Our Next Trip is Central Asia: The Most Epic One Yet?

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We’ve been living in China for 7 months now and we’ve started getting The Travel Itch. We need to get going again. We need to get on the road and experience new things. There are people in the world who can live their lives, working all year and taking short 2 week vacations. Some people even think 2 weeks is too long! But for us, we have a hard time sitting still for more than a couple of months. The planet is always out there, begging us to start exploring again. This time we’re planning an epic trip that is completely off the beaten path! Surely things will change in the next 5 months before our next journey begins, but we’d like to give you a run down of what our plan is thus far.

Our Next Trip Through Mongolia And Central Asia
Time To Break Out The Map And Start Planning Again!

On July, 22, we will finish our contract Teaching English In Yangzhou, China. We’ll spend a couple of days packing up and shipping stuff home. Then we will head up to Beijing. From Beijing we will take the Trans-Mongolian Railway to Ulaanbaatar. From Ulaanbaatar we will take a quick 3-5 day trip into the Gobi Desert. Then we want to head to Tsetserleg where we will mount a true Mongolian expedition. We want to trek for about 10 days following 185 km of the Chuluut river up to Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur (White Lake), fishing and camping along the way. This is not a journey frequented by foreigners so we look forward to being alone, blazing our own trail! We will probably pick up a GPS unit to avoid getting lost, although the river is hard to stray from. From there we want to head to Mongolia’s premier attraction: Khövsgöl Nuur, where we will start another journey on horseback, following the shoreline of this stunning lake.

Mongolia Travel Advice
We Can’t Wait To Live Like Nomads!

After spending a week or so around the lake, we plan on heading through Siberia on the Trans-Siberian Railway to the old Russian towns of Omsk, Tomsk and Tobolsk. We will only spend about a week in Russia because we will be making our way through “The Stan Countries” of Central Asia.

Our Planned Route
Our Planned Route Through Mongolia & “The Stans”

After Russia, we will enter Kazakhstan where we will do some more trekking and visiting the new modern capital of Astana. Then we will head into Kyrgyzstan where we plan to so some more epic, off the beaten path hikes and treks, both on foot and on horseback. I’ve pre-ordered a fly rod, reel and the works here in China, so I’m really looking forward to doing some fishing in these countries and catch a fish like the Taimen in the photo below!

These fish, found in Mongolia & Russia, can reach 200 lbs!
These fish, found in Mongolia & Russia, can reach 200 lbs!

From Kyrgyzstan we want to head over a 4000 meter high pass into Tajikistan, where we plan to do some long, alpine treks around the famous Pamir mountains. After Tajikistan we will fly to Uzbekistan to see some of the intricate central Asian architecture in three of the most intriguing cities in this region, SamarkandBukhara and Khiva.

The Pamir Mountains (Photo From oocities.org)
The Pamir Mountains (Photo From oocities.org)

From Uzbekistan, we plan to head to through Turkmenistan on a transit visa and into Iran, where we will spend about a month before flying back to Canada for Christmas.

Our Next Trip
An Overseas Christmas In India. Our Next One’s At Home With Family

We always like to find our way off the beaten path, and this trip will include some of the least touristic places on our planet! We’re extremely excited about it and we invite our followers to come along for the journey. On the way we will be posting our blogs and videos, as well as tips and information on how you can do the same trip on a budget! This is sure to be an epic, independent, outdoor adventure and we can’t wait to share the experience with YOU!

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Our Next Trip…The Most Epic One Yet-

Dariece Swift author's bio Goats On The Road

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  1. Wow! Quote a trip you got planned there! I’m sure you’ll have a blast! Will be looking forward to your posts! But I wonder if you ever had any problems getting visas? Or is Canada one of those lucky nations that rarely require visas. Anyway, safe travels!

  2. Thanks for the comment! Yeah we’re really looking forward to the trip. We’re in the process of figuring out all of the visa situations but we don’t need letters of invitation for most of the countries so we’re lucky! The situation is improving and foreigners no longer need visas before arrival to Kyrgystan. We’ll keep the blog updated with the visa requirements once we’ve received them. Thanks for following!

  3. Hey are you guys doing most of your trekking alone or with a guide? Are you finding trekking companies along the way or using guide books? We hope to do a similar trip so we will be following the blog closely!

  4. Hello,

    We are trekking alone in Mongolia. We will also be doing some trekking/hiking around Lake Baikal in Russia. We will also have a guide though for when we rent horses and go horse-back riding in Mongolia!

    We don’t have any tour companies lined up yet, we’ll just ask around once we are there.

    I hope we can give you lots of helpful info on the blog! Let us know if you have any more questions 🙂


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