Love the theft proof features. I need the backpack for when I retire and become a goat on the road this year!

  1. Love this new style of backpacks I’m still planning my trip in south east Asia for next year..I’d love to have one of these..cheers

  2. And here I am looking at sub 30L bags weighing less then 800 Grams with the goal of traveling cary on only with the goal being <7kgs.
    I guess everyone travels different and there truly is no right or wrong.

    1. Totally agree! We used to be super light travellers. Only 38L ultra light when we were trekking in Mongolia. Now that we have this blog, there are some extra electronics we carry (Drone, Mic, 3 cameras, 2 laptops, stabilizing gimbal etc), plus we live places along the way so we wanted some extra space now for luxury items. Under 7 Kgs would be great though! Good on ya.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. WOW! what a dream bag! as travellers ourselves (very new to it) we didn’t really consider safety features when getting a bag… but this baby is amazing.. and all those pockets and storage compartments look great too! thanks for the rundown! (fingers crossed we win ;)!!!

  4. This was superbly helpful! THANK YOU! I’ve recently decided that as soon as I’m done with my film programme next May, I’ll wander the world for a few years. I am currently trying to set up means for remote work worldwide; I would essentially love to spend 4-6 months on each continent! And as I am a student now, I may not be able to save much before starting, so a FREE backpack would be AMAZING! I hope it’s not TOO late! BTW, my best friend and I have lovingly addressed each other as “goat” all our lives! 🙂

  5. About 4 years ago Tom and I started saving pocket change. Within 3 months we’d saved up enough change for Tom to purchase a new bow ($500!!!). Instantly hatched was the idea for saving change to travel. Two years later we were breathing deeply of the salty air drifting across the Florida Keys! The best part? The flights, rental car, hotel and guest house stays were all paid for on change alone – before we had even left our house!

    I’ve been hauling around this old backpack, and while it’s handy, I know a backpack recommended by my favorite goats would be ridiculously awesome on my next trip 🙂

  6. This backpack looks perfect. Even if I don’t win it from yall, I’ll probably end up buying a numinous pack anyway. (Although It would still be nice to win it of coarse)

  7. This backpack looks AMAZING! It looks like I’ll be on the road again much sooner than I thought. Things haven’t gone to plan for us in Australia so we are having to move on. I could really do with a new one to support me for when I get going again 🙂

  8. I’d like to have one of those backpacks. Interesting features and it’ll be great for backpacking trips. I did my solo trip backpacking adventure With a backpack so much different from what you’ve shown in the video and it’s kinda hard coz when I need something I have to dig inside the bag or remove everything just to get what I need, I still love my first ever backpack though , coz it is also sturdy just like the numinous backpack, and we’ve been through a lot , but I’d like to have one of those coz it will be more helpful if I’m going to continue my travels in south east Asia…

  9. Really great prize – thanks again, GOTR! Like the safety features especially. This is just the ticket for our ongoing travels.

  10. Thanks for offering another backpack as a prize – I will keep on entering until I win one! My current pack is on its last legs – how great it would be to replace it with a Numinous!

  11. This backpack looks super handy and comfortable (unlike my old bags… but I can’t part with them). Winning this would be the perfect ‘excuse’!

  12. which is more surprising than giving a usefull backpack was finding you:) great experiences with are shared from kind hearted couple.thanks for this great opportunity making you a tour guide to myself and also combining it with a backpack 🙂

  13. My family of 4 are constantly on the road and moving around and we need this great quality backpack to secure our belongings.

  14. Truth?
    My last backpack, which was already hanging onto life with strategically applied duct tape…was eaten by rats in Laos. Like literally straight up eaten by rats. And they were rude rats too. They had my Lush shampoo for dessert.

  15. Love your blog! Thanks for all the great info, advice, tips etc. My wife and I are looking forward to 3 months in Thailand, Malaysia and Australia next year and the backpack would be ideal.

  16. I just booked a holiday to nepal, thailand, vietnam and cambodia and do not have enough money to buy a backpack, I hope I’m lucky this time.

  17. I would love this bag!!! I’m in the beginning stages of planning my first trip and winning a backpack would be an awesome TO-DO to cross off the long list I have. PICK ME!!!!

  18. Very cool backpack, would be perfect for my fort ever backpacking experience in September 2016! Going for 3 months 🙂 I love your website by the way, it’s given me so much good info on all the places I plan to visit!

