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Guilty Pleasures – Life Affirming Songs For The Road

My husband and I, with our little boy, just completed a wonderful two week trip of the UK in a caravan. From London all the way up to Scotland (with Wales in the middle) we enjoyed every second of it.

Having grown up in Britain, you don’t really appreciate what the island has to offer. The trip was our chance to embrace the tourists in us and we wanted to see as many of the tourist hotspots of Britain as we could cram into 14 days. The highlights of the trip were the pebbled beaches of Brighton and Hogwarts Castle (Alnwick Castle) in Northumberland.

Trips like this are super tiring but one of the best things about them is that you get to bond as a family as you drive through the British countryside. We are all music lovers and during the trip we decided to create our own little jukebox of typical driving songs to sing along to.

We obviously kept it British and here are the five most popular tracks from our holiday playlist.

1. Queen – any song!: We started with Bohemian Rhapsody but just couldn’t stop there. Even our little boy could not stop laughing as we sang along to Don’t Stop Me Now but when my husband’s rendition of Barcelona became a bit too much it was time to change to something new.

2. Beatles – Come Together: Nothing is better than driving through Liverpool (well as close to it as we had no time to get) and singing along to a song from our misspent college years. Bringing the family together for some shared harmonies, this was always a hit.

3. One Direction – too many songs: This band must be contagious as even our two year old can’t get enough of them! Something of a guilty pleasure for me, when the sun is shining and there’s an open road in front of you it’s hard not to get swept along with the 1D magic.

4. The Rolling Stones – Miss You: We went caravanning after Glastonbury this year and it seemed everyone was going Rolling Stones crazy so we figured we might as well join in. This song has always been one of my favourites and although there were some protests at first, the whole car was soon singing along.

5. Club 2Gethr – Livin’ The Dream: A great song to get you in the mood for caravanning because it’s was made by the Caravan Club, about caravanning! Slightly on the cheesy side, okay, very on the cheesy side. It’s a fun song and I guarantee that you won’t be able to stop bopping along to this. I caught the boy humming this unknowingly on several occasions!

6. The Stereophonics – Dakota: As a huge Stereophonics fan, I just had to play what I consider one of the best driving songs in the world while passing through Wales. Thankfully, you guys in Britain don’t worry about border control as much as we do so it was a relief to find no police stopping us as we blared this song across the border.

Do you have any fond memories of caravan trips, any advice on what to do in the UK or want to list your top driving songs below? Feel free to comment.

Authors Bio:

Theresa is a freelance writer who enjoys taking long road trips with her husband and little one. When she’s not writing up her travel experiences you can find her baking organic chocolate shortbread and working on her novel. Follow her on Twitter: @Theresaandtea

Disclaimer: Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through them, we receive a small commission. This will never cost you extra and in many cases you receive a special discount. We appreciate your support!

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