Through The Lens: The Village Of Arslanbob, Kyrgyzstan

There’s just something about small villages that we absolutely love, and the village of Arslanbob was no exception. The people living there are 100% Muslim, 95% Uzbek and 5% Kyrgyz, which made for a very colourful, flavourful and hospitable place. From mountains to walnut groves, this little village of 13,000 had it all!

Arslanbob was so photogenic, everywhere we turned there was a moment waiting to be captured. Here are some of our favourite photos from our time spent there:

Boy riding his donkey through the Walnut Grove.

boy with donkey


The kind eyes of a Kyrgyz man. 

kyrgyz man


Beautiful waterfall. 

waterfall arslanbob


GOAT! Posing for the camera.



Rocky mountains surrounding the village. 

views of arslanbob


Shy hellos from behind the gate.

kyrgyz kids


Sun peering through the leaves of the walnut grove.

walnut grove


Playing the waiting game on the shores of the river. 

fishing kyrgyzstan


Bright peppers in the sun. 



Adorable little face in the forest. 

uzbek girl


Bath time!

washing a horse


Family among the chickens.

family in arslanbob


Happy times in the walnut forest.

woman in arslanbob


The girl in pink.

girl in arslanbob


A golden smile.

gold teeth kyrgyzstan


A panorama view of Arslanbob.

panorama view arslanbob


Grandmother and grandchild living in the walnut grove during harvest season.

grandmother and child kyrgyzstan


A 70-year-old fisherman with some stories to tell.

fisherman kyrgyzstan

After a very memorable four days, we had to say goodbye to the gorgeous landscapes, the homestay families, the tea houses, the delicious food and the relaxed pace of the village of Arslanbob. I think it’s safe to say that if (when) we come back to Kyrgyzstan, we’ll be visiting this picturesque village again!

Check out our Video: Arslanbob – Village Life At Its Finest

Which photo do you like best? Share with us below!

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