  19. This backpack looks amazing, such a cool design- thanks again guys for giving us this opportunity! Why would I want it? Because my old one needs replacing and it would make an awesome surprise present for my birthday on 30th of January 🙂

  20. This giveaway is a dream come true. I’ve been searching everywhere for a backpack as such to help me with my travels in April to four different cities in India. The theft proof really catches my eye, and your Facebook page and emails have interested me even more about travelling! Keep it up (:

  21. The truth is: I haven’t had a decent backpack since my ten-year old best travelling companion & favorite pillow/shield (sewn & patched many a time) fell to pieces at the airport in Rhodes, Greece.

  22. Hi guys! My girlfriend and I absolutely love your videos and find your blogs really helpful. We are planning a year long trip around Asia and have been saving up for over a year – you guys are a great example of what we can become!! Numinous have been a favourite of ours for a while now but we are torn between the price of an anti-theft backpack, and a cheaper less secure pack. Wish us luck!

  23. The pack looks great and the locking options are a brilliant idea. I am in need of a new pack, been using one that I bought in high school back in 1986, so one of these would be handy. Could of used one for the Easter Island, South America and Antarctica trip I am on right now.

  24. With all the international traveling my boyfriend and I do it would be great to have one, safe pack for all of our belongings! 🙂

  25. My husband and I are intrepid travellers since we did our first of two 1-year trips in 1984 (the second in 2012) – and many trips in between. Yes, we are not young pups and we continue to do backpacking-style travel. What comes with age for me is I don’t want to carry as much stuff or the weight. My backpack is a 70 litre and I end up filling it! I’d like to get my stuff down to fitting in a 55 L bag so sure hope I win. Our next trip is a month in Cuba in February 2016…and your blog was instrumental in our decision to do Cuba via this style of travel. Thanks!

  26. I like the size of the bag, 55L is not too big but also not small. We are constantly moving around on the road, going from one place to another, so it would come in very handy. And since we travel a lot in Southern Africa, in certain cities, the theft proof feature would come in extremely handy!! Nice giveaway 🙂

  27. I caught the travel bug from you (thank you) and now I’ll soon be heading out on my very first adventure – 8 weeks of language immersion in Costa Rica! Unfortunately, I will be toting a less than ideal backpack for this sort of trip – it is missing lockable zippers (I found an OK hack) and no side handle. Of course, I realize this is a first world problem and I will survive. However, this 55L Numinous backpack seems to be the perfect solution for long term, lightweight travel, from the nice wide hip belt to the subtle color.

    1. We’re so excited that we helped spark your travel. We love Costa Rica and think it’s a great choice for your first adventure. A good backpack is nice, but you’ll be fine with the one you have. That is, unless you win one!!

  28. I’m about to embark on a travel adventure with my boyfriend. First we’ll backpack around Sri Lanka before heading to South Korea for a year, using that as a hub to explore East Asia. Really excited and a bit overwhelmed with logistics and visas and equipment..would be really wonderful to win these backpacks! It would be such a relief to be equipped with tried and tested backpacks from people we’ve been reading and following =) really love your emails and advice! Thank you for sharing!

  29. I used to travel, and i love it, but I’m always carrying a lot of normal backpacks and my sleeping and everything, and it’s kind of uncomfortable, because I don’t have a free hands, so I need to drop my backpack, to do something, and in the bus is so uncomfortable too. And I know that feeling uncomfortable make you skip some nice things of the road. And I know that with the backpack that you’re going to give, the trips will be much better and comfortable. Thank you for this opportunity. Good vibes.

  30. My beloved Eagle Creek bag has bitten the dust and my husband and I will be beginning a long backpacking trip in August! This would be perfectly timed, plus it looks like a sweet bag! Love your blog, looking forward to hearing about your adventures in EE!

  31. This is my first time to this website.. I’ve lived a less than middle class life growing up in the U.S. It made me want more; made me want to do more but in our current mainstream system. Over the Summer I met someone who asked me why I don’t just leave. They were the first person to put the idea of traveling in my head. The question initially stumped me but I’ve thought about it a lot since then. I barely have a family to speak of & like many aging young adults, I’ve lost most of my old friendships.

