Living in Grenada – Our Caribbean Paradise (With Video)

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As if out of nowhere, the sea abruptly ended and land appeared under the wheels of our aircraft. The plane gently touched down on the tarmac and we both looked at each other with huge smiles, we had finally arrived in Grenada and we were about to see our temporary dream home for the next 7 months.

It was a long journey, travelling by boat, car, bus and plane to get from Belize to Grenada. Once we arrived at the tiny airport and were greeted by our furry friend and his owners, we knew that pet-sitting on this Caribbean island was the best decision we could have made.

After about a 25 minute ride, our car pulled into the driveway and even though it was dark by this point, we knew the property was stunning. The dim veranda lamps, twinkling stars and bright moon guided us through the pathway to our home.

We were shown to our luxurious cottage and given a quick run-down, before being left alone to settle in and enjoy the fantastic spread of food that was awaiting us! We were both starving from our journey and were very grateful for the amazing meal that was prepared on the table: fish pie and lobster salad with delicious sides, ice cream with freshly grated nutmeg on top, rum punch drinks and a bottle of red wine. Such a wonderful welcome from the owners!

living in grenada
What a wonderful welcome!

Buzzing from excitement (and booze) we unloaded our backpacks, threw our clothes on the bed and started setting up our home. We were thrilled to have somewhere to hang our clothes for the next few months; it’s the little things in life that make us nomads happy!

living in grenada unpacking
It doesn’t take much to please us! So happy to unpack

This house / pet-sit is different from a typical job we would be offered. These owners have 5 villas on a stunning piece of land. Instead of sleeping in their personal home, they have chosen the “Honeymoon House” for us to reside in while we take care of their divine dog, Spare. The cottage, and the property it sits on, are both perfect.

cottage in grenada
Looking out from the bathroom

Our four-poster bed stands comfortably in the main room of the cottage, with a small corner sitting area next to it. A dark wood day-bed and a desk with a chair also furnish the room. White, see-through linen curtains hang over the windows and doors, while bamboo framed mirrors and local artwork adorn the walls.

living in grenada bed

The bathroom is separated into two: one room has the toilet and sink, while the other has the shower with a tiled floor and bamboo towel rack!

bathroom living in grenada
It’s nice to have the toilet separate from the shower

The front veranda is a lovely place to sit and enjoy a drink or a meal. The area is fly screened (which is a godsend when the mosquitoes are out) and has a table for two and a small couch. Spare’s food bowls and bed also occupy our front room!

cottage in grenada
View of the front veranda looking in from the main door

The kitchen is rustic, fly screened and has wood panels that we can turn open to let the breeze waft through, or close if it’s raining. We have a 4 burner gas stove, fridge, microwave, sink and all of the dishes and utensils we could need.

kitchen in grenada
The kitchen is the perfect size for us

Having a fly screened, open-air veranda and kitchen really makes it feel like we’re outside, even though we’re inside…which we love! In the mornings we watch little lizards scurry about on the outside of the screens and in the evenings we can hear nothing but crickets, frogs and some other loud, high-pitched, unidentified bug!

living in grenada
A lovely view from our front door in the morning

Local fishermen bring their daily catch up to the shores, which so far has included fresh parrot fish, conch and lobster. We’re waiting for some snapper, baraccuda or grouper before we buy any!

fishing in grenada
We’re lucky to have the fishermen bring their catch to our beach!

The area is quiet and peaceful. The bay is calm and totally safe for swimming. There’s a small island just offshore (which we can swim to) that is actually a bird sanctuary! Surrounding the bay are mangroves, lush vegetation and rocky shores.

petit bacaye grenada
A great place to enjoy breakfast..see the little bird sanctuary island out there?

The grounds that the villas sit on are a total paradise. There’s an onsite restaurant with treetop dining and ocean side tables and chairs as well, the perfect place for a morning coffee or evening beer!

petit bacaye in grenada
Looking back at the treetop dining area from the beach

Sweet smelling flowers, tropical fruit trees and herbs line the property. Right now we’re able to enjoy fresh almonds, lemongrass, star fruit, coconuts and basil. Soon the mangoes, guava and bananas will ripen, we can’t wait!

fruits of grenada
We can’t wait for the mangoes to ripen!

Not only are the plants, trees, flowers and fruit bright and colourful, but we’re able to enjoy some wildlife as well – some of which I’d rather not see (like centipedes, cockroaches and mosquitoes!), but the others are a joy to watch.

High speed hummingbirds flutter their wings outside our door as we sip our morning coffees. We spot little lizards everywhere and if we’re lucky, a gecko or iguana from time to time. Colourful caterpillars slowly crawl up the tree branches and although detrimental to the trees, they’re beautiful. Throughout the day, sing-song birds serenade us from the treetops and larger birds (egrets and herons to name a couple) stand in the shallows searching for fish.

caterpillar in grenada
Pretty, but not good for the trees

Our main job is to look after Spare, our playful pooch. He’s able to run free around the property and even though he’s a beach dog at heart, he’s very well-behaved. He sleeps in our house every night and loves to hangout with us while we blog on the upstairs veranda. He rarely barks but he always keeps the property safe for us (he’s a perfect guard dog). The only problem we have with Spare is that one day we know we have to say goodbye to him. Seriously… how cute is he?!

pet sitting in grenada
The most adorable dog, Spare

Needless to say, we love being surrounded by all of this natural beauty.

