About Japan Travel

Japan is a country very connected with its traditions and when you're travelling around Japan you will soon see just how these traditions govern day-to-day life in the country.

Many people see Japan as a sprawling metropolis of futuristic highways and glowing billboards, but that's only one small part of this large Asian nation.

Step away from the buzzing streets Osaka and the towering skyscrapers of Tokyo and you soon start to see that Japan has a lot of quiet countryside to explore. 

In this Japan Travel Guide we will help you to better understand the country before visiting and help you plan a trip.

Things To Do In Japan

From the futuristic robot show in Tokyo to the peaceful, multi-day trekking opportunities along the Nakasendo Way, Japan has many contrasting experiences to wow its visitors.

Below you'll find all of our posts from the blog that include things to do in different destinations around Japan. Hopefully these posts will help you with your Japan travel planning.

21 Things To Do in Japan: An Insider’s Guide

Right now, Japan is one of the hottest travel destinations on the planet. The frequently trodden path from Hiroshima up to Tokyo (or vice versa) is still the backbone of Japan’s travel center. While there are some undoubtedly beautiful places in this area, the ...

Things To Do in Kyoto: A 5 Day Travel Guide

No matter how “offtrack” a traveller you consider yourself to be, there are some places in the world that simply need to be seen — regardless of how touristy they are. Kyoto is one of those places. Our visit had us overwhelmed by tourists, ...

What To Do in Tokyo: 11 Things You Can’t Miss

When we were planning our trip to Japan, we had a hard time figuring out what to do in Tokyo. The city is massive, there are numerous areas we could stay in, and there are so many things to do in Tokyo that we ...

Places To Visit in Japan

Something that surprises many visitors is that Japan is actually and archipelago that is comprised of 6,852 islands of which, 430 are inhabited. While most visitors stay on the main island of Honshu where Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and many more main cities are located, there are many different places to explore in the country.

Below you'll find all of our posts about places to visit in Japan. We've travelled the country on two occasions, spending nearly a month there in total. Hopefully the below list will help you decide where you want to visit in Japan.

12 Best Things To Do in Aomori – A Travel Guide

Beaming with natural beauty, tasty food, welcoming locals and historical sites, Aomori has a little something for everyone — there are numerous things to do in Aomori to keep you busy! Located at the northern tip of the main Honshu Island in Japan, the Aomori prefecture ...

Travel Guide to Nakatsugawa – Japan’s Hidden Gem

Have you ever travelled somewhere that you initially knew nothing about, but then fell in love with? For us, that was Nakatsugawa. Our 3 days spent in this small, mountainous city in the Gifu Prefecture became one of the highlights of all our travels in Japan.  ...

Travel Guide to Okayama: Japan’s Land Of Sunshine

Okayama is a destination that isn’t on the radar of most travellers — which is a shame! After spending 3 days there, Nick and I felt like Okayama was a very livable city, with a great vibe and lots going on.  Okayama City offers travellers a ...

Travel Guide to Akita: Japan’s Rural Northern Prefecture

With a rugged coastline, interesting cultural traditions, seasonal festivals, panoramic viewpoints, and the oldest beech forest in the world, there’s no reason why Akita shouldn’t be on your Japan travel itinerary. The top spots of Hiroshima, Osaka, and Kyoto are always listed as must-visit destinations, but ...

Japan Travel Information

If you're looking for tips on how much Japan will cost, how to visit a Japanese sento and how to save money while travelling in Japan, we've got you covered. The posts below include a lot of useful travel information to help you plan your Japan travels.

How To Take a Japanese Bath in Tokyo: A Guide to Sentos

The Japanese bath (or Sentō) has long been an important part of Japanese culture. Traditionally, Japanese baths were used more out of necessity than out of pleasure as most people didn’t have access to a bath in their home. At that time every neighbourhood in all ...

Cost Of Living in Tokyo: An Insider’s Guide

Tokyo is the big, booming Japanese capital famous around the world for its skyscrapers, neon nightlife, Shibuya Crossing, and Harajuku fashion. When I told people that I was planning to move to Tokyo, the response was usually, “Wow!” Followed by, ” But isn’t Tokyo really expensive?” ...