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Brisbane has recently experienced a rush of positive publicity and is now being heralded by some as the coolest city in Australia.  The heaps of praise will likely make Sydney and Melbourne a bit jealous and maybe even nervous.  But what is it about Brisbane that is taking the city out of the shadows and into the limelight?

Brisbane: A City On It’s Way Up!

A city of nearly three million people, Brisbane sits on the Brisbane River, in Queensland, on the eastern shore of Australia.  The vibrant river town finds itself generating a palpable buzz, supported by its pulsing nightlife, edgy arts scene, excellent restaurants and coffee culture.  Moreover, there’s a thriving subculture that perfectly serves a nurturing role in sprouting the plethora of trendy bookshops, music venues, bars, cafes and globally influenced cuisine.  The appeal of the city doesn’t end there.


While boasting an enviable subtropical climate, bathing most days in abundant sunshine, the city also offers lots of green spaces, high profile events and entertainment acts, world class galleries and a lively alfresco dining scene.  Brisbane’s attraction is further enhanced by the different villages that each present a unique character, from Kangaroo Point to West End to Paddington.  The city behooves visitors to get around and experience the diverse and eccentric personalities that define each village.  You might want to gather all your friends together, and consider renting a tour bus from to cover all the exciting sights and scenes that Brisbane has to offer.   Here are a few things to do while on your stay.

Have you been taken in by the craft beer revolution spreading across the world?  Don’t worry at all, Brisbane hasn’t ignored the trend and has got you covered.  Try learning about craft beer at a beer lunch, with the very appropriately named, Beer Matt.  He’s a Brisbane based, freelance beer writer, who has gained quite the national reputation for his work.  Afterwards, take your newly acquired knowledge out for a spin at a local bar.

beer brisbane

Hit Tippler’s Tap for a very good craft beer menu and some great eats.  The bar likes to play 80’s rock music, while you can satisfy your craving for grub from…Chicago.  Yeah, that’s right, Chicago.  This man cave in Newstead serves up authentic Chicago culinary icons like a Chicago hot dog, Italian beef and Italian sausage sandwiches.  You can also order another American staple, buffalo chicken wings and blue cheese.  Are you still hungry?  There’s a mighty place you might want to check out.

Go to Mighty Mighty, a fine American barbeque restaurant in Fortitude Valley.  The urban oasis offers smoked beef brisket and pulled pork sandwiches, mimicking their barbecue mentors from across the Pacific.  The gastronomic delights don’t end there however.  Come for the food but stay for the wide variety of craft beers and American whiskeys.  After some barbecue and whiskey, you might not even remember that you’re in Brisbane anymore.  Perhaps you’re now tempted to go to the other side of the restaurant and learn how to refine your kitchen skills while on the road.


Brisbane has the perfect place for those interested in cooking classes and wine school, The Golden Pig.  The standard, hands on cooking classes are limited to 16 participants and usually run four hours.  All equipment is provided for you, and the class cost includes food, wine and even take home recipes.  Some of the classes offered cover Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish and Moroccan cuisine, not to mention pizza and curry.

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