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The city of Barcelona is the main city in the region of Catalonia, in northeast Spain. There are many architectural landmarks and cultural monuments in the city.

Gaudí’s architecture:

The unfinished cathedral of the Sagrada Familia is considered to be one of the city’s symbols. This cathedral has several towers, and visitors can climb up to the top of two of the completed towers. The inside of the cathedral has bony white columns that branch out towards the vaulted ceilings.

Gaudi's Casa Batllo, Barcelona, Spain (IMG 5380a)
Gaudi’s Casa Batllo (By: Frank K. via Wikimedia Commons)

The city’s main landmarks are located near the Eixample district. In this neighbourhood visitors will find two of Gaudí’s masterpieces, the Casa Battló and the Casa Milá. Casa Batlló used to be a private house. The building has a sandstone facade that is covered with trencadis pieces, pieces of colourful mosaic. The house has narrow windows of various shapes and iron-wrought balconies that resemble skulls. The nearby Casa Milá is a larger building. It has a wavy limestone facade. Guided tours are organized around part of the building. Visitors will be able to visit several halls, which were built without using any straight lines, and the rooftops, where visitors can enjoy views towards the city next to chimneys built in the shape of stone warriors.

The Gothic Quarter:

Located a short walk away from the city center, the Gothic Quarter is one of the city’s most visited areas. The Seu cathedral, the city’s ancient Gothic cathedral, is located in this neighbourhood. Visitors will be able to explore the cathedral and the nearby cloister. The neighbourhood has many bars, clubs, hotels and lounges, and some of the city’s best restaurants are located nearby. Visitors can explore the narrow cobblestone streets the area is famous for, most of which lead to ancient squares that have views towards Gothic churches.

Gothic Cathedral of Barcelona
The Gothic Cathedral, Barcelona (By: Mark Thurman via Wikimedia Commons)

After wandering around this area visitors can enjoy a walk along Las Ramblas. Las Ramblas is a set of boulevards that connects the centric Catalonia Square to the seaside. Catalonia Square is a popular meeting point and a transport hub between the center and the airport, for those who fly into the city. Some of the city’s most famous buildings can be seen during the walk to the sea.

Market food and tapas:

Barcelona is a city known for its restaurants and can be comparable to the gastronomic delights in Madrid. The city has several Michelin-starred restaurants. Near the shore there are several seafood restaurants, and the city’s most traditional establishments serve a range of Catalan food, including products from the sea and the mountains.

Tapas Barcelona
Barcelona Tapas By: Graham Stanley via Wikimedia Commons

A typical breakfast is a piece of fresh toasted bread drizzled in olive oil and rubbed with tomato that is served in most of the city’s café bars. The menú del día option is an option for lunch. These menus are served in most of the city’s restaurants and cost around 12€. The menu includes two courses, a desert, bread and a drink.

Tapas are another option for dinner. These appetizers are served with each drink ordered in most establishments, and vary from bar to bar. Some of the most typical tapas include pimientos de padrón spicy peppers, grilled asparagus served with thick salt, chorizo prepared with wine in a clay pot and a selection of local cheese and jamón ham. The city’s most famous dessert is crema catalana, a type of créme brulée. Some of the best tapas can be found at El Quim, a tapas bars located inside the Boquería market. This market is filled with colourful stalls selling iced juices, fresh fruit and vegetables, heaps of dried fruit and spicy olives and traditional jamón legs.

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