    I’ve known I don’t want to be another cog in the machine. I’ve made the realization that I want to see the beautiful world we live on in person. Forests, mountains, rivers, oceans, different cultures.. I want to see it all. By myself or with a companion or with a group. I have a lot of supplies I plan on gathering, & even more logistics to plan, but the unknown is not as daunting as it once was. It excites me! I’ll be keeping up with your site regardless of how the contest goes. I need as many different views & pieces of advice as I can get right now!

  32. Thank you for the giveaway! Your story is truly inspirational and I wish to do something like that one day. It all just seems so daunting at the moment, but it’s something I aspire to do. Well, every first step is the hardest one. Gotta get off my chicken stoop and just do it!

  33. I’m leaving in a month for my first big adventure around the world and I’m still looking for a good backpack to replace my current carry on. This one is awesome, and pretty much what I was looking for, though I hadn’t even thought about the safety aspect. I hope I win!!!

  34. Thanks for the great video showing the features of the bag. I’m on the market for a new backpack after my beloved 34 litre one is getting a bit tired and worn out. This one looks amazing, I didn’t know most of these anti theft features existed! As a solo traveller if I won this i’d definitely feel a lot safer sleeping on night trains being able to lock my bag to something 🙂

  35. If I win this pack I will be straight stylin, backpackin ’round the world and constantly smilin’. I’m now in Viet Nam for a little while-in China pretty soon hope to walk a mile-in my Hawai’ian slippahs and new back pack, flowing so far off of the beaten tourist track. Never feelin tired just gettin’ inspired by these Goats on the Road, lovin how they flowed.

  36. We are setting off on a year long trip and this backpack would be great. We are both 50+ and feel we missed out on a gap year but we believe it is never too late to get out of the rat race for a while and have a lifestyle change. I love all the security features on the backpack which is something I never really thought too much about. Your packing tips have been a massive help and have helped me think that I can manage with 55L!

  37. I’ve only started my travel adventures…mostly solo…in my mid 30s and with being a mere 2 ways away from being kid free, I plan on living a life of exploration. The backpack I used in Peru was not ideal and am in need of replacing it for something much more suitable…and this looks like a very good possibility. Good luck everyone!

    I’ve liked FB, followed on Twitter and shared on Pinterest and Facebook.

  38. My boyfriend and I are about to start an indefinitely long travel adventure in Southeast Asia – we’d love to turn it into a lifestyle like you guys have 🙂 if we won the backpack it would be some extra awesome to get us started! Thanks for all your great tips too.

  39. My partner and I leave for our next couple of years travel in 77 days! (But whos counting?!)
    We need to upgrade our packs as mine was borrowed from my mum- who used it in 1999 to travel to egypt… safe to say its done well but after 3 years with me is starting to fall apart!
    This is the third competition of yours Ive entered so fingers crossed! 🙂

  40. I’m finishing my degree in March 2016 and am planning to travel anywhere else outside my country, my first solo travel hopefully! I’m currently eyeing Laos since I think it’s better to start off with a quite nearby country as my first step, as well as to lessen the shock that my parents are going to have from this surprising decision of mine to travel alone =P. The thought of traveling alone scares me, but it is something that I’ve wanted to do (and maybe it’s also because of the endless tests and exams make me want to fly to anywhere but here haha). From the countless things that I’m gonna need for my trip, this theft-proof backpack is definitely gonna be a big help, no doubt about that.

  41. Being a solo traveller the added safety features appeal to me more than anything with this backpack. The bag being slightly heavier than a standard pack of the same size is definitely worth the extra security.

  42. I’d love to have the backpack, since I’m gonna be soon starting my studies in France (fall 2016) and therefore, starting my Europe budget travel by backpakcing, which is one of my dreams, ideally with the most suitable backpack (under all conditions)

  43. I would love to win this backpack because I’m going to Italy in February and Poland in March and this is only the beginning of a hopefully great year!!! I want to go travelling more but I need some equipment first!

  44. I am brand new to this website and I love it! If you haven’t been to a particular area of the world you can’t get anymore up close and personal than what the goats show you! I love contests and I am always on the lookout for a great backpack. This one looks goataly awsome!

  45. This pack looks great, and hoping to win one as my friend and I are starting our first backpacking trip in August in Scandinavia!!! Love the blog by the way!!! 🙂

  46. Very cool backpack. I want it for myself. 🙂
    Planning to go on a South East Asia trip. And by the way, your blog is veri inspiring
    Its really true that you dont need “stuff” to make you happy.

