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Anything that makes travel cheaper is a good thing in our books, especially when it amounts to significant savings on your biggest expenses. Accommodation always takes up the largest part of our budget no matter where we are in the world, so we were extremely excited to hear about the huge discounts you can receive through using Sears Vacations.

There are plenty of online booking tools around like and Expedia, many of which work in a similar way to each other and offer the same deals and prices. And we’re sure you’ll agree, it’s super annoying to book a hotel, only to find the same room being offered for cheaper somewhere else the next day.

*Update March 2, 2017: The prices on Sears Vacations will not always be less than another booking engines. However, Sears Vacations will beat a price found on another booking website.

how to find cheap hotels

So like us, you probably end up going through the tedious process of checking as many booking sites as you can stomach, before being overcome with frustration, giving up and settling for whichever appears to be the cheapest.

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With Sears Vacations it’s a totally different experience. For one thing, they make a guarantee that you will always pay the lowest market price using their system. So even in the unlikely event that you do find the same hotel room elsewhere for cheaper the next day, Sears will beat that price. This means you can rest assured that you won’t find a cheaper booking process.

If you’re interested in scoring massive savings on hotels then read on to find out how.

So What’s the Deal?

The first thing to note is that you MUST be signed up with an account to access the massive savings, it takes literally seconds and opens up a whole world of discounts. As soon as you’ve signed up you receive $100 dollars in travel savings credits to your account right away. Click on the “My Account” button in the top right hand corner of the page to check and you’ll see it there in your “Current Balance” section.

Savings credits are a form of payment that you can use to bring down the cost of your hotel.

Essentially you wipe out the mark up that other retailers include in their prices by paying for it with the free savings credits you collect from Sears. You collect the credits in various ways such as booking flights or car hire via Sears, and you’ll also be sent emails containing special offer credits from time to time as well. They soon build up and you’ll immediately be able to see the massive potential for discounts.

How to Use Sears Vacations

The search interface itself is really clean and simple to use. You simply plug in the location you’re looking for and the dates you are going to be there and hit “Search for Hotels”.

The results are returned as a descending list, starting with the hotels with the biggest savings first, a blue flag displays the saving %. You’ll also get sight of the market rate, the amount of savings credits you’ll use to get that special rate and what the actual figure that you’ll pay is.

You can narrow it down by Hotel Rating, Price Range, Amenities and Locations to get results that perfectly suit your needs and there are informative write ups on each of the hotels.

We searched through tonnes of options in various countries and were pretty astounded at the discounts available, in some cases we saw up to an 80% saving on market rate. And they’re not misleading deals to entice you in, they are rates that are actually immediately available.

*Note: taxes and fees are added after the listed rate, which might seem a bit deceiving. However, even after adding the taxes and fees, we found numerous listings cost less on Sears than on

We also noticed that the discounts tend to be even better in the more popular places where you’d ordinarily expect the opposite to be true, like London, Las Vegas and New York. I mean 65% off hotel prices in New York?! Amazing.

Deals We Found

We played around with this for ages doing comparisons with many of the biggest booking sites out there, and each time Sears Vacations’ deals came out on top.

Here is a search for the W Hotel Downtown in New York for 1 night in the “Fabulous Double Room” on Listed rate: $409, plus taxes of 14.75% and $3.50 city tax = $472.82.

booking with sears vacations

The same booking found on Sears Vacations is listed at $295 / night. After going to the check-out page and seeing added fees and taxes, and the deduction of Travel Credits, the total is: $354.69.

sears vacations


Total savings for booking the W Hotel Downtown with Sears Vacations vs. = $118.13.

Here’s another search we tried for London in on April 13, 2017 for one night at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London Westminster. Listed rate on $228.


Here is the same room in the same hotel on the same date through Sears Vacations for $197 / night. After going through checkout, with the added fees and taxes, and after the Travel Credits have been deducted, the final price is $207.61.


Total amount saved by booking on Sears Vacations vs. = $20.39.

That’s Not All

We’ve shown you how to get massive discounts on hotel rates, but you can also use exactly the same process to save on cruises and resorts as well. And thanks to Sears Vacations’ excellent customer service and best value guarantee, you know you’ll be looked after whilst always paying the lowest available prices.

Got an upcoming trip and need a hotel? Or just curious to see exactly how amazing these deals are? Head over to Sears Vacations to check it out and give it a go for yourself.

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Sears Vacations, and we’re glad they asked us to write about their booking engine! Us Goats are now going to be booking some of our upcoming hotels through their service 🙂 

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How to Score Massive Savings on Hotels with Sears Vacations

Disclaimer: Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through them, we receive a small commission. This will never cost you extra and in many cases you receive a special discount. We appreciate your support!

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11 thoughts on “How to Score Massive Savings on Hotels with Sears Vacations

  1. This is new! We’re definitely going to check this out now. Let’s hope there are no hidden charges upon arrival in the room. Do update with your experiences as and when you use it 🙂


    1. Hey guys! Thanks for the comment 🙂

      We were just looking for Santiago, Chile. We were going to book this one: Hotel Manquehue Aeropuerto for $107 on, but found it on Sears for $97 / night. It was $10 less because of using our travel credits with them that we received when signing up! 🙂

      So, our first real try with booking on Sears, rather than just researching and reviewing, was great!

  2. It’s always good to find out about more places to save money on traveling, other than just the places you hear about on TV Commercials. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I signed up through your link.

    The ‘Travel Credits’ are applied after the final price is calculated – not before taxes. So it’s not a reduction in the room rate. Taxes apply on the full rate.

    You have to go through the whole booking process to see the final price.

    Still, $10 is $10. I’d rather have it in my own pocket. But the pricing is more than a little misleading.

  4. Please update. Sears no longer offers $100 credit upon sign up. Also, it would be great if your links automatically opened in a new tab like most other sites. Pain to get back to your site after reviewing a linked site.

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