(the information is current as of February, 2012)

If you’re planning to travel through the beautiful country of Myanmar, you will need to obtain your visa in advance.  Do as the budget backpackers do: go to the embassy yourself, don’t pay an agency a fee!  It’s a straightforward process in Bangkok.

The Myanmar Embassy is located at:

132, Sathorn Nua Road

Silom, Bangkok

Phone: (662) 233-2237, 234-4698, 233-7250, 234 4789, 237 7744

The office is open for dropping off applications from 9:00am to noon and for picking up Visas from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

A taxi from Khao San Road will cost you approximately 120THB (make sure they use the meter).  It takes about 30-40 minutes to get there.

Application forms are available at the Embassy.  You will need to provide the form, together with your passport, 2 passport photos and 1,300 THB.  If you need the visa on a rush basis, you will need to show a copy of your flight details.  The turn-around time is 2 working days.

Nick’s Myanmar Visa!

Enjoy your trip through Myanmar!


9 thoughts on “How To Get A Myanmar Visa In Bangkok

  1. j”aimerais savoir si l’on peut rejoindre la Birmanie depuis la Thailand , par voie terrestre , via bus ou autre merci d’avance

  2. dernière fois que j’ai vérifié, vous avez dû voler dans la Birmanie. Le mieux est de vérifier forum
    excusez mon français

  3. Hi there, I am going to be taking a career break for a year around the world. I am Canadian leaving from Vancouver in August and returning by August the following year. I want to visit some places that require visas before arrival such as Pakistan, India, Mayanmar, Vietnam and I thought perhaps Laos, not sure about Laos. I see I can get my Mayanmar visa on route, but I know Pakistan wants me to apply before I leave Canada. Is that the case with India, or can I get a visa on route? Also, can I get a maya mar visa from K.L., Malaysia as well as Bangkok? Can I get a Vietnam visa in Bangkok and K?L. Too and do I have to submit my passport? My goal is to go east to Europe to Pakistan to India to Mayanmar to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

  4. Hi Steph,

    Wow, that sounds like a wonderful trip! Taking a year off is something we definitely recommend, however, you may find it hard to go back to Canada after! haha.

    You will need to get your Pakistan visa in Canada. Make sure it’s valid when you want to enter the country. Ie: many visas are only good for 3 months after you get them, you don’t want to arrive in Pakistan and have your visa expired. Check out this article/website for more information about Pakistan:

    You can get an Indian visa on route. In fact, India is in the process of making things easier for tourists. They are proposing you fill out a visa application online and then pick up your visa at an airport. Check this out for more:

    I found this information online. It looks like you can get a visa on arrival now at the Yangon airport! I’ll have to look into this more. Either way, have a look at the Myanmar Embassy in KL here:

    Yes, you can get a Vietnam Visa in Thailand and Malaysia. We got ours in Cambodia. See these links:

    Yes, you will have to submit your passport.

    I hope this helps!

  5. Go for the new e-visa.
    From the Govt website. Easy. $50. 5 dads turnaround
    Just done this.


  6. Hey Ian,

    Thanks a lot for the updated information, I really appreciate it.

    Happy travels 🙂

  7. We just booked our eVisa online while in Bangkok. Filled out application online around 9am. Immediately got confirmation email. Received approval email at 1:30pm SAME DAY. That’s as easy as it gets.

  8. Thanks for the update Will!

    Then do you bring the confirmation email to the border or embassy?

  9. So do you need a flight iternerary if you are getting a visa from bangkcok? And have you gone thru the border? If so, how much is transportation to yangon from mae sot border?

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