  47. Woohoo! This looks like a pretty cool backpack and I don’t have one yet so this would put us 50% closer to having awesome packs for each of us for our travels! 🙂 Thanks for the great offer, fingers crossed!

  48. Hello! Thank you for posting “The Ultimate Guide to Backpacking Kyrgyzstan”! I found it useful not only for foreigners but for my countrymans as well. This summer I plan to hike my mother land from end to end (approx. 3 weeks) and would love if someone from Goats on the Road community join me. And yes, the backpack you are giving away looks as successful partner at this trip. Good luck everybody!

    1. Exciting Talant!

      I would recommend a pack that is around 40L for that journey you have planned. these packs are more for security and backpacking around, but for trekking, you may find it a bit heavy 🙂

  49. Hi there! The only backpack I have ever had is coming up to it’s 10th birthday this summer, which is when I first travelled! The backpack is now old and weary and it needs to pass on the torch to a newer, cooler and better equipped model. This is why I would love to win this super cool backpack!

  50. Hi Goats! Going backpacking in India this year with two Swedish friends. A pack like this would absolutely come in handy and will absolutely be used! 😀

  51. Hey guys! I’ve always been really interested in travel, and have recently started building up my list of “been theres”, and on my mind right now is beginning my journey to backpacking! The 55L would be perfect for my ultralight backpacking style (or my intended style). Love reading your blog and trip reports!

  52. I’m ditching my desk in September and I’m off to travel the world. No plans on when to return just a plan to have an adventure. So this was be a great companion for my travels. Very excited about this new stage in my life!

  53. Early retirement technology couple, we are heading out on a 3-10 year world driving expedition so would love a theft proof backpack. We have traveled in the past, backpacking South America, living on the beaches of Spain, driving a 40 ft bus around Canada and the U.S. so appreciate the benefit a theft proof backpack could provide. We will launch a website and all the other social media tools so would love to write about where we got the backpack from and how we feel about it.

  54. I would like the bag to help me begin my own adventures trekking around the world. I don’t have much and receiving a quality bag would be extremely useful. Btw, I totally love reading about your guy’s adventures. You inspire everytime I get on this site!

  55. Can’t wait to have my first backpacking experience! Deferring my uni course to live the dream I’ve had for years! Would be unreal to win this after being inspired by these stories for so long now

  56. Ohhhh I would love to own this backpack! It’d be perfect to take along on my trip to Thailand in April. I’ve never heard of this brand before you guys, but I like it! The quality seems great, and big enough to store all my shenanigans, which is totally a plus.

  57. Love reading the blog. You guys really inspire me. The backpack would be an amazing addition to my future travels. Great features.

  58. I’m starting my own soon to be full-time backpacking adventures this Spring. I’m so excited to be finding more and more blogs of people doing the same. Entering to win this amazing safety bag so I don’t have to carry my dad’s old bag too long.

  59. Well, I ‘m headed to Europe this Fall and my old backpack won’t make the cut anymore. So there’s that. But it would also be super fun to have a pack that is waaaay cooler than my husband’s. Then I could watch his nostrils flare like they always do when he is jealous. It’s so cute to watch!

    I suppose I should mention that this trip I’m referring to is in honour of: our 15th wedding anniversary, our 25th “hey do you, like, wanna go out with me?” anniversary, and our 40th birthdays. A nifty pack like this would most certainly fit the bill!

  60. I loved the presentation given by the GOATS..The backpack looks amazing and more so because Im always travelling with my 2 years old son.. Hope that makes me a strong contender…

  61. That bag would be my talisman. I find your blog truly inspiring. I got the travel bug in India and would love to have the ability to travel for months at a time. I’m working on some online courses etc to do just that. I had a nasty relationship breakup last year and am just getting my life back together and planning lots of travel (warm places away from Canadian winters!) for the next stage of my life.

  62. Help me change my life! I have recently divorced and after dedicating my life to my family & children, I have decided to go backpacking to find out more about life and maybe real love. Winning this backpack will be the start of a great adventure.

  63. You guys are so inspiring! I dream of your life-style. We love to travel and we would really like to use the Numinous 55L backpacks on our next backpack trip to the Philippines!

  64. Wow. What a great bag! Planning a Japan trip with my daughter and this would be perfect. It’s her dream trip. Retired and left the USA in 2012…..

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