We’re thrilled to call Grenada home for the next 7 months. We have about 7 weeks off in between our pet-sitting duties and we may stay here enjoying this fantastic country, or we might take off and go island-hopping through the Grenadines! We’ll see…

Stay tuned for more about living in Grenada.

We’ve made a quick video of our temporary home…have a look!

Do you think house sitting / pet sitting is something you may be interested in? What do you think of our temporary home? Share with us below!

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Living in Grenada – Our Caribbean Paradise

Dariece Swift author's bio Goats On The Road

Written by

Dariece Swift

Dariece is a co-founder of Goats On The Road, and an expert in saving money, finance management, building an online business and of course... travel. She loves meeting new people, trying new cuisines, and learning about the unique cultures of our world. She has over 12 years of experience helping others to realize their travel dreams and has worked in numerous jobs all over the world to help pay for travel.

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38 thoughts on “Living in Grenada – Our Caribbean Paradise (With Video)”

  1. OMG, you are sooooo lucky!! Looks like the dream place to spend seven months! Who wouldn’t like that open-air veranda as their blog office?! And Spare is super cute! I just love dogs, and really miss my dog at home when I am travelling. Hmm, I will def look into this pet sitting thing, it sure looks ideal! 🙂

  2. Thanks Maria. I’m not surprised you think Spare is cute, he’s such a gentle soul! We adore him! House sitting is a great way to have a pet when you’re a traveller 🙂


  3. Wow! How lucky are you two! Seven months in an idyllic cottage by the sea on a fabulous Caribbean island. With a cute little furry pooch to boot! Very nice… Enjoy your new “home”…

  4. Sick setup … just finished doing my first housesit in suburban North America and it was rewarding, even without the tropical surrounds that you guys have 😉

  5. Guys, you’re going to have to call your clients and tell them they can’t come home yet. I need to come and look after that dog.

  6. Spare is OMG adorable….you both have definitely found paradise and Spare and his owners are so lucky to have you guys.
    Enjoy the beautiful sunsets and evenings with good food and wine.
    I know you will get very attached to Spare:)
    Looking forward to the next article….

  7. Great looking place, that’s a nice gig! Pet-sitting is something we’d like to do and it’s a nice way to have a pooch while not being tied down. Have heard great things about Grenada, the best of which is that it is away from the mass tourism of much of the Caribbean.
    Have a great time!
    Frank (bbqboy)

  8. Hi Denise! Thank you for the comment. We’re loving the relaxed, quiet vibe of the property we live on and are really enjoying spending our days with Spare. Even if we’re on the computer, he’s usually sitting with us!

    There will be more articles to come 🙂

  9. Exactly! House sitting is a great way to live like a local, experience a new culture and be able to have a pet for a little while…something us nomads aren’t able to have. Grenada is at the far southern end of the Caribbean and the mass tourism definitely hasn’t hit here. Some cruise ships dock here, but it’s not on the typical Caribbean cruise itinerary. We’re loving it 🙂

  10. WOW!!! Holy cow, I just stumbled across your website reading all the Turkey info as we spend the next 5 weeks here! I cannot believe you landed such an awesome deal. I am searching for pets to sit as we speak! Enjoy 😉

  11. Are you still in Grenada? – would love to take over your gig. Arriving 16 Sep 2014 to do some research and would love to find something similar. Thanks in advance for your reply!

  12. Hey yeah I currently live in Jamaica… I really think the Caribbean is a place of paradise, its just beautiful and full of nature stuff.

    Planning on getting a first touch of Grenada soon, I want to enjoy it just as much as you guys.


  13. Hi,
    I’m enjoying your site and pictures. My husband is from Grenada and it looks like you guys might have been leaving just as we were getting there! Hope you are enjoying your next destination. This is the first time I visited Grenada and I loved it. Going back again in June for the summer. I’m literally counting the months!!

  14. 5/19/15
    Came across your FB post and watched your video about Granada. I grew up in Jamaica and miss it very much. The Caribbean people have the sunniest personalities in the world. Now that I’m retired house/pet sitting would be a lovely way to see the Greater and Lesser Antilles islands. My parents couldn’t afford to island hop when I was growing up, so it has always been on my bucket list to do just that!
    If you have a website to find these types of “jobs”, I’d love to look into something like this.
    Remember, there are enough magnificient sunsets in island life to fill your mind and heart for the rest of your life!
    One Love,

  15. Hello Goats!

    You are living our dream! I know these posts were from a couple years back, but wondered if you’re still out on the Isle of Spice?

    I’m born and bred London, England, but my parents are through and through Grenadian who head out often for a few months at a time. I unfortunately don’t currently have the freedom to do this (something called work and a mortgage…), and i’m incessantly jealous of mother especially as she rebuilt (After Ivan) and now lives when over in the family house in Happy Hill… where you stopped off on your sailing trip!

    I’m going over with my hubby (his first time) in September, and i really appreciate what you’ve done/are doing. These wonderful experiences and endorsements really do open up Grenada in such a way, that even the likes of my parents are surprised by what the beautiful island has to offer.

    We’re interested in maybe spending a few months travelling and working sometime next year. Can you recommend similar schemes to the one above or know of any initiatives that would suit a young(ish) couple running away from the rat race? ;0)

    Thanks again. Yeh Man!

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